3CX and snom Team Up to Deliver Advanced Unified Communications Solution

3cx_logo.jpg3CX announces a strategic partnership to provide increased flexibility for organizations using snom phones with 3CX Phone System.

This partnership between two prominent European technology companies merges the best of breed PBX and IP phone technologies to provide diverse businesses and institutions with a complete phone system solution. snom phones are easy to deploy, as they are fully supported for plug and play provisioning, and all snom phone features, such as direct dial and call recording, are available with 3CX Phone System.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this strategic new partnership, which allows us to offer our joint customers a more advanced unified communications solution that combines best of breed IP Phone and PBX technology," said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO. "Both snom and 3CX can now innovate faster, and offer a more advanced and better integrated telephony platform. This will benefit our customers and partners, and allow 3CX to accelerate its growth."
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VoIP Innovations Launches Private Label Service for VoIP Resellers

voipinnovations_logo.jpgThe VoIP industry has become very popular over the past few years. However the opportunity to sell VoIP services has been limited to those who can run a switch and have the technical knowledge to do so. VoIP Innovations is hoping to change that by providing an entry-level platform designed for entrepreneurs with limited technical knowledge.

VoIP Innovations is announcing the official launch of Titanium III Private Label service for VoIP resellers. This solution enables resellers to quickly and inexpensively capitalize on the booming VoIP business. Titanium Private Label allows resellers to brand, market, and sell residential and business VoIP services as their own. Resellers can choose to sell VoIP Lines, Sip Trunks, or Hosted PBX service through a web-based platform. This service permits resellers to fully manage their business through the cloud and avoid the need to run their own switch.
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PCN Introduces UltraEdge VoIP System for Any Grade Legacy Copper

PCN announces the introduction and availability of its UltraEdge system for rapid cost effective deployment of VoIP and Unified Communication data networks.

With a single Ethernet connection to access the Internet or outside data networks, the UltraEdge system requires limited IT knowledge for installation and enables access and transport for IP device connectivity at every edge. Using any grade copper the UltraEdge VoIP system easily interfaces to existing junction boxes, legacy PBX consoles, or other wiring infrastructure already in place.

Providing maximum capabilities and feature rich applications, the system is a true IP networked solution leveraging PCN's high-performance 19" Rack Mount Multi-Channel Server (PCN3485-MCS4) for 10/100 IP transport to every UltraEdge module (PCN3485-SCC1) which enables access for VoIP enabled phones or other devices. Unlike media converters, each UltraEdge module is a true Ethernet switch where each end point has access for up to three Ethernet RJ45 ports.
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Inflow Communications Expands VoIP Business Phone System and HD Video Conferencing Coverage in San Francisco

Inflow Communications has expanded its consultation, installation and follow-up support services with the acquisition of San Francisco VoIP phone system provider, Ketchum Integration.

Inflow’s expanded service offering builds on the core competencies of both companies. Ketchum Integration provides single and multi-site VoIP installation. Inflow Communications has been a provider of strategic consultative services and installation of ShoreTel VoIP business phone systems and HD video conferencing with Unified Communications integration since 1997. The new San Francisco location joins Inflow Communications’ other offices in Oregon and Washington.

“Our new partnership with Ketchum is very exciting for us,” says Inflow Communications President Travis Dillard. “With this expansion, we have improved our ability to service customers in and around San Francisco and ensure they receive the same level of support our customers in Portland and Seattle enjoy.”
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Voxbone Global DID Numbers Enhance Aculab Cloud Platform

voxbone_logo2.jpgVoxbone announces it is providing international direct inward dial numbers to Aculab for Aculab Cloud, a true cloud-based platform that makes it easy for developers to create on-demand automated telephony applications that make, receive and interact with calls.

Aculab selected Voxbone because the company’s VoxDID service enables Aculab to easily enhance its services with instant provisioning through Voxbone’s convenient application programming interface solution. Voxbone maintains a supply of geographic and national phone numbers for incoming communications from more than 50 countries and 4,000 cities.

