VoIP Supply Adds Yealink IP Phones

VoIP Supply announces the launch of the Yealink line of IP phones on VoIPSupply.com. The Yealink line of IP phones is comprised of five different SIP based models that range in price from $72 USD to $148.00 USD.

“With VoIP technology in the mainstream there continues to be growing demand for economically priced IP phones to meet the realities of today’s budgets,” stated Garrett Smith, Director of Marketing and Business Development at VoIP Supply, LLC. “Yealink IP phones are not just about an aggressive price point; in Yealink customers can expect to receive a high quality IP phone that is packed with features such as HD voice, making them an exceptional value when compared with other options currently available today.”
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VoIP Supply Launches Video Conferencing Solutions

VoIP Supply announces the successful introduction of video conferencing solutions to its base of over 75,000 customers. The initial roll out of video conferencing solutions includes the Polycom HDX 4002 and HDX 6004 product lines.

Sold and fully supported by a team of Polycom Certified video representatives, VoIP Supply’s initial roll out of video conferencing solutions is focused on Polycom’s HDX 4002 and HDX 6004 video conferencing solutions. Both the HDX 4002 and HDX 6004 are designed to address the video conferencing needs of the small medium enterprise seeking a fully featured, low-cost, small group system that allows teams of people to easily connect over distance and enjoy high definition voice, video, and content sharing.
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WorldGate Introduces 'Ojo Vision' Video Phone

WorldGate unveils the Ojo Vision digital video phone, the next generation in voice and video over broadband communications services. Ojo Vision will be previewed this week in Booth 2161 on the floor of The Cable Show 2010 in Los Angeles along with the rest of its lineup of award-winning family of Ojo digital video phones, telephony services and turn-key services platform.

WorldGate is an all-in-one provider of innovative, IP multimedia telephony services combining world-class engineering and hardware manufacturing with a complete, turn-key digital voice and video phone service. The new Ojo Vision features plug-and-play installation, a sleek design, brilliant high-resolution seven-inch screen with high-fidelity audio and stunning “Ojo Quality” video performance. WorldGate’s newest offering also features a robust suite of VoIP telephony features and rich multimedia applications along with advanced networking technology that delivers an unprecedented user experience—all at an affordable cost.
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Iris2Iris Equipment Certified Interoperable with Mirial Softphone

Mirial announces that Iris2Iris joined the Certified for Mirial Softphone program with its eye contact equipment IRIS EQ5-WIN-AE.

The first to provide Full-HD support, embedded MCU functionalities and advanced media encryption, Mirial Softphone is a professional software-only client for desktop video conferencing. It is fully compliant with all major visual communication standards, it seamlessly integrates into every H.323 and SIP visual communication network and is available both for Mac and PC.
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Sangoma Unveils D100 Voice Transcoding Card

Sangoma launches a new series of PCI and PCI Express cards enabling up to 480 channels of voice transcoding per card. Most IP telephony applications require the use of multiple types of voice codecs, which are used to digitally compress the voice signals at any given deployment. While voice signals from the PSTN always come in the form of the G.711 codec, the VoIP terminal equipment and networks support a variety of voice codecs including G.729, G.726, AMR, etc. VoIP infrastructure most often needs to include the capability to mediate between endpoints supporting different codecs, but this 'transcoding' digital signal processing task is often costly, resource intensive and can affect the quality of the voice signals if it introduces too much latency or delay.
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Panasonic Announces Digium Asterisk Certification for Its New TGP500 Series SIP Cordless Phone System

Digium_logo2.jpgPanasonic announces Digium has certified the Panasonic line of SIP Cordless Phone Systems, the KX-TGP500 and KX-TGP550, for use with the Asterisk telephony platform. By leveraging Panasonic's market leadership in DECT cordless telephones and Digium's innovative open source PBX, this alliance is a winning combination.

The Panasonic TGP500 series of SIP Cordless Phone Systems boasts outstanding voice quality and a range of productivity-boosting options in a feature-rich desk phone replacement. DECT 6.0 ensures no interference with wireless networks, and the convenient cordless design eliminates the need to run dedicated network wiring to each employee workstation. It is ideal for home and business environments.
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Digium and Yealink Announce Interoperability Partnership

Digium_logo2.jpgDigium and Yealink announce an interoperability partnership and certification of the Yealink SIP-T2x series IP phones. Yealink SIP-T2x series are high performance and affordable SIP telephones that help businesses leverage the increasing benefits of VoIP telephone systems. Yealink SIP phones provide high quality audio, a broad range of voice codecs, security protection for privacy, and rich telephony features. Yealink enterprise HD IP phones now are compliance-tested by Digium for interoperability with Asterisk.
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ClearOne Announces New Pricing for the VoIP MAX IP Product Line

