Cell Wireless Corp. Delivers VoIP Software

Cell Wireless Corp. announced the international launch of the company's CW VoIP software technology.

John Bohringer, CEO and president of Cell Wireless Corp., said, "CW VoIP is an extremely exciting development for consumers with unlimited potential in the coming years. This will introduce new profit centers by increasing new memberships to Cell Wireless and will allow the company to receive new extra call charges income from PC to landlines or cellular phones.

"The company will provide the CW VoIP software free of charge to all 80,000 existing members and to all new members on Monday, Sept. 19, 2005. This new VoIP state-of-the-art technology allows all members to make PC-to-PC calls anywhere in the world to any other Cell Wireless member free of charge using an Internet connection to make calls rather than using the traditional telephone network," explained Bohringer.
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Applebee's Network Going High-Speed, Does This Mean Faster Service?

AT&T announced that it has won a three-year, $1.5 million networking contract from Thomas & King Inc., a franchisee of more than 85 Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar and Johnny Carino's restaurants in Kentucky, Ohio and Arizona.

Under the terms of the agreement, AT&T will provide an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) connecting Thomas & King's headquartersand 85-plus restaurants with increased bandwidth and faster speeds. The solution uses Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, enabling Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and class of service with priority queuing for business applications.
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How Exposed is VoIP Security? VON Fall 2005 Will Tell

SecurityLab Technologies Inc., provider of enterprise security management products and consulting services, today announced that the company's CTO, Ejovi Nuwere, will speak at the upcoming VON Fall 2005 conference and expo. Nuwere will present the company's recent research into VoIP security flaws and explain how these flaws can be used to attack enterprise networks via VoIP technology and services.

"When it comes to VoIP security it's like 1999," says Nuwere. "Vendors blithely assume that attackers won't want to or won't be able to exploit their products. But as we all now know, if technology harbors a vulnerability it will eventually be exploited. This presentation is meant to serve as a wake up call."

Among the VoIP vulnerabilities Nuwere will discuss in his "How Vulnerable is VoIP?" presentation are those that, if exploited by an attacker, could cause VoIP gateway servers to suffer from Denial of Service attacks or give an attacker full control of the victims VoIP gateway or desktop.
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'WHISPER' VoIP Gateway to Begin Shipments

DTECH LABS and Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (N.E.T.) announced that DTECH LABS has begun shipments of its WHISPER900 Mobile VoIP Gateway product to multiple customers in government and military organizations. The WHISPER900 is a very small and light yet feature-rich VoIP product that utilizes the N.E.T. SHOUT IP software architecture. Its deployment is a key indicator of the shift towards secure VoIP implementations -- especially for VIP and executive travel teams that are now beginning to rely upon IP technology for everyday and emergency communications.

To date, the WHISPER900 has been deployed in several operational scenarios, both domestic and international, for fixed locations as well as "mobile in-use" applications supporting both standard and emergency-on-demand communications scenarios.
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VoIP Books

VoIP For Dummies

by Timothy V. Kelly, Don Peterson

Book Description

Put your phone system on your computer network and see the savings

See how to get started with VoIP, how it works, and why it saves you money

VoIP is techspeak for "voice over Internet protocol," but it could spell "saving big bucks" for your business! Here's where to get the scoop in plain English. Find out how VoIP can save you money, how voice communication travels online, and how to choose the best way to integrate your phone system with your network at home or at the office.

Discover how to
  • Use VoIP for your business or home phone service
  • Choose the best network type
  • Set up VoIP on a wireless network
  • Understand transports and services
  • Demonstrate VoIP's advantages to management

Switching to VoIP

by Theodore Wallingford

Book Description

More and more businesses today have their receive phone servicethrough Internet instead of local phone company lines. Manybusinesses are also using their internal local and wide-areanetwork infrastructure to replace legacy enterprise telephonenetworks. This migration to a single network carrying voice anddata is called convergence, and it's revolutionizing the world oftelecommunications by slashing costs and empowering users. Thetechnology of families driving this convergence is called VoIP, orVoice over IP.

VoIP has advanced Internet-based telephony a viable solution,piquing the interest of companies small and large. The primaryreason for migrating to VoIP is cost, as it equalizes the costs oflong distance calls, local calls, and e-mails to fractions of apenny per use. But the real enterprise turn-on is how VoIP empowersbusinesses to mold and customize telecom and datacom solutionsusing a single, cohesive networking platform. These businessdrivers are so compelling that legacy telephony is going the way ofthe dinosaur, yielding to Voice over IP as the dominant enterprisecommunications paradigm.

