SolarWinds Introduces Free VoIP Management Tool - VoIP Call Detail Record Tracker

SolarWinds announces the release of SolarWinds VoIP Call Detail Record Tracker, a robust free tool to help IT pros manage VoIP with Call Detail Record tracking, and the only free tool of its kind in the VoIP management market that allows users to search and display CDRs.

SolarWinds determined the need among IT pros for a VoIP CDR Tracker free tool based on demand and discussion on thwack®, the SolarWinds community of over 100,000 IT pros that offers a space to request new products and features, as well as share insight and address IT management challenges.
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SolarWinds Strengthens VoIP Performance Monitoring and Proactive WAN Performance Analysis

SolarWinds announces the upcoming release of SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager, formerly known as SolarWinds IP SLA Manager, to help IT professionals maintain the highest level of VoIP network performance and voice quality.

SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager monitors the performance of individual VoIP calls by analyzing call quality metrics available within the call detail record and provides real-time alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded. Coupled with its proactive WAN performance analysis capability, VoIP & Network Quality Manager will allow IT pros to troubleshoot and solve VoIP problems faster and more effectively.

SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager can be deployed as a standalone product or fully integrated with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, offering IT pros the flexibility to target VoIP and WAN monitoring and troubleshooting or gain a unified view of network performance.
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Ingate Debuts Full Lineup of Software SIParator and Firewall E-SBCs

ingate_logo.gifIngate announces the Ingate Software SIParator and Ingate Software Firewall, new software-only versions of the company's Ingate SIParator and Ingate Firewall E-SBCs.

The Ingate Software SIParator/Firewall offers the same security and SIP-enabling functionality found in Ingate's hardware-based E-SBCs. The software can be installed on customers' own servers (or integrated with IP-PBXs or media gateways) or used as a virtualized application and all of Ingate's usual advanced modules can be added as required.

Available now, the Ingate Software SIParator/Firewall comes in a wide range of models to address the needs of small businesses and SMBs, large enterprises and everythi
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snom Introduces ONE IP PBX with Advanced Mobility Features

snom_logo.jpgsnom released a new version of its award-winning snom ONE IP PBX, adding advanced mobility capabilities that extend standard IP PBX calling features to employee mobile devices. The new release, introduced at ITEXPO East (Booth #512) in Miami, January 31 - February 3, also features new management and security features to more easily provision and integrate a businesses cell phone cell fleet with the snom ONE IP PBX.
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Digium and Open Source Community Release Asterisk 10 at AstriCon

digium_logo.gifDigium releases Asterisk 10. Asterisk is a communications platform that allows developers to create powerful business phone systems and unified communications solutions. Since its introduction 12 years ago, Asterisk has been used, free of charge, in nearly every country of the world to power telephone and other communications systems. It has been downloaded millions of times, including two million last year alone, establishing Asterisk as the most popular open source telephony engine.

The most important new feature in Asterisk 10 is its wide-band media engine. Digium has replaced Asterisk’s telephony-grade media engine with a more advanced one, providing support for studio-quality audio and a nearly unlimited number of codecs. By supporting high and ultra high-definition voice, Asterisk can now be used to power communications applications that would have otherwise required specialized or expensive equipment and service in order to convey nuances in speech or emotion. Digium has also updated Asterisk’s media support for Asterisk 10, with several new codecs, including Skype’s SILK codec, 32kHz Speex support and pass-through support for CELT.
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Global IP Telecommunications Releases Free Plug & Play Solution for VoIP Services that Enables VoIP Even in Restricted Networks

globaliptel_logo.gifGlobal IP Telecommunications releases a free plug & play software to supplement SIP VoIP services in order to make unobstructed telephony available at WIFI hotspots, in hotels and other restricted networks. The product SSC, "Simple SIP Channel," provides for unprecedented freedom in telephony. The actual VoIP service provider can be chosen freely.

The development took two years from concept to realization. The quality and speed of the data transport mechanism have been the focus of the tap-proof point-to-point encryption of voice data. SSC is freely available to every interested person from today. A Linux and Windows variant of the software can be downloaded from There is no limitation of use. SSC can be used with all Ninja Software Telephones from Global IP Telecommunications. Implementation of the relevant functionalities in third-party hardware and software is stipulated as well.
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Trisys Introduces Replay SIP

Trisys introduces Replay SIP, a scalable module of its popular Replay Call Recording solution that is easily added to IP-based telephony systems. As business adds IP phones to existing telephony systems in order to take advantage of cost efficiencies, access to phone application software is often lost or requires expensive upgrade. Now with Replay SIP business can freely add call recording functionality for less than $300 per phone. The small footprint, scalable product also moves Replay to the forefront of options for new, predominantly IP phone system sales.
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Twilio Launches VoIP Developer Toolkit for Millions of Web & Mobile Applications

Twilio announces the release of Twilio Client, a software toolkit for web, iOS, and Android development. With Twilio Client, mobile and web developers can now enable voice communications within any application by programmatically embedding two-way audio between their users on websites, inside web and mobile applications, and with traditional landline and office phones.

