Telcentris Augments White Label VoIP Portfolio with Two New Solutions to Address Customer Demand

Telcentris announces the commercial availability of WL2 and WL3, two new offerings that expand the company’s white label portfolio from a single, entrance-level package to a three-solution suite. Telcentris’ white label portfolio leverages the company’s end-to-end managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform, and now, with the addition of these new solutions, provides customers unprecedented control over their private-labeled telecommunications offerings. Addressing a number of customer requests, the full suite caters to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from resellers, MLMs and entrepreneurs interested in entering the VoIP market; to interconnects, MSOs, MSPs, ITSPs and traditional phone companies (ILECs, CLECs, IXCs) seeking to add VoIP to their business services. In addition, Telcentris is providing its white label solutions through its Channel Partner Program, making the company among the first to offer a comprehensive white label VoIP portfolio to channel partners.
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4PSA Introduces Flexible Unified Communications with VoipNow Cloud Instance

4psa_logo1.gif4PSA announces the release of VoipNow Cloud Instance, a fully-featured and flexible turn-key solution that bundles high-performance infrastructure with the company's award-winning VoipNow Unified Communications Platform.

VoipNow Cloud Instance is intended for service providers that choose to deploy Unified Communications and want to base their offering on services highly flexible from a financial and operational perspective. Compared to other UC cloud offerings on the market, this solution comes with many advantages due to the tight integration between hardware and software resources. From a customer's perspective, the main benefit is that the instance is private; it is not shared with any other entity. This means that the service provider has full access to all system parameters, down to the low-level settings.
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NetIQ Puts Latest UC Deployment and Management Solutions Through Paces At UC Expo 2011

NetIQ will be demonstrating its NetIQ VoIP solutions at Unified Communications Expo, 6th to 9th March, Olympia, London. Visitors to the NetIQ stand 322 will be updated on the latest developments in how NetIQ solutions assure the infrastructure is available and secure for successful IP telephony deployments, as well as monitoring the end user experience and call quality.

At UC Expo, NetIQ will focus on how IT telephony management needs to evolve to keep pace with the complex and challenging operational issues of unified communications. This includes how IT organisations responsible for unified communications can extend their current system management systems to automate more of the routine UC management tasks, freeing up valuable resources and ensuring problems are more efficiently resolved.
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Virtual PBX Announces No-compromise, End-to-end Hosted Phone System for Small and Mid-size Businesses

virtualPBX_logo.gifFor many small and mid-size businesses, deciding how to provide an affordable phone service that suits employee needs and allows for great customer service can be a struggle. Do I go wireline or wireless? Can I depend on VoIP? Is a hosted model right for me? How do I get all the best features, and how can my small business look like a big business to my customers?

Virtual PBX announces the perfect solution for this classic dilemma – Virtual PBX Complete. Virtual PBX Complete has already been recognized for its outstanding innovation by Internet Telephony Magazine.

Virtual PBX Complete delivers everything a business needs to provide professional phone support for customers, prospects and employees while eliminating the need to buy dial-tone service and other expensive options from traditional service providers. Businesses need only an Internet connection, and Virtual PBX Complete will do the rest. It can be used as an inbound call router to existing phones, or users can select a complete phone system with VoIP lines and phones. Pricing plans for the complete service start as low as $9.99/month.
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MiaRec Announces the Release of Call Recording in HD Quality

MiaRec announces the release of HD call recording. Award-winning call recording and monitoring solution – MiaRec - supports now G.722 wideband codec. This assures better compatibility with Polycom’s high definition IP phones, Cisco, Avaya, Grandstream and other IP phones, which support wideband codecs.

There are a lot of benefits of VoIP telephony, the most obvious one is cost. But does low cost always mean low quality? With G.722 codec the answer is absolutely not. HD VoIP telephony is a completely new level not only of VoIP telephony but of the world of communication in general. G.722 codec now enables VoIP conversations to be even clearer than traditional digital line/PSTN calls.
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ASC to Exhibit VoIP Recording and Quality Management Solutions at UC Expo 2011 in London

ASC will demonstrate its VoIP recording solution, EVOip, and quality management solution, INSPIRATIONpro, at the Unified Communications Expo 2011 on March 8-9, at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London.

Widely considered as the UK’s leading business communications event, with more than 4,000 visitors in 2010, this year’s exhibition is divided into six technology tracks: voice, cloud, mobile, visual, collaboration and customer. ASC will focus on its quality, process and campaign management capabilities, with particular reference to its speech analytics application to customer interactions.
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New Business Model for Telcos and ISPs With Vopium's White Label Solution

vopium_logo.jpgWith the new Vopium mobile white label solution, telecom operators as well as ISPs can now protect their user base and grab market share by offering instant messaging and high-quality international VoIP calls at very attractive rates. Vopium has already signed agreements with Canadian Convergia Networks and Swiss TEL4LESS, and is now reaching out to other telcos and ISPs looking to join the booming mobile VoIP-market.