ClearOne_logo.gifClearOne announces new pricing, giving its VoIP conference phones identical pricing to its analog PSTN conference phones. Effective March 27, 2010, the pricing for the ClearOne MAX IP, ClearOne's award winning SIP conference phone is now $499, identical to ClearOne's MAX EX. For larger conference rooms, ClearOne's unique daisy-chaining MAXAttach IP is now priced at $799, identical to the ClearOne MAXAttach EX. ClearOne continues to offer the best value in VoIP audio conferencing today.
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ABP Ships Patton SmartNode VoIP SBCs, Pre-Configured for SIP-Trunking Providers

patton_logo.gifABP Technology is now delivering pre-configured units of the SmartNode 5200 Enterprise Session Border Router from Patton. Leveraging Patton’s SN5200 ESBR, ABP delivers fully-provisioned, tested, and 100% quality-assured SIP-trunking solutions that help Internet Telephony Service Providers reduce start-up costs and focus on core revenue-generating activities such as subscriber acquisition.

By pairing state of the art provisioning services with carrier-grade SmartNode Session Border Controller equipment, ABP and Patton enable ITSPs to attract new business subscribers and increase profits by delivering survivable, value-added SIP-trunking services.
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Polycom Introduces SoundStation IP 5000 Conference Phone

Polycom announces the SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone. The SoundStation IP 5000 features Polycom HD Voice and offers robust SIP-based VoIP interoperability at a price that is well within reach of organizations of all sizes. Designed specifically for the needs of private offices and small meeting rooms, the voice quality of the SoundStation IP 5000 far surpasses that of traditional desktop speaker phones.
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STMicroelectronics' Powers Innovative IP Phones from snom technology

snom_logo.jpgSTMicroelectronics has been selected for next-generation IP telephones from snom technology. Combining an advanced ARM processor core with a rich set of audio, communication and connectivity interfaces, ST's SPEAr 300 microprocessor forms the heart of the newest snom 870 VoIP telephone. The Linux-based phone, which boasts an intuitive user interface with a high-definition touch-screen color display, wideband audio, an integrated XML browser, and plenty of additional features, arrived on the market in September 2009.
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Patton Taking Orders for the SmartNode 5200 Enterprise Session Border Router

patton_logo.gifPatton is now taking orders for the SmartNode 5200 Enterprise Session Border Router. Providing "any-to-any" protocol mediation for secure connectivity between IP-PBX systems and Internet Telephony Service Provider, the newest SmartNode resolves security and interoperability challenges businesses face when implementing SIP trunking.

The SmartNode ESBR lowers overall equipment costs by including an advanced IP router, QoS, VoIP-VPN security, least-cost call routing and IP-link redundancy—with no added licensing or support fees.
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VoIP Supply to Purchase Over $2 Million in Legacy Equipment During 2010

VoIP Supply announces that it’s on pace to purchase over $2 million worth of used and legacy VoIP equipment during 2010 through it equipment buyback program, Reclaim. The Reclaim program was first introduced by VoIP Supply in December of 2009 and since that time has seen the number of sell back requests continually increase.

“Through our BETA trial early in 2009 we knew that there was a need and demand for a service such as Reclaim,” stated Garrett Smith Director of Marketing and Business Development at VoIP Supply. “However since formally launching the program in December, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest and activity surrounding the program.”
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Ooma Unveils New Features - Enhanced Voice Quality, Convenience, and Savings

Ooma_logo.gifOoma unveils several new features and enhanced services for its award-winning Ooma Telo system that extend the functionality and ease of use for consumers wanting a superior home phone telephony experience. New additions to the product and services lineup include Ooma Pure Voice, High Definition Voice, mobile phone calling with the iPhone or iPod touch, Bluetooth support, Google Voice Extensions and voicemail transcription. All new features will be demonstrated today through January 10 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at Ooma’s booth, Grand Lobby GL-7.
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magicJack Announces Only Plug and Play, Carrier Agnostic Femtocell Technology

magicjack_usbvoip.jpgmagicJack inventor and founder Dan Borislow introduces another industry first: the smallest, lowest cost, plug and play femtocell technology.

What is our femtocell?

magicJack’s femtocell technology enables your cell phone or smart phone to connect through our Voice Network, instead of your carrier network. By utilizing our network via a magicJack account that costs just $20 a year, you may save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year by offsetting cellular minutes. In addition, when calling internationally, customers will save anywhere from 95-100 percent off current cellular carrier rates. Up to 50 percent of mobile users have terrible phone reception in their houses or small businesses. With our femtocell technology, people will get exceptionally clear quality voice calls every time.
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