Developed from real-world experience by a senior developer,O'Reilly's Switching to VoIP provides solutions for the mostcommon VoIP migration challenges. So if you're a networkprofessional who is migrating from a traditional telephony systemto a modern, feature-rich network, this book is a must-have. You'lldiscover the strengths and weaknesses of circuit-switched andpacket-switched networks, how VoIP systems impact networkinfrastructure, as well as solutions for common challenges involvedwith IP voice migrations. Among the challenges discussed andprojects presented:
  • building a softPBX
  • configuring IP phones
  • ensuring quality of service
  • scalability
  • standards-compliance
  • topological considerations
  • coordinating a complete system ?switchover?
  • migrating applications like voicemail and directoryservices
  • retro-interfacing to traditional telephony
  • supporting mobile users
  • security and survivability
  • dealing with the challenges of NAT
To help you grasp the core principles at work, Switching toVoIP uses a combination of strategy and hands-on "how-to" thatintroduce VoIP routers and media gateways, various makes of IPtelephone equipment, legacy analog phones, IPTables and Linuxfirewalls, and the Asterisk open source PBX software by Digium.You'll learn how to build an IP-based or legacy-compatible phonesystem and voicemail system complete with e-mail integration whilebecoming familiar with VoIP protocols and devices. Switching toVoIP remains vendor-neutral and advocates standards, notbrands. Some of the standards explored include:
  • SIP
  • H.323, SCCP, and IAX
  • Voice codecs
  • 802.3af
  • Type of Service, IP precedence, DiffServ, and RSVP
  • 802.1a/b/g WLAN
If VoIP has your attention, like so many others, then Switchingto VoIP will help you build your own system, install it, and beginmaking calls. It's the only thing left between you and a moderntelecom network.

Voice over IP Fundamentals

Book Description

A systematic approach to understanding the basics of Voice over IP
  • Understand the basics of PSTN services and IP signaling protocols, including SS7
  • Learn how VoIP can run the same applications as the existing telephony system, but in a more cost-efficient and scalable manner
  • Delve into such VoIP topics as jitter, latency, packet loss, codecs, quality of service tools, and mean opinion scores
  • Learn about the functional components involved in using Cisco gateways to deploy VoIP networks
Voice over IP (VoIP), which integrates voice and data transmission, is quickly becoming an important factor in network communications. It promises lower operational costs, greater flexibility, and a variety of enhanced applications. Voice over IP Fundamentals provides a thorough introduction to this new technology to help experts in both the data and telephone industries plan for the new networks.

You will learn how the telephony infrastructure was built and how it works today, the major concepts concerning voice and data networking, transmission of voice over data, and IP signaling protocols used to interwork with current telephony systems. The authors cover various benefits and applications of VoIP and how to ensure good voice quality in your network.

This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

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VoIP Software


Cost: Free

SkypeSkype is a proprietary peer-to-peer internet telephony (VoIP) network, founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the creators of KaZaA. The Skype Group is headquartered in Luxembourg with offices also in London and Tallinn.

The system has a generally favorable reputation for working across different types of network connections (including firewalls and NAT) because voice packets are routed by the combined users of the free desktop software application.

The basic computer-to-computer service allows users to speak, to send instant messages or to send files to one another from their computers via the Internet at no cost. Conferences of up to five users are supported.

SkypeOut is a paid feature of the Skype internet telephony service, which allows Skype users to call virtually any non-computer-based landline or mobile telephone in the world.

SkypeIn allows Skype users to receive calls on their computers dialed by regular phone subscribers to regular phone numbers. Beta released on March 10, 2005, SkypeIn permits users to subscribe to numbers in UK, USA, France, Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Poland. Cost is €30 for a 12-month subscription, or €10 for a three-month subscription. Users can have multiple SkypeIn phone numbers bound to the same account (a separate subscription is required for each). For example, someone who does business in both San Francisco and Helsinki could create a local telephone number in each city, and callers from those locations would pay cheap or free local rates.

On September 12, 2005 eBay announced its plan to acquire the company for $US 2.6 billion, plus an additional 1.5 billion in rewards if goals are met by 2008. eBay will pay half in cash and half in stock options.