Vopium now makes it possible for partners, with or without a mobile service offering, to provide Vopium's voice and messaging services under their own brand. This gives telcos and ISPs a new tool for developing their business model and retention rates, as they can offer price-conscious customers international mobile calls in superb quality with up to 90 percent savings, without compromising their own brand and existing international call margins. The white label solution is a first step towards new partnerships and collaborations with telcos, who may previously have considered VoIP companies a threat rather than an opportunity.
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ABC-VoIP Introduces New Effective VoIP Communication Solutions

ABC VoIP recently announced a whole new arena of safe VoIP services payment methods for its customers. ABC-VoIP is offering the service that allows customers to make international calls over the Internet and is providing great communication solutions that offer portability, flexibility and ease-of-use. There are many available VoIP plans that will help you to find exactly what you need and will help you to save money on your telephone bills. By using the ABC VoIP you can enter a world of high quality calling over the Internet and that is without any sort of hidden fee or cost.
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VoIP Supply and StarView Solutions Partner to Deliver Turnkey VoIP Provider Offering

VoIP Supply announces the launch of a turnkey VoIP provider offering. The offering, which leverages VoIP Supply’s VoIP Fulfillment services and StarView Solutions’ hosted PBX, SIP trunks and PRISM services management tool, provides current and aspiring VoIP providers with everything needed to run an efficient, profitable operation.

“With this joint offering, ISP’s, ITSP’s and entrepreneurs can take advantage of two best-in-class platforms to power their operations,” stated Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply, LLC. “The result is increased operational efficiency, time to market and an improved customer experience without the associated upfront costs.”
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Hughes Announces Business-Grade VoIP Over Affordable Broadband for the Government Market

Hughes Network Systems announces its managed VoIP solution for the government market. Using the new Hughes ActiveQoS technology, Hughes can provide superior voice quality over affordable broadband, eliminating the need for agencies to invest in expensive, leased line Multiprotocol Label Switching networks.
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snom UK Helps EFL Bring All-in-one VoIP Solution to UK Resellers

snom_logo.jpgElectronic Frontier Ltd has launched a range of end-to-end VoIP products to provide telecoms and IT resellers with a simple way to offer a complete IP telephony solution to their customers. Each package offered by EFL uses IP-PBX and handsets provided by IP telephony solution provider snom, allowing the distributor to offer bundled solutions at a competitive price without compromising on functionality.
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Hughes Announces Business-Grade VoIP Over Affordable Broadband

Hughes Network Systems launches its managed VoIP solution for the distributed enterprise. Using the new Hughes ActiveQoS technology, Hughes can provide superior voice quality over affordable broadband, eliminating the need for customers to invest in expensive leased line MPLS networks.

ActiveQoS Ensures High Quality Voice

Hughes ActiveQoS technology is integrated into the Hughes customer premise equipment and actively monitors and adapts to network congestion over the broadband network. Hughes ActiveQoS incorporates several innovative optimization methods, including traffic metering, network change adaptation, and traffic prioritization, to ensure that real-time, latency sensitive applications, such as voice, are prioritized on an end-to-end basis. As a result, users enjoy a high-quality voice experience with minimal packet loss and jitter.
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Telcentris Announces Turnkey White Label Offering Designed for Enabling Rapid Entry Into VoIP Market

Telcentris announces the immediate availability of its white label solution— an end-to-end managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform that offers customers a complete suite of services and robust back-end infrastructure. The white label solution is designed to provide interconnects, ILECs, CLECs, ITSPs, and entrepreneurs a plug-and-play environment that enables them to set up a VoIP company in a matter of weeks with little upfront investment. In addition to offering the platform directly for private labeling, Telcentris is one of few companies to provide this type of turnkey white label VoIP solution to indirect sales channels through its Channel Partner Program.
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Alteva Announces Local Anywhere

Alteva announces the addition of Local Anywhere to its extensive line of hosted services. Local Anywhere assigns multiple DIDs to one VoIP desk phone. Setting up this solution through a hosted phone service provider, such as Alteva, allows the company to have an inbound notification that alerts employees as to which DID -- or phone number -- the call is coming in through, allowing the user to personalize their response. Outbound caller IDs are associated with the appropriate phone number to reflect that person or company name, making it less likely for call recipients to ignore calls. This unique solution will appeal to several types of companies, to which the nature of their businesses requires this type of solution, not typically available in a hosted VoIP solution.
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Counterpath Enables Wireline Mobility Services

counterpath_logo.jpgCounterPath announces that with their next release of the Messaging Convergence Gateway 2.0, the forthcoming hosted solution will give wireline operators the ability to extend their VoIP and messaging services over the top of mobile networks.

Though debuting in early 2011, several of CounterPath's partners are already poised to bring this solution to market. The solution will be the industry's first platform to provide single-number reachability for voice, Instant Messaging, and SMS across an operator's existing wireline VoIP network and on feature phones, smartphones or tablets from any mobile operator.
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