Digium and Braxtel Announce Software Partnership

text-partnership.jpgBraxtel Communications has become a Digium Software Partner. As a partner, Braxtel will be able to offer its powerful open source Contact Q contact center solution to small- to mid-sized businesses via Digium’s extensive base of channel partners.

Braxtel created the Contact Q contact center software by building on experience gained from developing its established offering, the Fluency Communications Suite. In addition to world-class contact center software, Braxtel delivers installation and support services to its business partners worldwide. The company has over 12 years of experience implementing automated call distributor, interactive voice response, call recording and dialer applications and has long worked with traditional PBX vendors such as Avaya, Cisco and Nortel.

Digium is the creator and driving force behind Asterisk, the open source voice communications software deployed by millions of servers worldwide to manage VoIP calls for businesses and individuals. More resellers, telecom professionals and software developers choose Digium’s products than those of any other open source telephony company because only Digium delivers the technical superiority, security and flexibility associated with Asterisk. Asterisk powers Digium’s family of software and hardware appliances, including AsteriskNOW, Asterisk Business Edition and Switchvox.

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