Aculab Cloud enables functions including transferring calls, playing messages, mixing calls together in a conference, playing text-to-speech prompts/messages, analyzing call progress, detecting answering machines, queuing calls, and making thousands of simultaneous outbound calls.
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Mobotix Adds VoIP Supply to Global Partner Network

Shopping around for IP surveillance cameras is one thing but, deciding which one of those thousands of cameras is the right fit and will actually perform as advertised is quite another thing.

That's why, for those customers that need trustworthy help to make the best decision, we're happy to announce that the Mobotix Global Partner Network now includes VoIP Supply as a Registered Mobotix Partner.

Not just a fancy title, what a Registered Mobotix Partner means for customers is:
  • Customers receive combined attention because as a Partner, VoIP Supply receives additional high-performance support from Mobotix to design a solution.
  • Customers are assured that VoIP Supply is fully trained to support them because Partner level status requires that we attend certification seminars.
  • To offer the highest level of help to customers, VoIP Supply has to help itself by investing a high level of commitment to the Partner Program. For example, VoIP Supply is required to have demonstration products on hand so that our people know how to use Mobotix equipment.
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Broadvox Meets Increased Demand for SIP Trunking

Broadvox_Logo.gifBroadvox announces an extension of an aggressive new promotion for its commercial SIP Trunking service. Broadvox guarantees a free 5-day installation period to turn up service on its industry leading SIP Trunks plus a 20% discount off the price of each line.

SIP Trunking saves businesses up to 70% over the cost of traditional PRIs or analog phone lines. By combining voice and data over a single broadband circuit, SIP Trunking allows customers to use broadband more efficiently and guarantees that customers buy just what they need rather than being forced to purchase a 23-channel PRI. SIP Trunking is extremely scalable so companies can purchase lines as they need them. As the alternative to traditional telephony, business SIP Trunking is projected to grow by 15% per year, as more businesses choose to take advantage of the savings and benefits of Voice over IP via an IP PBX.
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Citel Technologies Announces Interoperability with 4PSA's VoipNow Platform

4psa_logo1.gifCitel Technologies is now interoperable with 4PSA's VoipNow, Unified Communications software and cloud service for Service Providers and Businesses. 4PSA provides modern, social oriented communications as an alternative to old PBX systems, enabling customers to easily upgrade while keeping their existing phones and cabling.

The Portico TVA offers companies the means to migrate their customers to VoIP without the unnecessary burden of ripping and replacing existing cabling infrastructure, purchasing new IP phones and installing Power over Ethernet switches. Customers can retain their existing digital, analog and Centrex phones without removing the existing switches by SIP enabling those phones through the use of the Portico TVA. This is a quick and cost-effective means of VoIP migration.
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VoIP Innovations Launches Wholesale VoIP Channel on TMCnet

voipinnovations_logo.jpgTMCnet announces that the Wholesale VoIP channel, sponsored by VoIP Innovations, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet Online Community program.

The Wholesale VoIP Channel is designed for individuals involved in the VoIP and telecommunications industry interested in learning about and acquiring wholesale VoIP services. Information on the Wholesale VoIP Channel addresses issues important to these individuals interested in how to stay ahead in the ever-evolving and competitive VoIP space. Visitors to the Wholesale VoIP Channel can find valuable resources such as feature articles, industry news, white papers, free product trials and e-demos.

The Wholesale VoIP channel can be found at: http://wholesale-voip.tmcnet.com
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Voxbone Network’s International DID Numbers Extend Reach of Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden

voxbone_logo2.jpgVoxbone announces it is providing international direct inward dial numbers to Deutsche Telekom for its Developer Garden, a recently relaunched portal and marketplace that enables developers to integrate DT services into their mobile and desktop applications and to buy and sell software components.

DT, whose Developer Garden site targets 17 million global developers, chose Voxbone because the company’s VoxDID service enables major carriers such as DT to extend the reach of their telecommunications networks rapidly through Voxbone’s convenient application programming interface solution. Voxbone maintains a supply of geographic and national phone numbers for incoming communications from more than 50 countries and 4,000 cities.

