FreedomVOICE Recommends VoIP Expert Profiles to Follow on Twitter

Virtual Office Phone Service - Free 15 Day Trial!FreedomVOICE announces 25 VoIP and hosted VoIP experts to follow on Twitter. The list of VoIP and hosted VoIP experts can be found on the FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP Blog. VoIP and hosted VoIP experts abound on Twitter. But where do you turn to find these inspired few? You can try your luck on or other engines. You can dig through popular Twitter profile followers. Or, you can look at top Twitter profile lists.
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FreedomVOICE Announces New Blog and Nationwide Business Tip Contest

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE announced the launch of a nationwide contest to find the most valuable small business tip. FreedomVOICE will be holding the small business tip contest on the new FreedomVOICE Blog.

“The new FreedomVOICE Blog will be a vibrant area for company and industry news, discussion, and frequently asked questions,” says Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE. “But overall, the main purpose of the blog is to act as a resource for small businesses across the nation. We are holding this small business tip contest on the new FreedomVOICE Blog to open up the floor for constructive dialogue.”
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GigaOM Announces Mobilize LaunchPad Winners

GigaOM announces the winners of the Mobile LaunchPad, which recognizes the 10 best mobile startups of the year, at Mobilize 09. Find out after the jump the companies honored as LaunchPad winners for the best mobile startups.
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FreedomVOICE Announces 2009 FreedomIQ VoIP Phone Buyer's Guide

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE released a premier VoIP phone buyer's guide for the FreedomIQ service. The guide will help decision makers select the best VoIP phone for their business.

“There are literally hundreds of VoIP phones to choose from,” says Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE. “This buyer’s guide lists our most popular phones and gives business owners the information they need to make an informed decision.”
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FreedomIQ VoIP Blog Q&A - Hosted VoIP vs. Premise Based VoIP: The Honest Truth 3

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgIn last week’s segment of “Hosted VoIP vs. Premise Based VoIP: The Honest Truth,” David Byrd, VP of Marketing and Sales at Broadvox and Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE, provided valuable answers to questions on security, bandwidth, equipment, and costs.

This week, we bring you the final segment of the 3part series. Read the Q&A below to hear Byrd and Thomas respond to questions on SIP trunking, best practices for shopping an IP-PBX, the main benefits of the two technologies, and the best system for each business.
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FreedomIQ VoIP Blog Q&A - Hosted VoIP vs. Premise Based VoIP: The Honest Truth 2

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgIn last week’s segment of “Hosted VoIP vs. Premise Based VoIP: The Honest Truth,” David Bryd, VP of Marketing and Sales at Broadvox and Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE, address technical differences, common road blocks, and the issue of company size.

This week, the two VoIP industry leaders provide valuable answers to questions on security differences, bandwidth, equipment, and costs. One again, David Byrd will be representing premised based VoIP and Eric Thomas will be representing hosted VoIP.
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FreedomIQ VoIP Blog Q&A - Hosted VoIP vs. Premise Based VoIP: The Honest Truth

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE, creators of the FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX, announce that Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE, and David Byrd, VP of Sales and Marketing at Broadvox, have provided honest answers to tough questions on VoIP technology. The enlightening Q&A will be featured on the new FreedomIQ VoIP Blog.
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FreedomVOICE Connects with Customers Launching New Blog for FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX

freedom-iq-logo.jpgFreedomVOICE announces the launch of the brand new FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP Blog. The blog will act as a resource for the VoIP industry. FreedomVOICE feels that the FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX is the perfect product to be represented by a blog. Blogs are a tool for free expression, and this is something the company values as an integral part of their corporate culture.
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SecureLogix CTO Mark Collier to Lead VoIP Security Panel Discussion at Fall VoiceCon

securelogix_logo.gifSecureLogix's CTO and VP of Engineering Mark Collier will moderate a panel discussion of the current state of VoIP security risks at the VoiceCon San Francisco conference and exhibition. The conference is being held Nov. 10–13 at the Moscone North Convention Center in San Francisco. Collier is a telephony security expert and co-author of the book Hacking Exposed: VoIP. He is also the author of the widely read VoIP Security Blog.
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Packet8 Ad Shoots Down SunRocket

After hearing from Giga Om that Packet8 has been selected as the replacement VoIP service provider for SunRocket customers I immediately went to checkout Packet8's home page. Upon arrival I noticed their great little advertisement that you see here. I couldn't help but laugh and spread the word. You really get the warm fuzzy feeling that Packet8 has a lot of sympathy for SunRocket's implosion.

