VoIP Innovations Launches Private Label Service for VoIP Resellers

voipinnovations_logo.jpgThe VoIP industry has become very popular over the past few years. However the opportunity to sell VoIP services has been limited to those who can run a switch and have the technical knowledge to do so. VoIP Innovations is hoping to change that by providing an entry-level platform designed for entrepreneurs with limited technical knowledge.

VoIP Innovations is announcing the official launch of Titanium III Private Label service for VoIP resellers. This solution enables resellers to quickly and inexpensively capitalize on the booming VoIP business. Titanium Private Label allows resellers to brand, market, and sell residential and business VoIP services as their own. Resellers can choose to sell VoIP Lines, Sip Trunks, or Hosted PBX service through a web-based platform. This service permits resellers to fully manage their business through the cloud and avoid the need to run their own switch.

“We looked at several platforms out in the market and found that they were too expensive and cumbersome.” said Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations.

The company’s proprietary and innovative software solution was built from the ground up and is fully hosted in the cloud. This means no large capital expenditures or overhead expenses are required to own, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a switch. Resellers can now have a fully-enabled VoIP switch with all the functionality and features that residential and business customers demand.

Titanium III Private Label was designed to make running your VoIP business as painless as possible. For this reason, we have built unprecedented automation into every business function. Daily tasks such as account sign-ups, support, number porting, account notifications, and more have been 100% automated.

“A reseller can quickly provision their first device within 15 minutes of getting their log-in information” explained Corey Potts, VP of Sales for VoIP Innovations.

Additionally, VoIP Innovations bundles all services like e911, CNAM, and Caller ID into one price point that’s easy to understand. All services are flat rate which makes billing customers extremely easy. Best of all, resellers can use any IP Phone, ATA or softphone of their choice.

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