Ooma Free Home Phone Service Cuts the Cord with New Wireless Offerings

Ooma_logo.gifOoma announces that it is extending even more freedom and flexibility to its customers with new wireless offerings.

With the first-of-kind introduction of the new Ooma Telo Air wireless adapter, the Ooma Telo can now be placed anywhere in the home within range of a Wi-Fi network. The company also announced that it is extending the availability of its Ooma Bluetooth service to all Ooma Telo subscribers to broaden the integration of mobile phones and Ooma home phone systems. Ooma Bluetooth service was previously only available to Ooma Premier service subscribers.
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VTech Introduces World's First CAT-iq 2.0 Certified Product

VTech announces that its new Avant 5000 model cordless VoIP phone has become the first handset in the world to be certified as compliant with CAT-iq 2.0, a certification programme introduced by the DECT Forum only in December last year. The programme tests devices on protocol, radio frequency level and especially on audio quality, one of the key drivers of CAT-iq.

CAT-iq stands for Cordless Advanced Technology - internet and quality. It was developed to meet the demands of the new generation of IP-based services and devices. The technology enables transport of voice via broadband, making it sound more natural and "true-to-life" than the standard Plain Old Telephone Network and 3G mobile communication. The DECT Forum is the international association of the wireless home and enterprise communication industry and has been offering certification of CAT-iq products at laboratories in Germany and Norway.
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VoIP Supply Announces Addition of New Polycom KIRK Handsets

VoIP Supply is pleased to announce the addition of five new Polycom KIRK wireless handsets. KIRK handsets are a wireless solution, based on the international DECT standard, for any business looking to provide employees with the freedom and efficiency of being able to move freely through the workplace while maintaining continuous availability.

These new handsets were designed for specific applications - Manufacturing and Healthcare. For example, the Polycom KIRK 7020, developed for the healthcare industry, is a bacteria resistant handset with a membrane keypad for easy cleaning. Durable and dust tight, the Polycom KIRK 6020was engineered for mobility in manufacturing applications and is also water, vibration, and shock resistant.
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RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with Voice over Wi-Fi Calling

Research In Motion announces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with voice over Wi-Fi calling. BlackBerry MVS 5 works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to provide a business user with the ability to use their regular desk phone number and extension from their BlackBerry smartphone. With the new version 5, an employee will be able to use a single work phone number shared between their desk phone and BlackBerry smartphone and make and receive enterprise calls on their BlackBerry smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection, adding to the existing capability available over cellular networks.
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Aruba Network Certifies the Wireless snom 800 Series VoIP Desk Phones

Aruba_logo.jpgAruba Networks and snom announce that the wireless snom 820 and 870 VoIP Desktop Phones have been certified interoperable with multi-use Aruba 802.11n wireless LANs. Multi-use networks share wireless infrastructure among different voice, data, and video applications, and are increasingly popular because they eliminate redundancy, enhance user mobility, and significantly lower deployment and operating costs. Cost savings come in part from scaling down -- or rightsizing -- expensive wired Ethernet infrastructure in favor of low-cost, more energy-efficient Wi-Fi networks. Desk phones have traditionally been tethered to wired Ethernet connections, but the new wireless snom phones allow these connections to be rightsized, too.
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V Phone: Mobile & Wireless VoIP on the Apple iPhone

V_Phone_logo.jpgThe V Phone offers a key advantage that is sure to grab the attention of users of other mobile VoIP software. Rather than locking iPhone users into working with a single VoIP provider, it lets users choose between multiple providers of their choice for voice calling. The V Phone nullifies the single provider protocol and lets users choose the most cost-effective provider for each task, a capability that is unique among such programs. In addition, the V Phone app is the first ‘open and configurable’ app to also offer SMS messaging over IP.
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FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX Enhanced to Support Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G

FreedomVOICE announces that the FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX has been enhanced to support use of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G VoIP phone. The WIP310 adds a new dimension to FreedomIQ VoIP solutions. Whether held over in an airport or doing business in a hotel lobby, mobile professionals can enjoy all of the advanced features of their FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX from any location with wireless Internet access.

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Coms Launches VoIP DECT System

coms.jpgComs launched its VoIP DECT System, a fully wireless version of its VoIP business telephony service. The Coms Wireless VoIP DECT system gives customers crystal clear voice coverage from 300 meters to an area up to 64 Sq kilometres using repeaters and additional base stations. Handset battery life is also dramatically improved, allowing 150 hours of standby and 10 hours of talktime, as well as access to all the usual business telephone system features e.g. call hold, call transfer, voice mail to email, etc.
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Boingo Mobile Supports Wi-Fi Enabled Sony Ericsson Smartphones

Boingo announces that owners of Wi-Fi enabled Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.0 handsets can now download the Boingo Mobile application to get online worldwide at more than 80,000 Boingo hotspots. Boingo Mobile identifies hotspots that are part of the Boingo Wi-Fi network and automatically authenticates users. Boingo’s network includes more than 500 airports including 85 of the top 100 airports worldwide – as well as hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, cafés and retail locations.
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Airspan Introduces WiMAX for 1.4 - 1.5 GHz

Airspan introduces a new Broadband Wireless solution that supports the frequency bands from 1.4 - 1.5 GHz. The solution includes base station equipment and a suite of subscriber devices including models with support for Voice over IP and WiFi.