With Twilio Client, millions of web developers worldwide can now build Skype-like voice capabilities with Twilio’s scalable, reliable communications infrastructure-as-a-service. With just a few lines of code, web and mobile applications can host voice conversations, conference calls, and other forms of rich communication. Twilio Client works simultaneously across platforms, allowing web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets running iOS or Android to communicate seamlessly. The service also integrates with traditional phone service and SMS using Twilio’s existing web service APIs for making and receiving phone calls and text messages.
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Citel Announces Portico Telephone VoIP Adapter 5.00.0 Availability

Citel announced the immediate availability of the Portico TVA version 5.00.0, enabling businesses to deploy the award-winning Portico Telephone VoIP Adapter with the latest features and updates. Citel announced that the latest release has been successfully Beta tested and is an updated version of the previous release 4.01.0 – “Citel’s most robust and comprehensive set of new features for the Portico TVA to date.” The availability of the Portico TVA is obtainable on all newly manufactured Portico TVA units, with current systems being fully upgradeable in the field. Previous deployments of the TVA have proved beneficial in easing the transition to VoIP migration for companies such as the Florida Department of Health and the availability of version 5.00.0 will further drive the success ratio of Portico deployments when used to aid in the migration towards a VoIP environment.
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AnVoice VoIP Engine, Enhanced Voice Quality for Android VoIP Applications

Adaptive Digital releases the newest version of AnVoice software, a VoIP Engine for Android. This version includes enhanced voice quality features such as G.722 (wideband audio) with packet loss concealment and dynamic jitter buffer. AnVoice works in a wide variety of Android-based handsets, such as DROID by Motorola, DROID 2 by Motorola, DROID X by Motorola, Nexus One, and Samsung Galaxy in both handset and speakerphone modes.

AnVoice, Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine for the Android is a software package that provides voice to Android. It includes all of the voice processing necessary to VoIP-enable an Android application. The core of AnVoice is an Android native-layer application that includes a complete suite of Adaptive Digital’s field-proven telephony, VoIP, and voice quality enhancement algorithms that enable developers to create toll-quality next generation mobile applications for Android/ARM users. The VoIP Engine is supplied with a sample Java application that interfaces to the VoIP Engine native application. The sample application uses the AnVoice API, which in turn uses the Java Native Interface, to setup an RTP/IP to RTP/IP VoIP connection.
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CounterPath Releases Bria for iPad Version 1.0

counterpath_logo.jpgNearly one in four enterprises already use tablets, and by 2013, so will the majority of businesses, according to multiple analyst and vendor surveys of Chief Information Officers and IT managers. As this installed base grows, so does the opportunity for enterprises to leverage the tablet to minimize telephony costs while improving employee productivity and responsiveness.

To enable enterprises and mobile workers to capitalize on this trend, CounterPath announced the worldwide availability of Bria iPad Edition Version 1.0 via the Apple iTunes App Store. This standards-based, service agnostic softphone provides an intuitive user interface for making and receiving calls over a Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G mobile connection, making it the first universal endpoint for iPad.
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Digium Adds Fixed Mobile Convergence to Switchvox

Digium_logo2.jpgDigium introduces Switchvox 5.0, a new version that adds fixed mobile convergence and further integration with third-party business applications into its full-featured and cost-effective VoIP unified communications solution designed for small- to mid-sized businesses. The new release enhances Switchvox mobility to allow users to seamlessly integrate any type of phone with Switchvox. Users can select up to six phones of any type, including VoIP, digital, analog, smartphone or a soft phone, to converge with their Switchvox extension. The user can now route, record or transfer calls appropriately, at any location. Users of Switchvox SMB with active subscriptions can download version 5.0 to have access to these features at no cost.
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CounterPath Announces ITSP Partner Program for Mobile Softphones

counterpath_logo.jpgCounterPath has launched an online certification program for Internet Telephony Service Providers. The CounterPath ITSP Partner Program enables ITSPs to certify their service with CounterPath's mobile softphone, Bria iPhone Edition, and provide a pre-provisioned service option within the softphone client.

By participating in the ITSP Partner Program, ITSPs can provide their customers with a premier softphone option that is easy to activate and use. The program also helps ITSPs expand their market reach by leveraging the CounterPath softphone user base.
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Goober Networks Delivers SDK for VoIP and Video Applications

goober_logo.jpgGoober Networks announces the availability of VIVO Engine, a VoIP and video software development kit for real-time communication over IP. The SDK includes everything necessary for expanding applications with capabilities such as VoIP and video and includes SIP signaling software, which is the standard for real-time IP communications, as well as NAT/FW and video rendering.

Goober's VIVO Engine is available as a white-label turnkey solution to OEMs or as separate modules, which offers customers the flexibility to adapt to their specific design needs and provide unprecedented services to empower the offerings of social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and mySpace. One such customer, ICQ, is the pioneer of Instant Messaging with over 34 million global monthly users. ICQ belonged to AOL before and was sold to DST (now Group) in 2010.
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Unified Communications Finally Unified with New 3CX Phone System v10

3cx_logo.jpg3CX announces the availability of 3CX Phone System version 10. This new release includes a new user-friendly web-based app, 3CX MyPhone. Other PBX’s that include unified communications do not make features such as conferencing easily accessible for the end user. The new 3CX MyPhone portal makes it easier for users to take advantage of advanced unified communications and VoIP features by bringing conferencing, presence, transferring of calls and other rich features together in one easy to use application.
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