GigaOM Announces Mobilize LaunchPad Winners

GigaOM announces the winners of the Mobile LaunchPad, which recognizes the 10 best mobile startups of the year, at Mobilize 09. The companies honored as LaunchPad winners for the best mobile startups include:
  • Distimo - Analytic engine for all app storefronts
  • Glympse - Social updates of your location with universal location
  • IQ Engines - Auto labeling of images
  • Locle - Location services enabler for social apps
  • Metaio - Augmented reality platform for mobiles
  • Ondeego - Platform and storefront for enterprise apps
  • Pageonce - Real time travel plan management
  • SquareConnect - Your mobile as a remote control
  • Toktumi - Second number and PBX on your iPhone
  • Waze - Social mobile generated traffic updates
Candidates for Mobilize LaunchPad are chosen from several groups, including Mobile Web & Enterprise; Mobile Broadband; and Mobile Lifestyle Enabler Apps. To qualify, companies must have a sustainable business plan that attracts venture funding and be less than 18 months old.

"The competition for these awards was so intense that at one point we had 15 winners! It was quite a challenge to cut it down to 10." says Surj Patel, Mobilize 09 Conference Chair. "There is no doubt that these companies are amongst some of the brightest opportunities in the mobile space today, and we're proud to recognize them."

Winners will present their companies live on the Launchpad at Mobilize 09 on Sept. 10. The one-day conference, which is held in San Francisco, draws venture capitalists, investors and C-level executives from around the world.

Mobilize 09 will feature two keynote speakers: Dr. Sanjay K. Jha, Co-CEO of Motorola Inc. and CEO of Mobile Devices, who will present his first public address since joining the company; and Cole Brodman, CTO and Innovation Officer with T-Mobile. Leaders from more than 45 other top companies - including INQ, Qualcomm, HP, Intel, Cisco, Sony Ericsson, AT&T, Microsoft, and Dell - also appear in the lineup.

The cost of the conference is $545, with groups of five or more receiving discounted rates. For more information about Mobilize 09 or to purchase tickets, visit .

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