Global IP Telecommunications Releases Free Plug & Play Solution for VoIP Services that Enables VoIP Even in Restricted Networks

globaliptel_logo.gifGlobal IP Telecommunications releases a free plug & play software to supplement SIP VoIP services in order to make unobstructed telephony available at WIFI hotspots, in hotels and other restricted networks. The product SSC, "Simple SIP Channel," provides for unprecedented freedom in telephony. The actual VoIP service provider can be chosen freely.

The development took two years from concept to realization. The quality and speed of the data transport mechanism have been the focus of the tap-proof point-to-point encryption of voice data. SSC is freely available to every interested person from today. A Linux and Windows variant of the software can be downloaded from There is no limitation of use. SSC can be used with all Ninja Software Telephones from Global IP Telecommunications. Implementation of the relevant functionalities in third-party hardware and software is stipulated as well.

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