Wikipedia information about Skype
This content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Skype".

Google Talk

Cost: Free

Google TalkGoogle Talk is a service developed by Google for instant messaging (IM) that also allows for PC to PC audio conversations. Google Talk beta was released on August 24, 2005 and consists of both a service and a client used to connect to the service. Unlike some other instant messaging services, Google Talk uses an open protocol (Jabber) for the IM part and it encourages the use of clients other than their own in connecting to the Google Talk service.

As of the launch date, the Google Talk client is available only for Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003); users of other operating systems are provided with instructions for various popular Jabber clients, such as Psi or Miranda IM for Microsoft Windows and below, iChat or Adium for Mac OS X and Gaim for Linux. However, any program capable of using the Jabber protocol is sufficient, although the voice over IP service only works with the Google client. Google claims they will release a specification for the voice extension in the near future.

Wikipedia information about Google Talk
This content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Google Talk".


Cost: Free

GnomeMeetingGnomeMeeting is an open source VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME. It is based on the OpenH323 library and primarily uses the H.323 protocol, although support for SIP is in development. It supports many audio and video codecs, and is interoperable with Microsoft NetMeeting.

GnomeMeeting was written by Damien Sandras in order to graduate from the Université catholique de Louvain.

Wikipedia information about GnomeMeeting
This content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "GnomeMeeting".


Cost: Free

ineenineen is a VoIP network that allows free IP Telephony calls. ineen has a laundry list of features which include voice, video, conferencing, distributed conferencing, speakerphone, call transfer, and instant messaging. Unlike other software, ineen took the approach of an interface that models a normal phone.

The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Pocket PC.


Cost: Free

Jajah is a proprietary peer-to-peer internet telephony (VoIP) softphone. With Jajah you can speak to other Jajah-, SIP-, IAX- or Skype-users for free.

Jajah offers free VoIP-communication, including internet calls, video calls, live chat, text messages, call forwarding and telephone conferences.

To call a landline or mobile phone worldwide you'll have to top up your credit at their website. Receiving calls from traditional phones is not yet possible but planned.

Wikipedia information about Jajah
This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Jajah".

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'Fierce 15' Companies of 2005 Announced by FierceVoIP

FierceVoIP announced its "Fierce 15" list of the top emerging VoIP companies of 2005. This year's winners include cutting-edge businesses from across the globe whose innovative technologies are redefining the VoIP industry. Some of the winning innovations include mobile solutions, breakthroughs in network monitoring, and an advance in internet phone services.

FierceVoIP, an internationally recognized email newsletter for the VoIP industry, evaluated hundreds of emerging IP telephony firms based on the quality of their technology and management teams and their potential for exciting new partnerships, additional funding, and IPOs.

The Fierce 15 celebrates the spirit of being "fierce" - championing innovation and creativity, even in the face of intense competition.
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Motive to Display VoIP Technology at Von Fall 2005 Conference & Expo

Motive, Inc. announced that it will demonstrate new Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) management technology with 3Com Corporation during the VON Fall 2005 Conference & Expo in Boston on September 19-22, 2005. The demonstration will feature Motive's intelligent automation software integrated with the 3Com managed VoIP solution to streamline the entire VoIP service lifecycle from service activation to support, through ongoing monitoring and updating.

Motive and 3Com will show how this automation can significantly reduce costs for providers, accelerate their time to market with new VoIP offerings, and greatly simplify the user experience for businesses.

According to a recent forecast from AMI Partners, worldwide SMB VoIP revenues will increase from $1.2 billion in 2004 to $4.5 billion in 2008. As the adoption of VoIP continues to grow, so does the cost and complexity of delivering and supporting managed services.
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VoIP Chip for Analog Telephone Adapters Launched by AudioCodes

AudioCodes, a leading provider of Voice over Packet (VoP) technologies and Voice Network products, Jungo Ltd., a leading provider of residential, SOHO and SMB gateways software and Legerity, the "V" in VoIP!, announced the release of a new VoIP chip with fully integrated software and hardware reference design called Tulip AC494 ATA, targeted at Original Equipment Manufacturer's and Original Design Manufacturer's, designers of Analog Telephony Adapters and Broadband Access devices (xDSL, cable, wireless, FTTH) seeking to add VoIP capabilities to their products. The Tulip AC494 ATA allows vendors to effectively improve their time-to-market, while minimizing their development risk, by utilizing AudioCodes' and Jungo's significant experience in voice and data applications and Legerity's versatile VE880 VoicePort Series.
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VisiFone VoIP Subscribers Get ABC News Now

