Rebtel Launches Voice Platform for iOS and Android Developers

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel announces the private beta launch of its new SDK for iOS and Android. The Rebtel Voice Platform introduces a powerful yet simple tool that will now allow developers to integrate voice capabilities into any app in 15 minutes.

Now any app developer looking to add a live calling feature has the ability to stream voice to their customer base. Gaming apps like Poker and apps that offer social networking features such as picture sharing comprise the bulk of apps developed today, and are prime examples of specific use case scenarios where smartphone users could benefit from free app to app calls.

Using Rebtel's Voice Platform for in-app calling means game developers can offer players the opportunity to phone a friend for strategy tips without ever having to leave the game environment, and dating apps can now offer the ability for real-time voice calls for better matchmaking possibilities.
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Vox Communications Develops Mobile VoIP iPhone And iPad App

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has developed its mobile VoIP app for use on the iPhone and iPad.

"We have begun making test calls with our iOS application and are very pleased with the performance and call quality," said Barry MacCheyne, CMO of VoX Communications. "This achievement is a significant step in reaching our goal of being on both Android and Apple devices. We now have to make the app ready for commercial use and integrate it into our back-office systems for automated downloads, provisioning and billing functionality."

MacCheyne continued, "Both enterprise customers and consumers have been asking us to make our mobile VoIP app available to iPhone and iPad users, and we are pleased to announce our progress with this project. We are eager to begin marketing this app to the large audience throughout the world and capitalize on the fast growing number of iOS users."
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Nymgo Positioned as the Most Competitive VoIP Solution Available

Nymgo announces the official launch of an enhanced PC application and new mobile apps that offer the lowest rates and best quality VoIP calls from iPhone, Android phones and desktop computers to cellphone numbers and landlines anywhere in the world. Nymgo users will now be able to make the clearest VoIP calls possible on their preferred mobile or computing device, with the lowest rates available anywhere.

After four years of operation, Nymgo has proven to be one of the most reliable and inexpensive VoIP service providers on the market - with the cheapest calls to countries like Canada, the United States, China, India and more - and with recent funding from renowned equity firms Intel Capital and Abraaj Capital, Nymgo has been able to enhance its VoIP network while upgrading the apps that deliver that service to make the Nymgo experience even better. Nymgo will also use the new funding to continue growing as a VoIP platform.
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Rebtel Bridges Digital Divide with Launch of Free High Quality VoIP Calling App for iPad

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel announces the launch of Rebtel 2.0 for iPad. The app is available for free starting today in the iTunes App Store and enables anyone to make high quality Rebtel to Rebtel calls for free over Wi-Fi or 3G. Today’s introduction of the iPad app joins the fleet of existing Rebtel 2.0 app offerings currently available for Android, iPhone, and PC.

The company’s announcement of Rebtel 2.0 for iPad is timely, with sales figures for Apple’s iPad reaching 11.8 million in just the last quarter (Jan-March 2012), representing a 151 percent increase by comparison to the same quarter in 2011, effectively securing Apple a 68 percent share of the tablet market. The most recent launch of the New iPad has been the strongest to date with over 3 million devices sold within the first 3 days on the market.
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WUN Systems Announces Extended VoIP Solution for iPhone, Android, and Mobile

WUN Systems announces the launch of four new features to their VOIP telephone system for executive suites and workspaces. These new features were designed to extend mobile capabilities for workspaces and business centers. Executive suites will now have extended hosted VOIP capabilities directly through WUN Voice Softphone, Android, iPad and iPhone Edition.

WUN Voice Softphone is a carrier-grade, next generation Softphone application that enables the user to manage their communications easily and efficiently; all from a computer desktop. “Built on the WUN Voice platform, WUN Voice Softphone is specifically designed to meet the demands of business centers and workspaces. WUN Systems also included exclusive features designed for business and enterprise users. These new features can be deployed within an enterprise environment either by manual configuration via the Softphone Graphical User Interface or by using the WUN Voice positioning server” explains Dale Hersowitz from WUN Systems. The latest in Softphone technology, WUN Voice Softphone enables a dynamic interface with new task flows and customization options for an unprecedented user experience.
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Acrobits’ Video VoIP-SIP iPhone Application Challenges Skype and Apple’s Facetime

Acrobits_logo.pngAcrobits released its new combined Voice and Video application with SmoothFlow video technology for Apple’s iPhone.

The Voice and Video applications are available in two versions; one for the consumer market (SIP Phone) and one in a fully featured business phone application (Groundwire) with both apps loaded with features such as HD Sound, Phone book integration and Avatar Dialing. Consumers can choose from hundreds of pre-configured VoIP carriers across the world while the Groundwire business application works with both closed and open source office IP-PBX platforms such as Cisco, Avaya and Asterisk.
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eVoice Mobile App Enables VoIP Calling from Apple Devices for Small Businesses

eVoice and j2 Global announces the availability of its latest mobile application for Apple devices. Now, owners of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can make and receive phone calls via a WiFi connection or a 3G/4G network using VoIP. This saves precious cell phone minutes while helping to reduce the chance of dropped phone calls.

Essentially, the new eVoice Mobile App transforms an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a multi-purpose business phone system with powerful features, including:
  • Make and receive phone calls via a WiFi connection or 3G/4G network using VoIP
  • 24/7 auto attendant to answer and route inbound calls professionally
  • Multiple extensions for employees, including intercom functionality
  • Enhanced voice mail service with transcriptions and audio files sent to email or text
  • Advanced call handling features including call screening
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FRITT Licenses SPIRIT DSP's Engines for Cross-platform HD Voice and Videoconferencing

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces FRITT has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Conferencing product, comprising of SPIRIT's cross-platform, HD voice and videoconferencing engines, including the TeamSpirit Conferencing Server, TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine PC and TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile clients for iOS and Android.

