Vertex Telecom Selects RedShift Networks as the VOIP/SIP Security Solution for Enterprise and Wholesale Customers

Vertex Telecom has selected RedShift Networks to provide their Unified Communications, Collaborations, VoIP and Video UCTM Security technology; which is currently being switched on Vertex Telecom VOIP/SIP network. Additionally, Vertex Telecom has selected RedShift Networks to develop three custom program models for wholesale into three sectors: Financial, Healthcare and Government. The three additional models will work in conjunction with the “core” and “edge” products installed at Vertex Telecom.

RedShift Networks has deployed its UCTM appliances as a first step to further protect and lock down the “core” and “edge” of Vertex networks. According to Amitava Mukherjee, president, CEO and founder of Redshift Networks, “Our UCTM appliance security solution includes a patented behavioral learning engine that automatically gathers network intelligence identifying potentially dangerous vulnerabilities. Coupled with Redshift’s global threat signature database and blacklisting service, Vertex now has a comprehensive UC/VOIP threat management solution built into its core network.”
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Eyeball Networks Brings VoIP Connectivity and Interconnection Solutions to Network Service Providers at ITExpo West

eyeballlogoweb.gifEyeball Networks will be at ITExpo West in Austin, TX. Oct. 2-5, 2012, showcasing mobile VoIP connectivity and interconnection solutions to conference attendees.

Reliable VoIP connectivity for mobile enterprise users is an important issue to service providers. Solving connectivity challenges is only the first step, as interconnection is the next big subscriber need - interconnection between devices, platforms, and communities.

Eyeball Networks enables network service providers to develop fully customizable VoIP communication applications and services using Eyeball’s Messenger SDK and server products that guarantee 100% connectivity. Interconnection is provided via Eyeball’s AnyConnect Gateway which delivers unsurpassed ability to bridge networks, platforms, and standards.
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Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch Announce Joint Solution for Service Providers Delivering VoIP Services to Enterprises

edgewater_network_logos.gifEdgewater and Metaswitch announcee the availability of a joint offering aimed at service providers delivering VoIP services to enterprises. The solution combines Edgewater’s VoIP monitoring and installation solution, EdgeView, with Metaswitch’s MetaView solution. It enables service providers to easily provision and support enterprise environments where a heterogeneous mix of IP phone devices from different manufacturers are in use. These environments are costly to install and maintain as there is no standard interface across all of the manufacturers that can be used to automate provisioning or perform advanced diagnostics. The two products, EdgeView and MetaView, deliver simplified, scalable provisioning and enhanced visibility into the performance of today’s VoIP networks.
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SolarWinds Introduces Free VoIP Management Tool - VoIP Call Detail Record Tracker

SolarWinds announces the release of SolarWinds VoIP Call Detail Record Tracker, a robust free tool to help IT pros manage VoIP with Call Detail Record tracking, and the only free tool of its kind in the VoIP management market that allows users to search and display CDRs.

SolarWinds determined the need among IT pros for a VoIP CDR Tracker free tool based on demand and discussion on thwack®, the SolarWinds community of over 100,000 IT pros that offers a space to request new products and features, as well as share insight and address IT management challenges.
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SolarWinds Strengthens VoIP Performance Monitoring and Proactive WAN Performance Analysis

SolarWinds announces the upcoming release of SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager, formerly known as SolarWinds IP SLA Manager, to help IT professionals maintain the highest level of VoIP network performance and voice quality.

SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager monitors the performance of individual VoIP calls by analyzing call quality metrics available within the call detail record and provides real-time alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded. Coupled with its proactive WAN performance analysis capability, VoIP & Network Quality Manager will allow IT pros to troubleshoot and solve VoIP problems faster and more effectively.

SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager can be deployed as a standalone product or fully integrated with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, offering IT pros the flexibility to target VoIP and WAN monitoring and troubleshooting or gain a unified view of network performance.
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Vera Networks Launches Cloud-Based VoIP Call Flow Diagnostics Tool vCapture

Vera Networks announces the availability of its vCapture service that enables operators of VoIP networks and platforms to quickly locate and help resolve call issues.

The vCapture service provides technical teams with the ability to target call issue-related SIP signaling data with laser-point accuracy without being in critically sensitive areas of the network infrastructure. The non-invasive, cloud-based, SIP signal capture technology records all SIP messaging within a switching network. This allows for in-depth analysis of session initiation protocol SIP signaling data, including call flow, signaling, and equipment-related problems.

The cloud-based solution, offered on a monthly subscription basis, reduces the time required to determine the root cause of most VoIP call and interop-related issues, improving customer response times, resource utilization, and reducing related operational expenses. It boasts an impressive array of features including an intuitive interface and protocol-aware searching and filtering capabilities.
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Global Mobile VoIP Solutions Market to Grow at a CAGR Of 64.6 Percent Over The Next 3 Years

The Global Mobile VoIP Solutions Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 64.6 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing global network and wireless bandwidth capabilities. The report is based on an in-depth study covering the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC regions. The report aims to aid decision makers' understanding of the significant trends impacting this market.

