VoIP Supply Launches VoIP Equipment Channel on TMCnet

Technology Marketing Corporation announces that the VoIP Equipment channel, sponsored by VoIP Supply, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program.

The VoIP Equipment channel promotes an array of VoIP equipment and solutions available from VoIP Supply. In addition, visitors can find valuable resources such as product guides, testimonials, feature articles and industry news.

The VoIP Equipment channel can be found at: www.tmcnet.com/channels/voip-equipment
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TalkSwitch Announces the TS-350i and TS-550i IP Phones and Management Software 6.12

talkswitch_logo.gifTalkSwitch announces the launch of two IP phones, giving customers more choice, features and functionality. The phones run with TalkSwitch Management Software 6.12, which features a newly engineered line optimization tool and automatic VoIP service provider configuration.

These sophisticated, easy-to-use phones feature crystal-clear sound and exceptional speakerphones. Customers will hear the difference. They have big, bright multicolor programmable appearance keys for one-touch access to lines, extensions, queues, and features.
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Telanetix Announces New Cordless Handsets for Small Business VOIP Market

Telanetix announced the addition of cordless phones to its Digital Phone System suite of services based on the DECT standard. The Digital Phone System, marketed under the AccessLine brand, is available in several configurations and models for either home or small business offices. The system comes bundled with service that includes a complete business phone application suite that is based on the Telanetix nationwide VoIP Network.
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Grandstream Introduces its GXV3140 Desktop IP Multimedia Phone

With an estimated 57% of adults in the U.S. having broadband access to the home1, the Internet makes it easy to deliver real-time video and web entertainment to enhance people’s lives. Today, people are spending longer periods of time away from loved ones due to work factors and the economic climate forcing Americans to travel less. An all new consumer multimedia phone has hit the market making it easy to see and hear family and friends around the world for free via an existing broadband connection. Using the broadband service provider of your choice and Grandstream’s built-in IPVideoTalk, the GXV3140 desktop IP Multimedia Phone offers, for no additional monthly fee, face-to-face two-way or three-way video calling out of the box.
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Aruba Network Certifies the Wireless snom 800 Series VoIP Desk Phones

Aruba_logo.jpgAruba Networks and snom announce that the wireless snom 820 and 870 VoIP Desktop Phones have been certified interoperable with multi-use Aruba 802.11n wireless LANs. Multi-use networks share wireless infrastructure among different voice, data, and video applications, and are increasingly popular because they eliminate redundancy, enhance user mobility, and significantly lower deployment and operating costs. Cost savings come in part from scaling down -- or rightsizing -- expensive wired Ethernet infrastructure in favor of low-cost, more energy-efficient Wi-Fi networks. Desk phones have traditionally been tethered to wired Ethernet connections, but the new wireless snom phones allow these connections to be rightsized, too.
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Panasonic Announces Interoperability of Its SIP Cordless Phones with Broadsoft's Broadworks Platform

broadsoft_logo.jpgPanasonic announces the interoperability of BroadSoft's BroadWorks platform with the KX-TGP500 series of SIP DECT cordless telephones, which offers outstanding voice quality and a range of productivity-boosting capabilities in a full-featured desk phone replacement. DECT 6.0 ensures no interference with wireless networks, and the convenient cordless design eliminates the need to run dedicated network wiring to each employee workstation. It is ideal for home and business environments.
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ClearOne Introduces New VoIP Interface for Professional Audio Conferencing Systems

ClearOne_logo.gifClearOne announces the Converge Pro VH20, the newest member of ClearOne's Professional Conferencing family of products. The VH20 provides a direct connection between Converge Pro audio conferencing systems and VoIP PBX phone systems so that users can transport audio signals across their IP networks. The VH20 easily links with any of ClearOne's Converge Pro products to create a complete audio conferencing system that can quickly be integrated with Cisco, Avaya and many other VoIP PBX phone systems for 100% interoperability. The Converge Pro VH20 delivers wideband audio for rich and crystal clear sound, provides guaranteed quality of service, and ensures full security with TLS, AES and SRTP encryption. These features combine to deliver the most advanced professional quality VoIP audio interface available on the market today.
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Ooma Expands Free Home Phone Services With Ooma Telo

