PCN Introduces UltraEdge VoIP System for Any Grade Legacy Copper

PCN announces the introduction and availability of its UltraEdge system for rapid cost effective deployment of VoIP and Unified Communication data networks.

With a single Ethernet connection to access the Internet or outside data networks, the UltraEdge system requires limited IT knowledge for installation and enables access and transport for IP device connectivity at every edge. Using any grade copper the UltraEdge VoIP system easily interfaces to existing junction boxes, legacy PBX consoles, or other wiring infrastructure already in place.

Providing maximum capabilities and feature rich applications, the system is a true IP networked solution leveraging PCN's high-performance 19" Rack Mount Multi-Channel Server (PCN3485-MCS4) for 10/100 IP transport to every UltraEdge module (PCN3485-SCC1) which enables access for VoIP enabled phones or other devices. Unlike media converters, each UltraEdge module is a true Ethernet switch where each end point has access for up to three Ethernet RJ45 ports.
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Grandstream Announces 1-Line IP Telephone with LCD Display

grandstream_logo.gifGrandstream Networks introduces the GXP1160/1165. Along with a graphical LCD display that supports multiple languages, this low cost, single-line IP phone features high quality audio, integrated Power over Ethernet (GXP1165 model only), 2 call appearances, rich telephony functionalities, and Electronic Hook Switch capability with Plantronics headsets. The GXP1160/1165 is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephony platforms (such as Asterisk, Broadsoft, Metaswitch, 3CX, etc.) and various Internet Telephony Service Provider networks, and can be easily mass deployed and securely managed from a central location.
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snom m9 Cordless DECT Phone is Now Interoperable with BroadSoft's BroadWorks

snom_logo.jpgsnom announces the completion of interoperability between the snom m9 cordless DECT phone and BroadSoft's BroadWorks hosted Unified Communications platform. The snom m9 has completed interoperability testing with BroadWorks Release 18.SP1.

snom's m9 is now available to BroadSoft's more than 500 global telecommunications service provider customers in order to deliver enhanced, personalized communications and entertainment services to their businesses and residential subscribers. BroadSoft serves 18 of the top 25 largest telecommunications service providers, based on revenue, in more than 65 countries. With the completion of interoperability testing, BroadWorks powered end-users can benefit from the latest features and functionality when choosing a snom m9 DECT phone for their business.
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Edgewater Networks Certifies Panasonic for its Plug & Dial Alliance Program

Edgewater-Networks-logo.jpgEdgewater Networks announces that Panasonic’s SIP communications-based phones have been certified as interoperable with Edgewater’s Plug & Dial solution. The Plug & Dial solution uses the EdgeMarc ESBC and the EdgeView VoIP Support System to automate the provisioning of a wide variety of IP phones. This automation reduces operating expenses and improves the end-user experience for service providers delivering cloud communications services.

Panasonic phones that have been Plug & Dial certified on EdgeView version 11.7.2 include KX-UT113B, KX-UT123B, KX-UT133B, and KX-UT136B.
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netTALK Announces Free Advanced Privacy Features Added to its DUO VoIP Devices

netTalk_logo.jpgnetTALK.com announces the launch of new privacy features: Caller ID Block and Call Blocking. These are being added to netTALK’s long list of free features, which is already overflowing with value and convenience for netTALK DUO digital phone users. All you need is a high speed internet connection and any standard home phone.

The new privacy features are now fully-integrated into all netTALK DUO digital phone service accounts, and using them could not be more simple or easy.
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Patton Announces Microsoft Lync Certification for SmartNode VoIP Gateways

patton_logo.gifPatton announced that SmartNode VoIP media gateways (release 6.T and newer) have been tested and certified in Microsoft's Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program for Lync Communications Server.

Microsoft lists Patton and SmartNode in the Direct SIP category, while Patton cites Microsoft as a Patton-Certified Enterprise Communication Partner for Lync and OCS.

