VoIP Supply Adds Ruckus Wireless “Smart Wi-Fi” Products

VoIP Supply is pleased to announce the addition of Ruckus Wireless products that specialize in Wi-Fi for both enterprise and service provider markets.

Routing Wi-Fi signals can be unreliable due to interference, obstacles, and the sometimes erratic behavior of wireless signals themselves. Ruckus Wireless has developed “Smart Wi-Fi” to combat those barriers to a secure wireless network and restore faith in what companies love about Wi-Fi.

“VoIP Supply is excited to offer revolutionary Wi-Fi products from a manufacturer with such an impressive track record,” said Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply. “Today’s Wi-Fi systems face increasing levels of interference and obstacles. Ruckus delivers the unthinkable - Reliability, range and speed by automatically adapting to the surrounding environment.”
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RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with Voice Over Wi-Fi Calling for Avaya and Legacy Nortel Communications Systems

rim_logo.jpgResearch In Motion is helping more businesses bring together the desk phone and smartphone. RIM announced plans to make BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 available to more corporate phone systems and unified communications applications. BlackBerry MVS 5 with voice over Wi-Fi calling will soon be available for Avaya Aura 6.1, Avaya CS1000 Communication Server, as well as legacy phone systems such as Avaya Communications Manager and Nortel Communication Server. It is also currently available for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Call Manager Express, and Mitel Communications Director. BlackBerry MVS 5 has also been re-architected to be more extensible with third party applications and phone systems.
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Tribair is Launching a VoIP App for iPhone, Android and Blackberry with a Unique Social Revenue Rewarding Model

TRIBAIR is launching their global network of VOIP hotspots where members turn their personal or business WiFi into hubs for other members to use. When TRIBAIR users make paid long distance calls hotspot owners earn up to 20% of all revenues made over their hub. TRIBAIR aims to create the largest, decentralized VOIP community in the world.

Anyone with a smartphone can download the TRIBAIR application for iPhone, Android or Blackberry and includes a starter credit of 25 cents, which represents 17 minutes of calling to over 50 countries. They can make calls immediately using the application over WiFi or 3G. Members can take advantage of long distance VOIP calls to non members at rates that are 45% cheaper than Skype directly from their smartphones.
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Vopium Launches Free Wi-Fi Calling App for the Nokia N8

vopium_logo.jpgVopium to offer a VoIP application for Nokia’s new operating system Symbian ^3 and thereby Nokia’s new flagship phone N8. All N8 owners can now make free calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data networks and be sure of Vopium automatically finding the lowest call rate when calling. International calls are made using Vopium, while calls to local mobile phones are cheapest using local mobile providers. Vopium also offers an instant messaging feature, allowing users to chat on Facebook and Messenger on their Nokia N8. Vopium is currently offering 15 minutes of free worldwide calls.
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RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with Voice over Wi-Fi Calling

Research In Motion announces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with voice over Wi-Fi calling. BlackBerry MVS 5 works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to provide a business user with the ability to use their regular desk phone number and extension from their BlackBerry smartphone. With the new version 5, an employee will be able to use a single work phone number shared between their desk phone and BlackBerry smartphone and make and receive enterprise calls on their BlackBerry smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection, adding to the existing capability available over cellular networks.
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Truphone Brings Wi-Fi Calling To Android Devices

truphone_logo.jpgTruphone announces the immediate free availability of its new application for Android enabled mobile handsets, introducing Wi-Fi calling on this platform for the first time.

The new Truphone for Android release 3.0 integrates a full VoIP engine allowing users to make free calls to Truphone, Google Talk and Skype users when both parties are in Wi-Fi, in addition to low cost calls to landlines and mobiles around the world whether they are in or out of Wi-Fi. This, coupled with a new, refreshed interface makes this the application of choice for the user who wants top quality user experience from their mobile VoIP application. The new release version 3.0 replaces the current live version 2.0.
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American Airlines Launches Wi-Fi Widget, However Cell Phone and VoIP Use Are Prohibited

American Airlines is launching its new Wi-Fi Widget that enables customers to identify Wi-Fi equipped flights 24 hours prior to departure. Customers can visit aa.com/wifiwidget to find and use the Wi-Fi Widget. The tool allows travelers to determine if their American Airlines flight will be scheduled with Wi-Fi enabled aircraft. Customers can also embed the Wi-Fi Widget in their own blogs, Web sites, and social network sites, which makes finding Wi-Fi on American Airlines flights even easier.
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Aruba Network Certifies the Wireless snom 800 Series VoIP Desk Phones

