A Glance at Wireless Existence in the United States

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Wireless Living in the United States to their offering.

A growing number of personal computing and consumer electronic devices traditionally require wires to connect with other devices in order to exchange data. An assortment of devices such as digital camcorders, DVD players, mobile communications products and high-definition TVs (HDTV) have all depended on this wire-bound technology. However, wireless technology is poised to help consumers eliminate the wires, allowing them a higher degree of flexibility and convenience in their homes and lives.

This report captures the dynamics of wireless product usage in homes by U.S. consumers. While the range of wireless products is massive, it focuses on products most relevant to what is referred to for this report as "wireless living." At the core of this product group are highly penetrated devices such as cordless phones and universal remote. However, a wide variety of products such as Wi-Fi networking equipment and wireless VoIP handsets are examined. All of these devices allow consumers to cut the cords, save time and find wireless solutions in their homes.

On a broad level, the realm of wireless living includes three system types that can be deployed in the home--many of these include devices which may be interconnected. This report examines the current and future market for wireless devices within the context of these three home networks:

  • The home computing network (connects PCs, laptops and other devices)
  • The home entertainment network (includes media centers, TVs, audio systems and gaming devices)
  • The general household network, (includes emerging technologies such as VoIP telephones, networked appliances and home security systems)
The wireless living market includes an assortment of wireless devices used in the home context and covers usage of cellular phones as the primary house phone only.

The wireless home market also includes hardware based on wireless standards such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and used to connect computers, computing devices, home entertainment components, household appliances and resources such as DSL or broadband connections, cable, satellite or voice over IP services that utilize wireless technologies to connect within the home.

Product categories covered by the definition used in this report include:

  • cordless phones (not cellular)
  • wireless home networks or Internet routers
  • wireless media centers for audio or video entertainment
  • wireless headphones
  • wireless speakers
  • wireless televisions
  • wireless intercoms
  • wireless security cameras, door or window monitoring devices
  • satellite television
  • wireless controllers or other device for gaming system
  • VoIP telephone or Internet telephones
  • universal remote controls
Companies mentioned:
  • Cisco-Linksys
  • D-Link
  • Netgear
  • Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
  • Sony Corporation
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Motorola
  • X10
  • Smarthome
For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c24173

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