ooma ooma Core Home Phone ServiceOoma announces that Ooma Telo is now available for purchase at more than 1,200 retail locations and leading online shopping destinations. Ooma Telo offers free, clear and reliable home phone service for consumers who are tired of being held hostage by legacy phone carrier contracts and monthly fees. Ooma Telo delivers free U.S. local and long distance calls over the Internet with a suite of sophisticated telephony features that enable unparalleled ease of use and exceptional affordability.
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Patton's Multi-FXS VoIP Gateway Router Cuts OpEx for Carriers and Service Providers

patton_logo.gifPatton is now taking orders for the SmartNode 4400 IpChannelBank Multi-Port FXS Analog VoIP Gateway Router for Telco carriers, service providers and enterprises. The low-cost SN4400 reduces operating expenses for Telco carriers and telephony service providers by streamlining network operation, administration and maintenance -- while preserving the overall calling experience of analog phone users.
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SPIRIT’s Wideband Voice Engine Powers snom’s Enterprise-Grade VoIP Phones

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgsnom has licensed SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit Voice Engine Embedded to ensure HD Audio (snom klarVOICE) in its advanced touch screen desktop IP-phone snom 870, successfully launched this July in the USA, and in subsequent products. Brand new snom 870 was designed for information-rich business activities and targeted at enterprise, as well as small and mid-sized businesses markets. ARM-based snom 870 is a fourth generation SIP phone with modern elegant design and extended multimedia capabilities. This “smart” end-user terminal features a number of carrier-supported business-crucial IP-services and applications, like HD Audio quality IP-telephony, Unified Communications and Customer Relationship Management.
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TalkSwitch IP PBXs Certified Interoperable with Titan Communications 'SIP Plus'

talkswitch_logo.gifTalkSwitch announces that its VoIP-enabled phone systems have been tested and approved for interoperability with the Titan Communications 'SIP Plus' SIP Trunking Service. Titan's SIP Plus SIP Trunking Service provides all the basics, including unlimited local calling, caller ID, directory listing, 911 service and local phone numbers. Additionally, small business customers benefit from virtually unlimited long distance (2000 minutes per month with every SIP trunk anywhere in the continental United States and Canada), along with virtual numbers, virtual local calling areas and unlimited phone numbers (DID).
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Grandstream Announces Availability of GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone

Grandstream Networks announces the general availability of the GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone, a new class of broadband IP multimedia phone that marries Web and social multimedia applications with free, real-time IP video and voice calling. The GXV3140 allows consumers and small to medium-size businesses to harness the power and cost-effectiveness of Voice-and-VoIP to make free video calls worldwide and to strengthen relationships with business colleagues/customers as well as family and friends. In addition, the always-on GXV3140 comes with an integrated web browser giving users one-touch access to personalized RSS feeds of real-time online information services (news updates, stock updates, weather forecasts, directory searches, etc.), thousands of Internet radio stations, social networking sites and popular streaming Internet entertainment sites like YouTube.
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VoIP Supply Named to the 2009 Inc. 5000 List for Third Year in a Row

VoIP Supply announces their selection to Inc. Magazine’s 28th annual list of America’s fastest growing private companies based on revenue growth of 55.7% from 2005 to 2008. The selection marks the third year in a row that VoIP Supply has appeared on this prestigious list.

“It’s always an incredible honor to be named to a list that contains the best and brightest companies in America,” stated Benjamin P. Sayers CEO of VoIP Supply, LLC. “This year’s selection is especially gratifying given the economic turmoil everyone experienced during 2008. The fact that VoIP Supply was once again named the Inc. 5000 with these factors in play is a testament to the hard work, dedication and team effort put forth each day by the entire VoIP Supply staff. I could not be more proud of everyone who has played a part in our continued success.”
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Junction Networks Decides to Test and Review SIP Phones

junction_networks_logo.gifSmall and medium-sized businesses often turn to hosted IP PBX services for rich features, multi-site convenience, zero maintenance and lower phone bills. Now they’ll have help picking the right phones. Junction Networks, makers of Hosted VoIP service OnSIP, has begun a review site where their engineering team will regularly post evaluations and the results of their independent, vigorous tests on SIP phones, soft phones and other user agents.
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FreedomVOICE Announces 2009 FreedomIQ VoIP Phone Buyer's Guide

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE released a premier VoIP phone buyer's guide for the FreedomIQ service. The guide will help decision makers select the best VoIP phone for their business.

“There are literally hundreds of VoIP phones to choose from,” says Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE. “This buyer’s guide lists our most popular phones and gives business owners the information they need to make an informed decision.”
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