Aruba_logo.jpgAruba Networks and snom announce that the wireless snom 820 and 870 VoIP Desktop Phones have been certified interoperable with multi-use Aruba 802.11n wireless LANs. Multi-use networks share wireless infrastructure among different voice, data, and video applications, and are increasingly popular because they eliminate redundancy, enhance user mobility, and significantly lower deployment and operating costs. Cost savings come in part from scaling down -- or rightsizing -- expensive wired Ethernet infrastructure in favor of low-cost, more energy-efficient Wi-Fi networks. Desk phones have traditionally been tethered to wired Ethernet connections, but the new wireless snom phones allow these connections to be rightsized, too.
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BT Hits Halfway to One Million Wi-Fi Hotspots

BT is halfway towards its goal this year of building a million-strong Wi-Fi hotspot network, the company announced today. High speed public wireless broadband is now available at 500,000 homes, businesses and city centres in the UK and Ireland.

The sites include hotspots provided by the BT FON Wi-Fi Community, BT Openzone, 12 ‘wireless’ city centres, plus BT Openzone hotspots via the BT Business Hub. Well known brands offering access include Hilton, Thistle and Ramada Jarvis hotels, Caffe Nero and Starbucks coffee stores, Welcome Break and Roadchef Costa service stations, BA, Flybe and Skyteam airport lounges.
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IPEVO Equips USO Pacific Region with Skype Phones

ipevo_logo.jpgIPEVO announces that 18 USO centers across the Pacific Region will deploy its S0-10 Skype Desktop Phone and S0-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype devices. Using Skype and the IPEVO phones, more than 890,000 troops and their families that use the centers each year will now have a free communications link back home, without the need for a computer to make calls.
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Virgin America First Airline to Offer Fleetwide WiFi

Virgin America is the first and only airline to offer Gogo In-flight Internet service on every flight. As of today, guests on any of Virgin America's 100 daily flights have the option to surf the Web, check e-mail, or log on to their corporate VPN - all from the comfort of their seats at 37,000 feet. Virgin America marks this in-flight WiFi milestone with another first for an airline: an air-to-ground Skype video call with Oprah Winfrey which will air this Thursday, May 21 on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
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KPN Hotspots Expands Wi-Fi Partnership with Proxim Wireless

Proxim Wireless announces that KPN Hotspots, Holland's largest provider of Wi-Fi hotspots, is expanding its partnership with Proxim as the provider of its Wi-Fi networking equipment. KPN already has more than 2,000 of Proxim's ORiNOCO AP-700 and AP-4000 access points deployed throughout Holland and has partnered with Proxim to deliver Wi-Fi hotspot services for nearly three years. KPN announces that it has ordered more than 600 new access points from Proxim to continue the expansion of its network.
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Skype Wi-Fi Access to be Powered by Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless and Skype announce agreement that will allow Skype users to access more than 100,000 Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, and pay using Skype Credit. The feature, called Skype Access, will be embedded into Skype as a core feature, first in the Skype for Mac 2.8 Beta software released today and then in versions of Skype for other operating systems sometime in 2009.

The new application lets users connect to a Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot with a single click and to pay per minute only for what they use. Skype Access actively scans for available Boingo hotspots and presents a pop-up dialogue box displaying the price per minute to use the Boingo network using Skype Credit. Boingo’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy apply and access to all Internet services will be provided on a simple, per minute billing basis.
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Junction Networks Chooses fring to Turn Mobile Devices Into PBX Extensions

Junction Networks OnSIP Hosted PBX users can download and use fring to enable OnSIP extension-to-extension VoIP calls and to place and receive calls using an Apple iPhone or other fring-compatible device over a Wi-Fi connection.

This means that mobile users are able to dial extension-to-extension calls within their PBXs as well as make calls to the PSTN as if they were using a traditional desk phone in an office. Additionally, users can receive calls to their mobile devices when someone dials their extensions when they are connected via Wi-Fi.
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Boingo Mobile Supports Wi-Fi Enabled Sony Ericsson Smartphones

Boingo announces that owners of Wi-Fi enabled Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.0 handsets can now download the Boingo Mobile application to get online worldwide at more than 80,000 Boingo hotspots. Boingo Mobile identifies hotspots that are part of the Boingo Wi-Fi network and automatically authenticates users. Boingo’s network includes more than 500 airports including 85 of the top 100 airports worldwide – as well as hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, cafés and retail locations.
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