The Developer Garden APIs offer developers access to DT’s voice and data services. For example, developers can build speech-driven interactive voice response and VoIP solutions, voice mash-ups and SMS applications with Telekom Tropo API, a cloud-based voice applications platform, or initiate conference calls with just a Web service call.
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Rebtel Chooses PubNub Pulse to Speed Up Their Service

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel has selected PubNub for improving their service which is used by more than 17 million users. Delivering real-time services in a scalable fashion is an increasing challenge, thanks to an ever-growing variety of Android, iPhone, and other smartphones, tablets and desktops connected via a multitude of home and corporate firewalls and network proxies. With PubNub's 10 data centers, PubNub is able to deliver the performance, reliability, and redundancy required by Rebtel's global customer base.

"In the telephony world, milliseconds matter," said Daniel Forsman, Head of R&D at Rebtel. "PubNub has allowed us to drive down our infrastructure and development costs by allowing us to message devices anywhere in the world via a single API in fractions of a second."
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Cloud VoIP to Grow to $40 Billion by 2015 - Tips for White Labeling

One Stop Voice announces its support of research provided by Point Topic that predicts the VoIP market will turn into a $40 billion industry by 2015. VoIP provides an easy and cost-effective way of exchanging voice and/or video over a single IP network, allowing for enhanced service at a minimal cost. For this reason, the practice of white labeling, or reselling VoIP services, is also steadily on the rise. Despite the popularity of VoIP white labeling, One Stop Voice and other companies providing hosted VoIP services are urging companies to consider the hidden risks of white labeling VoIP by taking a "buyer beware" approach.
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Truphone Establishes Technology Center in New Jersey to Support Company's Expansion in U.S.

Truphone_logo2.jpgTruphone announces the establishment of a Technology Center. The New Jersey center complements Truphone's United States headquarters in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park.

The technology center is led by Ed Guy, Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering, and Chris Celiberti, Vice President of Business Engineering. They and their staff of computer and communications engineers are responsible for developing innovative mobile services for the global business market. Both report to Truphone founder and Chief Technology Officer James Tagg.

Located in the Enterprise Development Center at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, the Truphone technology center initially consists of a staff of 12, many of whom are NJIT graduates.
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Voip-Pal.com Completes Successful Beta Test of ''Soft Switch'' VoIP Network Framework

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoip-Pal.com is pleased to announce that it has completed initial beta testing of its proprietary and leading edge intelligent "Soft Switch" VoIP network framework and five specific patents acquired from Digifonica International Limited.

Voip-Pal can now begin to target VoIP based equipment manufacturers, cellular telecommunications carriers, Network Service Providers, Telecommunications Service Providers and Cable Operators as potential Licensees of its patent portfolio.

Voip-Pal believes that the newly acquired proprietary framework and intellectual property can provide large scale VoIP equipment manufacturers and NSPs with a unique product offering that protects their corporate identity and provides unique, market leading products and solutions to their subscribers. For example, through Voip-Pal's licensed technology, today's Licensee can enable a WiFi/WiMax enabled cellular phone to "roam" between WiFi antenna's (even on the same network).
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VoIP Innovations Receives RespOrg Certification for Toll-Free Service

voipinnovations_logo.jpgVoIP Innovations recently became certified as a RespOrg, or Responsible Organization. This means VoIP Innovations now has direct access to the Service Management System database, which controls the nations call routing on all toll-free calls. “As one of the nation’s largest VoIP providers, becoming certified as a RespOrg was the next logical step for us,” stated Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations.

The RespOrg was launched in 1993 as part of the FCC order to institute toll-free number portability. The demand for toll-free has greatly outpaced supply which has led to the creation of additional toll-free area codes that now include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833, and 822. In order for carriers to become a RespOrg, they must go through a certification process. Once certification is approved, there is internal training that must be completed as well as BackOffice integration.
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