FRITT was established in 1957 and has successfully developed a set of advanced communication products and won 120 major scientific and technological achievements for China's telecommunications industry.

FRITT will be using the TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine platform running on both server and client sides, allowing FRITT's emergency management customers the unique ability to conduct HD-quality, multi-point voice and videoconferencing across popular PC and mobile devices.
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Vonage Launches Free Extensions Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

vonage_logo.gifVonage announces the availability of a free downloadable app for iPhones that enables one-touch international dialing using the recently announced Extensions service. A free Extensions app for Android devices was launched in September. These new Vonage Extensions apps allow customers to extend Vonage's signature unlimited international calling plans to their smartphones using an easy-to-use app, providing even greater convenience.

The new apps let users dial international phone numbers directly through their existing contact list so there's no need for users to re-enter numbers or leave the app to make calls. The international calling apps are available for immediate download at the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.

Customers can register for up to two mobile Extensions through their online accounts at
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Rebtel Launches Version 2.0 of its iPhone Application to Bring an End to Dropped Calls with KeepTalking Technology

announces the launch of Rebtel 2.0, a new generation of intelligent applications designed for desktop and smartphones, which facilitates platform independent free high-quality calls. The free iPhone application, available today from iTunes, allows users to make and receive free international calls using WiFi/3G as well as local minutes. Texts and calls can also be done to any non-Rebtel users on any phone for rates up to 90% cheaper than the standard international calling rate of an average carrier. The app also introduces a new proprietary Rebtel technology called KeepTalking, which by the push of a button allows users to seamlessly transition mid-call from WiFi/3G to local minutes. The iPhone and desktop applications will add to the Rebtel free call network already including Android and Blackberry applications and facilitate free calls between all existing platforms.
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Fonality Unified Communications App Now Generally Available on iPhone and Android Platforms

fonality_logo.pngFonality announces the general availability of Fonality Heads Up Display Mobile. More than 6,000 users have already purchased Fonality services to access the application. Purpose-built for the unique needs of small- and mid-size businesses, Fonality HUD Mobile provides cloud-based VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center solutions via Apple or Android platforms with a single, secure, user-friendly interface.

Fonality HUD Mobile delivers UC and contact center features never before available to SMBs. For example, contact center managers working remotely can access a 360-degree view of all activities with color-coded agent status, call type details, as well as duration. Calls can be recorded on-the-fly or engaged through barge, monitor or whisper modes. In addition, staff can log in and out of queues, regardless of location. Other prominent features include Voice over Wi-Fi calling, saving an average 56 percent on monthly mobile costs, as well as user’s real-time presence, company directory access and collaboration capabilities.
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Fonality Mobile Platform for Apple and Android Receives 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award

fonality_logo.pngTMC named Fonality Heads Up Display Mobile as a 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award winner. Available on Apple or Android platforms and purpose-built for small- and mid-size businesses, the application delivers cloud-based VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center solutions with a single, secure, user-friendly interface.

“There is nothing like Fonality HUD Mobile on the market,” said Fonality’s Chief Marketing Officer, Wes Durow. “It enables growing businesses to work smarter and faster, anywhere, anytime with advanced Unified Communications and contact center features. We are honored that Fonality HUD Mobile has been recognized with a 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award.”
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Digium Introduces Switchvox Mobile Application for Android Phones and Tablets

Digium_logo2.jpgDigium has extended the value of its Switchvox Unified Communications solution for small to mid-sized businesses by adding free support for Android devices. The Switchvox Mobile application now integrates Digium's Switchvox SMB communications solution with Android as well as iPhone and BlackBerry devices at no extra cost to customers. With the Switchvox Mobile app, Switchvox SMB customers can:
  • make, receive, transfer and record calls as if they were calling from the office extension
  • check their call history
  • view and change call rules, such as routing and forwarding
  • change their out-of-office greeting
  • access the company directory and return calls via email
  • use the Switchvox app from their Android-based tablet to perform tasks such as returning voice messages using email.
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SPIRIT DSP Enables Cross-platform HD VoIP Calling for 20 Million Viber iPhone and Android Users

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announced that its TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile is enabling HD VoIP calling on the recently launched (July 19) Viber application for Android mobile devices, allowing Viber's Android users to experience the highest call quality possible. SPIRIT's Voice Engine Mobile has been powering the extremely popular free Viber application since it first came to market in Dec 2010 for iPhone users.

The Viber application lets iPhone and Android users make free HD Viber-to-Viber calls and send messages over 3G and Wi-Fi connections, bypassing the use of any cellular voice minutes. Today, SPIRIT's Voice Engine Mobile is powering quality Viber-to-Viber free calling to more than 20 million Viber-reported registered users on both Android and iPhone devices, representing a reported call traffic volume of more than one billion minutes of calls per quarter.
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Cellcrypt Launches Encrypted Voice Calling for the iPhone

cellcrypt_logo.jpgCellcrypt has launched Cellcrypt Mobile for iPhone, a version of its encrypted voice calling application that runs on Apple devices running iOS and operates over Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA and satellite networks.

Cellcrypt Mobile provides voice call encryption for commercially available off-the-shelf cell phones using government-certified security through an easy-to-use downloadable application that makes highly secure calling as easy as making a normal phone call. Cellcrypt’s software-only solution uses the IP data channel of cellular (2G, 3G, and 4G), Wi-Fi and satellite networks and can be deployed to personnel anywhere in the world in less than 10 minutes.
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