Airspan Introduces WiMAX for 1.4 - 1.5 GHz

Airspan introduces a new Broadband Wireless solution that supports the frequency bands from 1.4 - 1.5 GHz. The solution includes base station equipment and a suite of subscriber devices including models with support for Voice over IP and WiFi.

A complete end-to-end solution, Airspan's new product offering includes the MicroMAX Base Station and EasyST, ProST, and ProST-WiFi subscriber units, all compliant with the IEEE802.16d standard. The solution also works with other band-independent Airspan products, including VoIP and WiFi extensions for EasyST and ProST, as well as VoiceMAX -- the company's unique solution for enabling VoIP QoS over a WiMAX network.
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sipgate Offering the Pirelli DualPhone DP-L10 for £59.00

Sipgate is currently making mobile VoIP affordable for everyone - via Dual Mode Mobile Phone (GSM/Wifi) and is offering the 'Pirelli DP-L10' for a sensational GBP59. Because of its free SIM-lock, the Pirelli can be used by any cellular customer. Orders can be placed at sipgate's Online-Shop at for everyone even for those who are not sipgate VoIP customers.

On one hand, the 'Pirelli DP L10' is a GSM-Triband mobile phone, on the other hand it is a VoIP telephone which permits a mobile Internet telephony via WLAN. Therefore, up to five WLAN-Hotspots can be securely set up. Users can decide at the push of a button whether or not to converse via cellular or the less expensive VoIP. Incoming calls are automatically signalized by both networks. If no WLAN hot spot is available, calls to the local number of the VoIP account can be fowarded to the mobile telephone number. To easily set up the configuration of the VoIP and WLAN parameter, sipgate provides a customized quick-start guide.
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Tpad Launches Mobile VoIP on Nokia WiFi Mobiles

tpad_logo1.jpgTpad announces the availability of a free SMS text service that will automatically setup a WiFi enabled mass-market mobile phone that will bring free or ultra low cost mobile VoIP calls to millions.

The SMS text service is currently configured for Nokia's latest E and N series phones and will be constantly updated when leading mobile phone producers such as Samsung and Motorola release their brand new WiFi phones later this year.

Mobile calls between Tpad users are free worldwide if the calls are routed over their WiFi Connection. All other PSTN calls from the user's WiFi mobile to any other landline or mobile in the world will be charged at the usual low Tpad VoIP rates.
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Infineon Brings VoIP Functionality to Low-cost Mobile Phones

Infineon Technologies to offer VoIP functionality for low-cost mobile phones, enabling operators to offer fixed-mobile convergence by integrating Wi-Fi on its mobile phone platform. The solution helps to significantly reduce the bill-of-materials cost for Wi-Fi enabled cell phones by up to 50 percent compared to existing solutions.

At the Spring VON.x Conference and Expo in California, Infineon announced the availability of its reference platform for a low-cost dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi solution. Together with Atheros Communications, Infineon has developed a fully-functional, low-cost, dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi mobile platform. The complete reference solution will bring Wi-Fi technology to low-cost mobile phones, enabling millions of users worldwide to make high-quality VoIP calls at virtually no cost when connected to wireless local area networks.
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SimplyWiFi SIP Phone by Wisecom Tech.

SimplyWiFi allows you to chat and make free internet calls or low cost regular calls. It works wherever there is a broadband connection; offices, residential areas, airports, cafés, hotels and public hot spots. No laptop, headset or cables needed.

SimplyWiFi is a small and light weight phone with high audio quality and an extraordinary talk time of 10 hours and 250 hours stand-by time. Smart navigation and a simple set-up make it easy to use and easy to set up. All functions can be configured on your phone by the operator before delivery. SimplyWiFi enables you to make encrypted calls over a radio link, handle your contacts and send instant messages, besides the traditional functions of mobile phones.

The build-in WiFi functionality includes all common features such as DHCP, authentication and encryption.

With its flexible open source Linux platform, SimplyWiFi phones can be designed to fit most VoIP software and technical standards, as well as specific industrial design requirements.

Read more after the jump.
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De-Fi Mobile Selects BroadSoft to Enable Voice-over-WiFi App's

broadsoft_logo.jpgDe-Fi Mobile has chosen BroadSoft’s BroadWorks VoIP application platform to enable the delivery of media-rich, advanced IP features and global voice service to mobile users, regardless of their wireless carrier and with predictable, affordable pricing.

De-Fi Mobile’s new Straight Talk service disrupts the existing mobile services market by bridging the gaps between carrier networks, handset manufacturers and mobile application providers that has left subscribers with hit-or-miss call quality and often exorbitant pricing for non-local calling. Straight Talk, unveiled at Mobile World Congress, will allow users to enjoy advanced BroadWorks calling features on dual-mode handsets, and the ability to dial to and from anywhere in the world without worrying about high-cost roaming tariffs and long distance charges.
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Starbucks and AT&T Partner to Offer Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks Stores

Starbucks plans to deliver AT&T Wi-Fi service at more than 7,000 company-operated Starbucks locations across the United States. The initiative brings together two of the most recognizable global brands to create a powerful and convenient online experience for consumers and business customers. Starbucks and AT&T will offer a mix of free and paid Wi-Fi offerings at Starbucks stores to meet the needs of both frequent and occasional Starbucks Wi-Fi customers.

