SPIRIT’s Wideband Voice Engine Powers snom’s Enterprise-Grade VoIP Phones

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgsnom has licensed SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit Voice Engine Embedded to ensure HD Audio (snom klarVOICE) in its advanced touch screen desktop IP-phone snom 870, successfully launched this July in the USA, and in subsequent products. Brand new snom 870 was designed for information-rich business activities and targeted at enterprise, as well as small and mid-sized businesses markets. ARM-based snom 870 is a fourth generation SIP phone with modern elegant design and extended multimedia capabilities. This “smart” end-user terminal features a number of carrier-supported business-crucial IP-services and applications, like HD Audio quality IP-telephony, Unified Communications and Customer Relationship Management.

Recognized in the industry as the home of one of the most optimized and power-efficient audio and video processing solutions, SPIRIT brings HD Audio and Video to numerous innovative Internet-based services, endpoint terminals and chips by world leading carriers, OEMs, software and semiconductor vendors, including Adobe, ARM, AT&T, BT, China Telecom, Freescale, France Telecom, Huawei, iRiver, Korea Telecom, NTT, Oracle, Radvision, Samsung, Skype, RMI, STMicroelectronics, Tensilica, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, ZTE etc. SPIRIT Engines’ compliance with international quality standards and carriers’ requirements to communication terminals helped snom to pass multiple audio tests for narrowband and wideband speech at the Head Acoustics GmbH.

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