A complete end-to-end solution, Airspan's new product offering includes the MicroMAX Base Station and EasyST, ProST, and ProST-WiFi subscriber units, all compliant with the IEEE802.16d standard. The solution also works with other band-independent Airspan products, including VoIP and WiFi extensions for EasyST and ProST, as well as VoiceMAX -- the company's unique solution for enabling VoIP QoS over a WiMAX network.
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sipgate Offering the Pirelli DualPhone DP-L10 for £59.00

Sipgate is currently making mobile VoIP affordable for everyone - via Dual Mode Mobile Phone (GSM/Wifi) and is offering the 'Pirelli DP-L10' for a sensational GBP59. Because of its free SIM-lock, the Pirelli can be used by any cellular customer. Orders can be placed at sipgate's Online-Shop at sipgate.co.uk/shop for everyone even for those who are not sipgate VoIP customers.

On one hand, the 'Pirelli DP L10' is a GSM-Triband mobile phone, on the other hand it is a VoIP telephone which permits a mobile Internet telephony via WLAN. Therefore, up to five WLAN-Hotspots can be securely set up. Users can decide at the push of a button whether or not to converse via cellular or the less expensive VoIP. Incoming calls are automatically signalized by both networks. If no WLAN hot spot is available, calls to the local number of the VoIP account can be fowarded to the mobile telephone number. To easily set up the configuration of the VoIP and WLAN parameter, sipgate provides a customized quick-start guide.
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Tpad Launches Mobile VoIP on Nokia WiFi Mobiles

tpad_logo1.jpgTpad announces the availability of a free SMS text service that will automatically setup a WiFi enabled mass-market mobile phone that will bring free or ultra low cost mobile VoIP calls to millions.

The SMS text service is currently configured for Nokia's latest E and N series phones and will be constantly updated when leading mobile phone producers such as Samsung and Motorola release their brand new WiFi phones later this year.

Mobile calls between Tpad users are free worldwide if the calls are routed over their WiFi Connection. All other PSTN calls from the user's WiFi mobile to any other landline or mobile in the world will be charged at the usual low Tpad VoIP rates.
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Linksys Unveils New Wireless-G iPhone

Linksys introduced its new Cisco Wireless-G IP iPhone. The device is the latest edition to the Linksys IP phone product family offering VoIP connectivity via WiFi Internet access. The WIP310 is an ideal solution for voice service providers and IP telephony value-added resellers who want to expand their voice communication offerings to consumers or small businesses by extending voice mobility capabilities with an 802.11 b/g/n WiFi infrastructure.

The Linksys by Cisco iPhone voice solutions is designed to harness the power of the Internet offering more than basic voice communication by integrating Internet connectivity and access to dynamic multimedia content like live weather updates and local search. The WIP310 is also the first Linksys WiFi Phone to ease service provider integration utilizing the same robust Linksys session initiation protocol (SIP) implementation and provisioning software found in the Linksys market leading ATAs and IP phones for quick interoperability minimizing service certification lead-time and customer service training.
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Infineon Brings VoIP Functionality to Low-cost Mobile Phones

Infineon Technologies to offer VoIP functionality for low-cost mobile phones, enabling operators to offer fixed-mobile convergence by integrating Wi-Fi on its mobile phone platform. The solution helps to significantly reduce the bill-of-materials cost for Wi-Fi enabled cell phones by up to 50 percent compared to existing solutions.

At the Spring VON.x Conference and Expo in California, Infineon announced the availability of its reference platform for a low-cost dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi solution. Together with Atheros Communications, Infineon has developed a fully-functional, low-cost, dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi mobile platform. The complete reference solution will bring Wi-Fi technology to low-cost mobile phones, enabling millions of users worldwide to make high-quality VoIP calls at virtually no cost when connected to wireless local area networks.
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Logitech Unveils ClearChat PC Wireless Headset

Logitech unveiled the company’s first wireless stereo headset designed for Internet calling with a PC: the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless headset. The ClearChat PC Wireless headset combines high-performance stereo audio with 2.4 GHz wireless technology, allowing people the freedom to move around when they make VoIP calls – no wires attached.

The Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless enables people to move freely up to 33 feet from their computer. With the included USB transmitter, the headset effortlessly connects to a PC or Mac computer right out of the box – no software or pairing required. And to help ensure no call gets interrupted, the ClearChat PC Wireless headset’s 2.4 GHz wireless technology features both crisp, uncompressed stereo audio and an advanced algorithm that minimizes interference –even in the busiest wireless environments, such as an airport, office or hotel.
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