The initiative further expands the AT&T Wi-Fi network, already the largest in the United States, to more than 17,000 U.S. hot spots and more than 70,000 globally.
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Boingo Extends Mobile Wi-Fi Service to Windows Mobile 6 Devices

boingo_logo.jpgBoingo Wireless released a version of the Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi software that supports Windows Mobile 6.0 devices. With Boingo Mobile, users can automatically connect to Boingo’s network of tens of thousands of hotspots across the globe with an increasing number of mobile devices. Boingo Mobile, which is also available for Nokia S60 and Internet Tablet devices, has supported Windows Mobile 5.0 since Feb. 2007.

Using the latest version of Boingo Mobile, owners of Wi-Fi enabled Windows Mobile devices – including the HTC TyTN II, HP iPAQ 510, and the TMobile Dash – can maximize the networking capabilities of their handset by accessing Boingo’s worldwide hotspot network any time they’re out and about.
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Partnership to Bring Instant Network Connections to Wi-Fi Phone Users at Hotspots

text-partnership.jpgBroadcom and Boingo Wireless announce a strategic relationship that will enable instant wireless network connections for Wi-Fi phone users across the globe. As part of this strategic relationship, Broadcom is incorporating Boingo's Wi-Fi client software for handsets into its widely deployed Wi-Fi phone chipset platform currently shipping to handset OEMs and ODMs worldwide. Boingo Wi-Fi client software automatically scans for hotspots and instantly connects users to private and commercial networks, including the tens of thousands of hotspots that are part of the Boingo Roaming Network.

The integration of Boingo Wi-Fi software into the Broadcom Wi-Fi phone platform enables true global access to public Wi-Fi networks. Commercial Wi-Fi roaming allows business travelers, mobile workers and people on-the-go the ability to capitalize on high-speed connections in tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots, in addition to their private networks at the office and at home. As VoIP solutions continue to gain momentum by offsetting traditional communications costs, while enabling new services to traditional voice calling applications, operators and consumers are looking for solutions that provide maximum versatility with greatest ease-of-use. The ability to provide instant network connections worldwide is a significant combined offering from Broadcom and Boingo.
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TechFaith Launches WiFi Feature Phones

TechFaith announced the launch of "Wing," a feature-rich WiFi-capable phone, and two WiFi smartphones with the internal code names of "Pluto" and "Vista 850." The WiFi VoiP and SIP enabled working sample of Wing is ready, and shipment is expected at the end of the first quarter of 2008 upon receipt of customers' firm orders. A WCDMA WiFi phone is under development.

Both WiFi smartphones, Pluto and Vista 850, are based on Windows 6.0. The phones feature a 2.0 megapixel camera, an MP3 and MPEG4 player, push mail and Bluetooth capabilities. In addition, Pluto has GPS function, and Vista 850 is also a slim music phone with a 3.5mm audio jack and a flash user interface.
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Truphone Selects the Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi System

truphone_logo.jpgRuckus Wireless announces that Truphone has deployed the Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi system to support voice over Wi-Fi requirements within its corporate headquarters in London. Truphone is using the Ruckus ZoneFlex system within its corporate network to provide extended coverage and predictable Wi-Fi network services for some 40 staff that use its mobile Voice-over-IP technology to conduct day-to-day business.

Recently named a 2007 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Truphone markets and operates critically-acclaimed technology that allows cell phones to route calls over the Internet using Wi-Fi rather than via traditional mobile operators. This enables users to make free mobile calls, send text messages, eliminate monthly fees and inbound charges.
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BT And FON to Launch Largest Wi-Fi Community in UK

BT and FON promise to transform the UK's market for wireless broadband by launching BT FON, the world's largest Wi-Fi community. BT's more than 3 million consumer Total Broadband customers will be invited to join the global community of people sharing their broadband.

At launch, new members will be part of an existing community of 500,000 members and will have access to more than 190,000 FON hotspots worldwide. Anyone joining in will be able to use those FON hotspots across the world and all the new BT FON hotspots free of charge.

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Truphone Demonstrates First VoIP-over-WiFi Call on iPhone

Truphone will give the first public demonstration of a Voice over Internet Protocol over Wi-Fi phone call on the Apple iPhone. Chief executive officer James Tagg will make the VoIP call in front of an audience of 350 delegates to DEMOfall 07 in San Diego, CA.

The company will also give a demonstration of an application that mashes up social networking site Facebook and traditional telephony. Any Facebook user will be able to click on a friend's Truphone 'Call Me' button, and a free phone call will be initiated to whichever phone their friend has chosen. This will mean free calls to real phones for everyone in the Facebook community.
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WiFiMobile on the Values of Developing a Mobile VoIP Client

WiFiMobile highlights the benefits of having their own VoIP client rather than relying on Network Operators supplying handsets with the manufacturer’s client pre-installed. Back in April this year both Vodafone and Orange in the UK instructed a major handset manufacturer to disable the standard Internet Telephony from their top of the range model. This move left a sour taste for the vast majority of mobile VoIP operators as their software relies entirely on the standard VoIP client software stack being installed. Without this their service simply won’t function.
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TCS Issued Patent for VoIP Wi-Fi E911 Calls

TeleCommunication Systems announces the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent number 7,260,186, titled, "Solutions For Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 911 Location Services." The patent enables updating the mid-call location of a VoIP 9-1-1 caller using a Wi-Fi hot spot. The invention allows VoIP Wi-Fi E9-1-1 calls to be routed to the correct Public Safety Answering Point while automatically providing the location of the caller at the time the call was established. The invention helps mobile VoIP calls to meet the current FCC mandate requiring that wireless operators provide E9-1-1 service.
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