Wireless VoIP Phone Based on UniFi, Single-Chip WiFi

CSR launched UniVox, a VoIP phone based on the company's UniFi single-chip WiFi technology. CSR has designed UniVox to enable manufacturers to produce wireless phones for residential use at the lowest cost, and lowest power with up to 20 hours talk time and 400 hours standby time from typical handset batteries, using latest generation access points. CSR is providing UniVox customers with schematics, layout and bill of materials (BOM) as well as royalty-free design software. To ensure the lowest cost, CSR has designed UniVox to be highly integrated, so the total cost of components listed in the BOM is under $20 with electronic bill of materials (eBOM) totalling less than $15. CSR is demonstrating and sampling UniVox today, and expects a full production-ready UniVox example design by the end of the year.
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Wi-Fi Phone Announced for Skype Software

Edge-Core, Brand Division of Accton Technology, announced the availability of its new 802.11b/g Wi-Fi phone that utilizes Skype software. The mobile phone comes with Skype Internet communications software, and offers great voice quality, mobility, and cost savings. The WM4201 Edge-Core Wi-Fi phone for Skype offers all of the Skype calling features, along with an IEEE 802.11b/g wireless connection and candy bar shaped design to help users reduce communication costs and move at the same time.
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Cell Wireless Launches Wi-Fi Cell VoIP Phone

Cell Wireless Corp. announced that it has launched its new mobile Wi-Fi Cell VoIP phone.

The new mobile Wi-Fi Cell VoIP phone allows customers to use the Cell Wireless state-of-the-art VoIP software and technology when they connect to any public Internet "Hot Spot" such as airports, hotels, coffee shops and more as long as there is an Internet wireless connection available. The cell phone can also be used as a home or office VoIP phone without the hassle of using a headset.
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VoIP Over Wi-Fi will Pose an Added Headache

Mobile operators must convert the threat Wi-Fi and VoIP poses to roaming revenues into an opportunity by incorporating the technologies into their strategies. This is one finding of the latest study, "Mobile roaming 2006-2011: Increasing usage and revenue to counter regulatory burdens," published by industry analyst firm visiongain. By adding Wi-Fi capabilities to their offerings, mobile operators will be able to capture a growing market currently targeted at mobile roaming subscribers.
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Wi-Fi/Cellular Handsets to Take Market by Storm

Converged Wi-Fi/Cellular handsets are expected to make a big splash, reports In-Stat (http://www.in-stat.com). By 2010, shipments of cellular handsets containing Wi-Fi will exceed 132 million devices, the high-tech market research firm says. Carriers have been reluctant to offer Wi-Fi-capable handsets for several reasons, but Wi-Fi has spread so fast that carriers will not be able to resist much longer.
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World's Smallest and Lowest Power WiFi Chipset Solution

Nanoradio AB, the new market leader in low power WiFi, announced it has completed financing round B with 11.5MUSD to secure volume ramping of its first generation WiFi chipset solution named NRX700 for portable electronic devices.

The syndicate of four Venture Capital funds consisting of Nordic Venture Partners, Innovacom, Teknoinvest and Industrifonden from round A thereby demonstrates their commitment and trust in the Nanoradio business by granting also round B investment to Nanoradio AB with Headquarters in Kista, Sweden.
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AnchorFree Protects Wi-Fi Users by Releasing Hotspot Shield

AnchorFree, the world's largest free Wi-Fi network & community, consisting of 10,000 hot spots in more than 2,400 cities across the U.S. and worldwide, today released AnchorFree Hotspot Shield, free security software for Wi-Fi users. The software application provides security and protects user privacy at Wi-Fi locations and addresses the growing industry need for a secure VPN (virtual private network) to protect millions of users' privacy. Wireless internet users can download AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield software at www.anchorfree.com.
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Largest Hot Zone in Joliet, Illinois

