Telappliant Surveys Shows Businesses will Stick with VoIP After Making the Switch from Landlines

Telappliant released findings from a new survey that reveals businesses stay with VoIP telephony once they make the switch from traditional landlines.

The study, which interviewed 175 UK businesses from a variety of industries, showed that 63 per cent of businesses have successfully been using VoIP telephony for three or more years. A further 15 per cent of businesses have been using VoIP between one to two years, and 22 per cent less than a year.

The primary business drivers for switching to VoIP include the need to reduce communications costs (70 per cent), enable staff remote working (37 per cent), improve operational efficiencies (33 per cent) and to improve customer care and call centre support (15 per cent). These findings are supported by an independent survey carried out earlier this year. The new study also revealed that an increasing number of businesses (16 per cent) wanted more flexible telephone numbering, such as 0800 Freephone numbers and the ability to choose a geographic phone number outside of their local area code.

Cost reduction clearly remains a key focus for many businesses and this was reflected in the audit, with 83 per cent of respondents experiencing savings of at least 10% after implementing VoIP, with many achieving far greater reductions. The survey showed that almost a quarter of businesses (23 per cent) were saving more than 60% of their annual telephony costs. Almost a third of businesses (27 per cent) were saving between 41% - 60%, whilst over a third of businesses (33 per cent) were saving between 10% - 40%.

Summary of key findings of the Telappliant VoIP survey:
  • VoIP telephony has staying power: 63 per cent of businesses audited have been using VoIP telephony for three years or more; 15 per cent of businesses have been using VoIP for one to two years.
  • There are many reasons to switch: In addition to reducing communication costs and improving operational efficiencies, businesses are also benefitting from the ability to improve their customer service levels and offer Freephone and local telephone numbers in a variety of locations.
  • Quantifiable savings can't be ignored: A third of businesses said they were saving an average of 10% - 40% on annual telephony bills, a further third said that they were saving between 41 - 60%, and 23 per cent of businesses said that they were saving over 60% a year by using VoIP. In all, 83% of respondents saved at least 10% by switching.
  • Advice offered by businesses to new comers: Amongst the businesses that were surveyed, three key tips were offered to businesses considering the VoIP switch. First, "select your VoIP provider carefully" (31 per cent); then "ensure your broadband service is VoIP ready" (29 per cent); and "trial a pilot first" (22 per cent).
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