The certification assures enterprise customers and system integrators that SmartNode VoIP equipment interoperates reliably and seamlessly with Microsoft's UC software, so they can select and deploy the products with absolute confidence.

SmartNode gateway-routers enable organizations to reap the benefits of Lync-based unified communications without replacing their existing phones or PBX systems, and without sacrificing connectivity with the traditional PSTN.
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Grandstream Adds VoIP Mobility with New Digital Cordless IP Phone

grandstream_logo.gifGrandstream Networks introduced its new DP715/710 DECT Cordless IP Phone. The DP715/710, Grandstream’s first VoIP cordless phone, is SIP/DECT compliant, works with various major IP PBXs and supports wide range indoor/outdoor radio coverage based on the popular DECT standard, thus giving users the ability to enjoy the benefits of mobility and VoIP for minimum investment. Grandstream is showcasing the DP715/710 at Booth ID2-04 at CommunicAsia this week in Singapore.

The DP715, which includes the DECT handset and the VoIP base station with integrated charger, supports up to 5 distinct SIP accounts and is expandable to a total of 5 handsets and 4 concurrent calls. The DP710 or expansion unit, which includes a DECT phone and charger unit, is used in conjunction with the DP715 base station unit and is situated throughout the home or office for added user convenience.
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Sangoma Commences Shipments of SBC

sangoma_logo.gifSangoma announces that commercial shipments of its highly-anticipated Vega 400 SBC standalone Session Border Controller appliance commenced today. The solution is designed to provide seamless connectivity between VoIP networks and SIP Trunking connections, while delivering security and policy enforcement to ensure call quality and reliability.

Bridging the gap between disparate IP networks or systems, the Vega 400 SBC provides encryption of media and signaling, as well as call access control, secure network logon and secure management interfaces. In addition to its security functions, the SBC provides a broad range of intermediation and core VoIP capabilities necessary to ensure proper call handling and call quality. This includes a wide array of audio codecs, and the capacity to perform real-time transcoding when necessary to facilitate call media handling. Key VoIP call quality measures and features enable the device to provide many VoIP gateway functions, such as adaptive jitter removal, comfort noise generation and silence suppression, QoS statistics reporting and hardware-based echo cancellation. In addition, Sangoma offers customers a lifetime guarantee on Vega 400 SBC appliances, further enhancing the value of this offering.
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Sangoma Enhances IP Security Offering with SBC Release

sangoma_logo.gifSangoma announces the release of its Vega 400 SBC stand-alone Session Border Controller appliance,. The solution is designed to provide seamless connectivity between VoIP networks and SIP Trunking connections, while delivering security and policy enforcement to ensure call quality and reliability.

Located between disparate IP networks or systems, the SBC helps customers contain and control vulnerabilities that can be exploited in SIP-based networks to misappropriate or misuse VoIP resources and systems. The Vega 400 SBC provides encryption of media and signaling, as well as call access control, secure network logon and secure management interfaces. In addition to the security functions, the SBC provides a broad range of intermediation and core VoIP capabilities necessary to ensure proper call handling and call quality.
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Sangoma Releases Transcoding Gateway Appliance

sangoma_logo.gifSangoma announces the release of its NetBorder Transcoding Gateway, the latest product in the growing range of gateway appliances to serve enterprises worldwide. This new gateway facilitates the interconnection of VoIP devices and networks with support for transcoding between a wide range of codecs-from low-bandwidth to HD-that are employed throughout the rapidly growing enterprise communications landscape.