Just refresh to watch the entertaining animation again.
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SunRocket VoIP Provider Implodes Creating a Dash for its Customers

As many have already heard, SunRocket has ceased operations and closed its doors. Many VoIP bloggers have been hinting at this outcome since early June. Well now it seems the vultures are out as Tom Keating writes SunRocket ceases, Vonage fights for the scraps. Should we be surprised? Not really and Vonage isn't the only one going after SunRockets customer base as Nuvio is now accelerating number porting for SunRocket customers in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Having noticed a recent increase in VoIP provider press releases trying to win over SunRocket's customer base and get them signed up, it would appear the hyenas have shown up to fight for whatever remains.

We provide a list of VoIP providers and services that allows you to make your own decision on what VoIP provider will best suit your needs. We also invite visitors to comment about their own personal experiences in dealing with VoIP providers.
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Russell Shaw on ShoreTel's IPO

ShoreTel’s IPO should elevate their competitive posture in enterprise VoIP by ZDNet's Russell Shaw -- You may not have heard of ShoreTel, so some factoidness to get you started. I consider them a leader in the Enterprise VoIP space. ShoreTel 7 has some new features, including Programmable Toolbars that enable end users to execute telephony applications via the Personal Call Manager as well as the Contact Center. There’s also a new [...]
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VoIP Monitor Speed Linking for 6-04-2007

suitandtie.jpgIt's been awhile since I did some speed linking (link love) for the VoIP blogosphere. Soooo, here are some recent articles that caught my attention from some great VoIP bloggers.

Skype cuts SMS rates again [ ]

Vodafone Offering Lower Prices For Mobile Data--VoIP Is A Maybe [ ]

Court says VoIP companies must pay USF [ ]


Federal Appeals Court Ruled that VoIP Providers Must Pay USF Fees [ ]

Linksys WIP320 Review [ ]

Attackers targets VoIP [ ]

iPhone vs Nokia N95 [ ] also the iPhone release date is now 6/29/07 :(

Vonage VOIP to cost more? [ ]

Everpeace EP-880: This VoIP phone cannot be tapped [ ]
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VoIP Monitor Blogosphere News for 5-15-2007

I was just doing a little catching up around the VoIP blogosphere and came across many great articles. So without further a due let's get to the good stuff and let VoIP Monitor keep you in the loop.

Fellow writer and friend Garrett Smith shares his insight on why the Skype - WalMart Deal Will Be a Flop.

Chris Hansen save the UK! writes on, UK: Paedophiles use Skype to find and pursue likely targets. I think they meant Pedophiles, but I'd call them much worse.

VoIP Guide writes about a Jaduka hack to make free calls anywhere in the world in Best VOIP Solution for Free Calls.

I wanted to write on this article last week after I came across it over the Google newswire, however I simply ran out of time. The good news is has a great write up about it at Don't fall into the trap of VoIP Pyramid Scheme.

TheVOIPGirl shares Fring, Talkster, Nimbuzz and Barablu Reviewed.

And what would a VoIP blogosphere update be without the latest from Tom Keating? Well it just wouldn't as much fun, simple as that. Tom has a reminder of what summer fun used to be with a Slip 'n Slide and now the NEW Banzai Falls Twin Blast Rapids Waterslide. I couldn't help but think back to all the old neighborhood friends who broke bones on the WHAM-O Slip 'n Slide. Ahhh memories...

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