Nuvio Updates Hosted PBX VoIP Software

nuvio_logo.jpgNuvio Corporation is releasing an updated version of its popular hosted PBX system, nPBX. The year-long re-development effort is a complete rework of the previous system with increased stability, usability and features.

Along with the redesign of the system itself, the Web-based user interface for the nPBX system was also rebuilt with design focus revolving around usability. The new Web-portal features an intuitive way to interface with the new system for end-users, administrators as well as agents and wholesalers.
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Increase in VoIP Installs, Pushes Security Vendor to License vPurity Software

The explosive growth of the VoIP market, has compelled security vendors to look for solutions to harden VoIP installations for their clients. When Salare Security recently announced its vPurity solution to address VoIP security, one OEM Security vendor jumped at the opportunity to license it to protect its clients from the increasing security risks of VoIP that require mitigation.
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ManageEngine Upgrades VoIP Quality Monitoring Software

ManageEngine announces an update to its VoIP quality monitoring solution, VQManager, focused on meeting the management requirements of VoIP service providers. The latest release, VQManager 6.2, greatly improves on the application's existing VoIP packet processing capability, making it possible to support larger VoIP environments, monitoring up to 1000 simultaneous VoIP calls. And because larger environments are apt to have multiple operating systems, the new VQManager is designed to perform equally well on different versions and flavors of Windows and Linux operating systems.
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CounterPath and BroadSoft Announce Bria for BroadWorks Softphone

counterpath_logo.jpgCounterPath and BroadSoft announce Bria for BroadWorks, a softphone offered by CounterPath that interoperates seamlessly with BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform. Bria for BroadWorks is a feature rich, open standards-based softphone that combines VoIP and Video over IP, Instant Messaging, Short Message Service, and Presence capabilities in a customizable user interface.
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Telchemy Announces Enhanced Version of VoIP SQmediator Application

telchemy.jpgTelchemy announces Release 2.0 of the SQmediator advanced VoIP performance management application. SQmediator revolutionizes the management of Enterprise or Service Provider VoIP service quality, providing near real-time visibility of user-perceived quality and faster problem identification. SQmediator collects and analyzes call quality data from IP phones, routers and residential CPE, and the new powerful, intuitive user interface in Release 2.0 makes this rich performance and diagnostic data easy to navigate and actionable.
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Fonality Reports Record Downloads of its trixbox CE

fonalitylogosmall.jpgFonality announces high growth in the company’s commercial and open source business units. trixbox CE, Fonality’s open source project, in 2008 alone was downloaded a total of 2.8 million times, which includes 336,000 SourceForge downloads and an additional 2.48 million downloads and upgrades from On the commercial side, Fonality's trixbox Pro and PBXtra systems reached 44,000 deployments in over 125 countries delivering over 750 million calls using the company’s patent-pending hybrid-hosted architecture.
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FreedomVOICE Makes X-Lite v3.0 Softphone Available to All FreedomIQ Customers

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE announces the addition of the X-Lite 3.0 Softphone from CounterPath to the included features of their FreedomIQ hosted PBX offering. This lightweight software application allows users to place and receive calls from any computer with an IP network connection.

Once launched, the X-Lite softphone appears as a phone console on the user’s screen. The friendly interface allows users to dial outbound calls or receive inbound calls with the click of a mouse. Additional features include mute, three-way calling and do not disturb. FreedomIQ users can easily forward their calls to the softphone, providing an effortless way to accept calls on their computer when their VoIP phone is not available.
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NoiseFree Pro Provides Noise Cancellation for Windows VoIP and Soft Phone Apps

noisefree_logo.pngNoiseFree's new NoiseFree Pro for VoIP is now available for FREE user download. NoiseFree Pro is a new and improved version of NoiseFree VoIP which was introduced in 2007 and stimulated thousands of visits to the NoiseFree website. NoiseFree Pro provides VoIP users and mobile professionals with a unique and patent pending 'software only' solution that effectively cancels distracting and call disabling background noise regardless of the environment.
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ooVoo 2.0 Released