The new NetBorder Transcoding Gateway provides bandwidth savings in interoffice VoIP and SIP trunking deployments with support for narrowband G.723.1 and G.729 codecs. Additionally, the appliance enables seamless connections between various SIP implementations such as those using different RTP packet sizes.
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snom Phones Now Interoperable with Schmooze Com's Unified Communications Systems

snom_logo.jpgsnom announces interoperability with Schmooze Com Inc.'s PBXact phone system and PBXtended hosted PBX. snom VoIP phones can now be auto provisioned via the Schmooze Com Endpoint Manager for quick and easy installation and no-hassle management directly from the PBX Graphical User Interface. The following six snom models are currently certified for the Schmooze solution: snom 300, snom 320, snom 370, snom 821 and snom 870 desktop phones and the snom M9 wireless handset.

The combination of snom phones and PBXact and PBXtended systems gives small and medium-size businesses and call centers a complete, end-to-end voice solution. Value Added Resellers will appreciate the seamless auto provisioning and implementation using the Endpoint Manager GUI tool. Schmooze customers can take advantage of the full range of snom 300 and 800 series desktop phones to meet any staff requirement, as well as the snom m9 wireless handset that allows mobile workers to stay in touch while away from their desks. Whether a business chooses the PBXact premises-based PBX system or the hosted version, PBXtended, they will enjoy the same snom endpoint functionality.
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snom to Donate 1 Dollar to Earth Day International for Every Phone Purchased Without Additional Power Supply

snom_logo.jpgsnom announced that it will no longer be including external power supplies as part of the standard package for its 3xx and 7xx series IP phones, focusing instead on powering phones via Power-over-Ethernet. PoE is ideal for centralized and uninterrupted power supply and easy to implement. To encourage greater environmental awareness, snom will donate one dollar for every IP phone from its 3xx or 7xx series purchased in the nine weeks between April 22 and June 22, 2012. All donations will be made to the environmental initiative “Earth Day International” in Germany.
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VoIP Supply Offers Best-in-Class Bundles for LifeSize Connections

VoIP Supply announces the immediate availability of LifeSize Connections HD Bundles, LifeSize's cloud-based, HD video conferencing infrastructure as a service offering, complete with Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcams and compatible speakerphones and headsets.

VoIP Supply offers four bundles, each of which combine the cloud-based LifeSize Connections video software client—the fastest way for businesses to add to and extend their HD video conferencing capabilities—with matching hardware that's been tested for full compatibility, delivering the highest quality, seamless end-to-end video conferencing experience. VoIP Supply's four HD bundles include the HD standard - for people on-the-go; HD Popular - for the in-crowd; and HD Elite – for those who demand the very best. There is also a software-only option.
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New Digium IP Phones Now Available

Digium_logo2.jpgDigium announces the general availability of its new family of IP phones. The Digium phones are the first that are specifically engineered to fully leverage the power of Asterisk, the world's most widely adopted open source communications software, and Switchvox, Digium's award-winning Unified Communications system. Business customers will benefit from the best possible performance, unprecedented integration and a uniquely customizable phone system.

The phones come with a number of standard applications, including interactive voicemail, visual call parking, one-touch call recording, searchable contact directory and presence management. The Digium phones include an app engine with a simple yet powerful JavaScript API that lets programmers create applications that interface directly with core phone features.
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VoIP Supply Adds Revolabs FLX Wireless VoIP Conferencing Systems

VoIP Supply is pleased to announce the addition of innovative Revolabs FLX wireless VoIP conferencing systems. Revolabs is the premier audio solutions provider of wireless unified communications products for free-flowing workspaces uninhibited by cords.

The Revolabs FLX VoIP conference system is the only wireless IP conference phone available today. Used for both audio and video communications, the Revolabs FLX now benefits from Revolabs' revolutionary audio technology that was once reserved for the largest of conference rooms and board rooms. Now, with the FLX, small to medium-sized conference rooms, executive offices, or home offices can leverage the best audio quality with the freedom of wireless mobility.

Not your traditional conference phone, the Revolabs FLX system is a dual-purpose solution eliminating the need for a separate desktop and conference phone. The flexibility of the included wireless FLX dialer is not only used to set up a conference call but it acts just like a regular telephone handset for private calls before, during, or after a conference call.
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