Commenting on the report, an analyst from TechNavio, the author of this report said; "The Global Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol Solutions market is witnessing the emergence of many new players because of the presence of several factors such as low entry costs and huge business opportunities. These new companies are trying to penetrate the market by offering low-cost communication services. This has resulted in a price war among vendors in the market and the established companies are losing their market share to the new entrants. This trend is expected to grow in the next few years with the market expected to witness the emergence of new global and regional players."
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Nymgo Positioned as the Most Competitive VoIP Solution Available

Nymgo announces the official launch of an enhanced PC application and new mobile apps that offer the lowest rates and best quality VoIP calls from iPhone, Android phones and desktop computers to cellphone numbers and landlines anywhere in the world. Nymgo users will now be able to make the clearest VoIP calls possible on their preferred mobile or computing device, with the lowest rates available anywhere.

After four years of operation, Nymgo has proven to be one of the most reliable and inexpensive VoIP service providers on the market - with the cheapest calls to countries like Canada, the United States, China, India and more - and with recent funding from renowned equity firms Intel Capital and Abraaj Capital, Nymgo has been able to enhance its VoIP network while upgrading the apps that deliver that service to make the Nymgo experience even better. Nymgo will also use the new funding to continue growing as a VoIP platform.
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WUN Systems Announces Extended VoIP Solution for iPhone, Android, and Mobile

WUN Systems announces the launch of four new features to their VOIP telephone system for executive suites and workspaces. These new features were designed to extend mobile capabilities for workspaces and business centers. Executive suites will now have extended hosted VOIP capabilities directly through WUN Voice Softphone, Android, iPad and iPhone Edition.

WUN Voice Softphone is a carrier-grade, next generation Softphone application that enables the user to manage their communications easily and efficiently; all from a computer desktop. “Built on the WUN Voice platform, WUN Voice Softphone is specifically designed to meet the demands of business centers and workspaces. WUN Systems also included exclusive features designed for business and enterprise users. These new features can be deployed within an enterprise environment either by manual configuration via the Softphone Graphical User Interface or by using the WUN Voice positioning server” explains Dale Hersowitz from WUN Systems. The latest in Softphone technology, WUN Voice Softphone enables a dynamic interface with new task flows and customization options for an unprecedented user experience.
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OAISYS Advanced Call Recording Joins SterlingVOICE Hosted VoIP Platform from Sterling Communications

OAISYS announces a new strategic relationship with Sterling Communications. This relationship is designed to bring advanced call recording functionality to customers of its SterlingVOICE VoIP business communications solution. The solution integration provides numerous benefits to customers in critical areas of business concern, including quality assurance and personnel development, risk management and regulatory compliance, dispute resolution and communication archiving, and work productivity enhancement.
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Sangoma Releases Transcoding Gateway Appliance

sangoma_logo.gifSangoma announces the release of its NetBorder Transcoding Gateway, the latest product in the growing range of gateway appliances to serve enterprises worldwide. This new gateway facilitates the interconnection of VoIP devices and networks with support for transcoding between a wide range of codecs-from low-bandwidth to HD-that are employed throughout the rapidly growing enterprise communications landscape.

The new NetBorder Transcoding Gateway provides bandwidth savings in interoffice VoIP and SIP trunking deployments with support for narrowband G.723.1 and G.729 codecs. Additionally, the appliance enables seamless connections between various SIP implementations such as those using different RTP packet sizes.
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ASC to Demonstrate Solutions for Financial Institutions at MEFTEC in Dubai

ASC will demonstrate its quality management solution INSPIRATIONpro and VoIP recording solution EVOip, at the MEFTEC financial technology conference, April 25-26, 2012, at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in downtown Dubai. ASC will exhibit at booth E2.

In its eighth year, MEFTEC is considered the world's premier financial technology conference for emerging markets, with last year's event hosting 300 delegates from 27 countries. ASC will show financial service providers how to use INSPIRATIONpro and EVOip to analyze the level of service, optimize workflows and protect themselves from liability.
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4PSA Showcases Cloud Unified Communications at ITEXPO East 2012

4psa_logo1.gif4PSA announces its participation at ITEXPO East 2012, the World's Communications Conference and Expo. The event takes place on February 1-3, 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida.

During this year's ITEXPO East, 4PSA's President Mike Ross will be presenting in two highly engaging panels, exploring the increase in the adoption rate for Unified Communications as a Service and the synergies between Unified Communications and Social Media. "We're always excited to attend ITEXPO. This event represents a wonderful opportunity to get together with top providers and industry experts, discuss the latest advancements in the field, and share insight", stated Mr. Ross.
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snom Introduces ONE IP PBX with Advanced Mobility Features

snom_logo.jpgsnom released a new version of its award-winning snom ONE IP PBX, adding advanced mobility capabilities that extend standard IP PBX calling features to employee mobile devices. The new release, introduced at ITEXPO East (Booth #512) in Miami, January 31 - February 3, also features new management and security features to more easily provision and integrate a businesses cell phone cell fleet with the snom ONE IP PBX.
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Aria Technologies and Engin Partner to Deliver Business-grade VoIP Solutions

engin_logo.gifAria Technologies announces a partnership with engin. This partnership culminates in the availability of business-grade VoIP solutions that combine advanced IP telephony equipment from LG-Ericsson, with cutting-edge IP network infrastructure from engin, Australia’s first VoIP service provider.

Completely NBN-ready, the new packages will allow businesses to take advantage of VoIP technology immediately, providing savings on their communications costs with aggressive call pricing as well as providing a broad and comprehensive feature set.
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