Proxim Wireless, Inc., a global provider of broadband wireless equipment and wholly-owned subsidiary of Terabeam, Inc., announced that it is exclusively providing the broadband wireless equipment to power a public Wi-Fi, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and secured merchant transaction processing network at Bronk's Corners, a 275,000 square foot retail, office, and restaurant open-air center located in Joliet, Illinois. The network is being designed and installed by ITP Wireless, Inc., a licensed Illinois Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and Proxim Wireless Platinum Partner. Bronk's Corners will be Joliet's largest Wi-Fi hot zone.
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Florida's First Citywide Wireless Mesh Network

Strix Systems, the leader in high-performance wireless mesh networking, announced that Citi WiFi Networks has selected Strix's Access/One Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) to create Florida's first public/private partnership by deploying a citywide wireless mesh network in the city of Dunedin. This robust and highly scalable network will provide wireless broadband Internet access to Dunedin's businesses, city offices, marina, tourists, and 38,000 residents. Already 25 percent complete, the network is expected to spur economic development and reduce the city's fixed costs. Upon completion the city's wireless mesh network will cover 10.4 sq. miles.
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Wi-Fi Coexistence at Wireless Event

CSR plc, is demonstrating the seamless coexistence of its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies during London's Wireless Event at Olympia. The company's BlueCore4 Bluetooth technology and UniFi-1 Wi-Fi solution is shown to operate on the same board and will be demonstrated in four test scenarios. This demonstration is designed to highlight that CSR Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies can sit alongside each other in an end-product design with no effect on the quality of either wireless link, as well as on the host product.
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Ruckus Wireless Selected for In-Home Distribution of VoIP

Ruckus Wireless, the innovator of smart Wi-Fi technology, announced that Maxisat Ltd., a leading Finnish triple play provider, has selected the Ruckus Wireless smart Wi-Fi system to solve the growing problem of how to reliably distribute digital voice, video and data services throughout subscriber homes.

The Ruckus MediaFlex system is an advanced in-home multimedia solution and the first developed to enable the reliable transmission of digital multimedia content using standard 802.11g Wi-Fi technology.
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SkyPilot Networks One of the ''Fierce 15'' Wireless Companies of 2006

SkyPilot Networks announced that it has been named to FierceWireless' annual Fierce 15 list. This distinction honors SkyPilot Networks as one of the top 15 emerging wireless companies for 2006. FierceWireless is an internationally recognized email newsletter for the wireless industry, provides more than 73,000 executives in over 100 countries a quick, authoritative briefing on the day's top wireless stories and markets.
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Strategy of VoIP and Wi-Fi Sets Google to Threaten Mobile Operators

Internet search giant Google will increasingly pose a threat to US mobile operators by offering free wireless connection, supported by location based advertising in major US cities. This finding is featured in the latest study, "Google in mobile and wireless: Analysing the impact and assessing the threat of the search giant's market entry," published by industry analyst firm visiongain. Moreover, Google is set to become a major player in the mobile search market, continuing its current strategy of partnerships with operators and manufacturers.
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Interoperability for Wi-Fi Telephony Applications

SpectraLink Corp., the leader in workplace wireless telephony, and Meru Networks, the global innovation leader in wireless infrastructure for the All-Wireless Enterprise, announced that they have completed field verification of compatibility between SpectraLink's NetLink Wireless Telephones and Meru's Wireless LAN System. Verification of compatibility was done at multiple customer sites including PGT Industries, the leading U.S. manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windowsand doors.
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D-Link Launches First Flip-Style Mobile Wi-Fi Phone

D-Link, the leading end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers and business, introduced the industry's first flip-style mobile Wi-Fi phone that will ship with a full-featured softphone from TelTel, provider of SIP-based global Internet telephony services, allowing users to make free calls anywhere in the world where there is open Wi-Fi access.

Calls from the D-Link phone are made over the Public SIP Telephone Network (PsipTN) telephony backbone.
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