ViseonMedia, a subsidiary of Viseon, Inc. and exclusive source of TV-quality interactive programming to VisiFone Multimedia digital home telephones, today announced that ABC News Now has agreed to provide content in a VisiFone consumer pilot slated for 2006. ViseonMedia will receive selected programming from ABC News Now and will format and broadcast to VisiFone installed homes throughout the United States. The addition of ABC News Now further validates the concept of VisiFone as a platform or "third screen" for real-time interaction between "mass media" and the consumers using a VisiFone multimedia display for fully interactive video and digital audio without the complexities of a personal computer.

"ABC News is a leading provider of tailored multimedia news including 24-hour news channel ABC News Now, plus video-on-demand reports from all ABC News broadcasts," said Bernard Gershon, General Manager of ABC News Now. "We continually strive to test and distribute our all-digital suite of news content on innovative multiple media platforms such as the VisiFone."
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BridgePort Networks and China Unicom Test MobileVoIP

BridgePort Networks, the leader in MobileVoIP convergence, and China Unicom, China's second largest mobile operator and the third largest in the world, announced today that technical trials of BridgePort Networks' MobileVoIP convergence solution are underway by China Unicom Telecommunications Corporation's Guangdong Branch.

China Unicom's Guangdong branch will test a Mobile/IP convergence, single identity service, that could ultimately target more than 100 million subscribers through the use of a cellular phone, PC based VoIP soft client, fixed SIP phone, analog telephone adapter and/or dual mode cellular/Wi-Fi mobile phone.

The trial uses BridgePort Networks' open standards based NomadicONE Network Convergence Gateway (NCG) to seamlessly converge China Unicom Guangdong Branch's cellular network with VoIP delivered over their broadband fiber backbone and access networks.
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Mindspeed Launches VoIP Open-Source Software

Mindspeed Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, today announced its OpenMind development program that enables voice-over-IP (VoIP) system designers to gain a competitive advantage by combining the company's Comcerto processors with open-source applications and other products and design services from its growing network of third-party companies. Mindspeed's OpenMind program provides customers with a broad range of development choices to increase design flexibility and accelerate their time to market. The company will demonstrate OpenMind solutions in booth 402 at the Fall VON 2005 Conference & Expo, Sept. 19-22, at the Boston Convention Center.
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COO, Richard Simons of MGB Discusses Their VoIP Management Solutions

MBG, a leading telecom expense management solutions provider, announced the expansion of its VoIP management offering beyond providing normalized Call Detail Records (CDR). These new services include inventory capabilities that assign ownership and track usage by employee regardless of the VoIP platform, along with backup and recovery services. All of these VoIP management solutions are aimed at providing organizations with an efficient and cost-effective method for chargeback identical to those that traditional telephony systems provide.

VoIP systems typically do not provide the same level of standardized call detail essential to manage, report, and charge back for those services. Even when it is possible to capture some VoIP data, companies are finding that it is complex and difficult to normalize before incorporating the information for analysis.
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College Students Connect in Real Time Thanks to IPcelerate and AIM

As part of their ongoing commitment to connecting communities of online users, IPcelerate, Inc. and America Online, Inc. today announced that they have teamed to weave the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service directly into IPcelerate's MyNORA Virtual Student Union, making it easy for college students to connect with friends and family in real time.

IPcelerate's MyNORA Virtual Student Union a SIP-based digital dashboard and softphone for the college and university market that brings together voice, video, data and collaboration capabilities will integrate the AIM service and AIM 'presence' information to make it easy for students to see when AIM Buddies are online and available to chat. Integrating the AIM service into the MyNORA VSU gives students direct access to the more than 41 million Americans on the AIM network, one the largest online communities in the world.
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A Glance at Wireless Existence in the United States

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Wireless Living in the United States to their offering.

A growing number of personal computing and consumer electronic devices traditionally require wires to connect with other devices in order to exchange data. An assortment of devices such as digital camcorders, DVD players, mobile communications products and high-definition TVs (HDTV) have all depended on this wire-bound technology. However, wireless technology is poised to help consumers eliminate the wires, allowing them a higher degree of flexibility and convenience in their homes and lives.
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