oovoo.jpgooVoo releases its newest version of high quality and face-to-face video chat service. ooVoo 2.0 continues to raise the standards for online video communication by introducing added free and premium priced features including: video chat rooms with no downloads necessary to use, improved friend search capabilities, and enhanced functionality to connect globally with family, friends and colleagues. ooVoo's popular video calls -- more than 1 million+ video calls are conducted monthly on its platform -- are as easy as a phone call, compatible with PC and MAC and work with a range of webcams.
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Unicoi Systems Releases Fusion SIP v5.0 for Secure VoIP Telephony

Unicoi Systems announces the release of Fusion SIP version 5.0 for secure VoIP telephony. With this release, Fusion SIP now supports SIP over TCP/IP and secure SIP or SIPS. SIP is one of the signaling protocols most commonly used in VoIP telecommunications. SIPS is the security-enhanced implementation of SIP. Fusion SIPS provides secure SIP for telecommunications by allowing an IP telephone to encrypt all data transmissions between a SIP Proxy and the phone. Encrypting SIP transmissions is vital as more and more users move from POTS to the Internet alternative, VoIP.
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Digium and Braxtel Announce Software Partnership

text-partnership.jpgBraxtel Communications has become a Digium Software Partner. As a partner, Braxtel will be able to offer its powerful open source Contact Q contact center solution to small-to mid-sized businesses via Digium’s extensive base of channel partners.

Braxtel created the Contact Q contact center software by building on experience gained from developing its established offering, the Fluency Communications Suite. In addition to world-class contact center software, Braxtel delivers installation and support services to its business partners worldwide. The company has over 12 years of experience implementing automated call distributor, interactive voice response, call recording and dialer applications and has long worked with traditional PBX vendors such as Avaya, Cisco and Nortel.
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fring Launches Add-on

fring_logo2.jpgfring announces the launch of the music radio add-on. Millions of fringsters will now be able to launch fring’s specially mobile-optimised version of inside the fring client, enabling them to tune and listen to streamed music radio channels, including their own library, tag favourites or ban disliked tracks, view album artwork and take their music account mobile.
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FreedomVOICE Improves Outlook Integration for FreedomIQ Hosted PBX

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE Systems released their FreedomIQ Dialer, a new and improved contact dialing add-in for Microsoft Outlook. This add-in is compatible with their FreedomIQ hosted VoIP PBX and provides users with an easy way to reach contacts without having to dial a phone number.

What differentiates FreedomIQ Dialer from many other contact dialing add-ins is the ability to automatically connect with a wireless headset. Users with such headsets can select the number to dial and immediately hear the outbound call being placed.
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ManageEngine's OpManager Receives VoIP Service Level Monitoring

ManageEngine announces the availability of the OpManager VoIP Monitor Module. Offering seamless integration with OpManager, the VoIP Monitor Module leverages Cisco IP Service Level Agreement technology to monitor and report on key VoIP service performance metrics.

With the VoIP Monitor Module, OpManager extends its fault and performance management capabilities across VoIP infrastructures, providing administrators with a single, unified console, for complete visibility into performance of both data and voice networks, in local area and wide area networks. The VoIP Monitor dashboard features in-depth bandwidth utilization graphing to facilitate quick troubleshooting of VoIP performance problems.
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snom and Camrivox Offer Free VoIP Integration with Microsoft Outlook

snom_logo.jpgsnom and Camrivox are now offering the snom Flexor CTI software for Microsoft Outlook as a free download. snom Flexor CTI enables users of snom's 3xx series and snom 820 VoIP telephones to integrate their telephony, simply and conveniently, with Outlook. All the advantages of integration, such as click-to-dial, contact screen pop-ups and call logs, are now available to users completely free and without any time limit. Once the snom Flexor CTI software is downloaded onto a user's desktop it automatically integrates the snom telephone with Microsoft Outlook. snom Flexor CTI software requires no additional servers or external IT support making it an ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses to manage high call rates and increase productivity.
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