Buzz Technologies: Mobile VoIP for iPhone and Smartphone

12buzzlogo.jpgAccording to Apple, "If an Application requires or will have access to the carrier network, then additionally such Application: ... May not have VoIP functionality." thus paving the way for Buzz Technologies mobile VoIP service to be used on all iPhones around the World. has developed a line of Callback services which provides customers with three unique ways for making inexpensive calls around the world. No new equipment is needed; you use your existing telephone or mobile phone. It is as easy as using the web, sending an SMS message from your mobile phone or dialing a local access number to initiate a Callback call.
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IM+ for Skype Available in iPhone App Store

SHAPE Services released its cross-platform application IM+ for Skype in the App Store on iPhone. IM+ for Skype enables text chat and cost-effective calls to Skype contacts and to any phone numbers. Reliable callback technology is used for calls thus providing best phone call quality with no extra delays and latency typical for VoIP.

IM+ for Skype is available in App Store on iPhone under the Social Networking category.

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MyGlobalTalk Submitted to Apple for Inclusion to its iPhone App Store

MyGlobalTalk_logo.jpgi2Telecom's MyGlobalTalk has been submitted to Apple for inclusion on its iPhone App Store. MyGlobalTalk is a free downloadable application that will allow iPhone users to place inexpensive phone calls to destinations anywhere in the world for as little as two to three cents per minute via their carriers’ cellular voice networks. This contrasts sharply with the current methods in which users place regular calls via their mobile phone service providers at prices that can easily reach or exceed one dollar per minute when calling locations outside of the United States.
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iPhone and Slingbox HD Streaming on the Mac

slingmedia_logo.gifSling Media is demonstrating a version of SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone being developed for the iTunes store at this year's Macworld. Sling Media will deliver a version of SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone to Apple for certification in Q1.

Sling Media is also unveiling a prototype of the new SlingPlayer for Mac HD which allows Slingbox PRO-HD users to stream HD content to their Mac desktop or laptop computer. The new SlingPlayer for Mac HD is a web-based version of the SlingPlayer software that will be accessible from, Sling Media's recently launched video entertainment web site. Sling Media can be found in two locations at this year's Macworld: The Mac Developer Pavilion- South Hall, #1438 (next to Apple) and the Digital Media and Multimedia Pavilion: North Hall #3526-Q.
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Truphone Introduces Skype Calling and Instant Messaging to iPhone and iPod touch

Truphone debutes the ability to make and receive Skype calls and instant messaging to the entire Skype user base from its iPhone and iPod touch applications. The service is scheduled to be available to all customers during the week of Jan. 12.

The introduction was made at “ShowStoppers @ Macworld 2009” and will be showcased at the Truphone stand (#3228) at Macworld for the remainder of the week.

This represents one more step toward making Truphone the open “all-in-one conversations hub” for iPhone and iPod touch users.

Truphone customers on both Apple devices can now reach their Skype friends via their Skype IDs. This further expands the universe of people with whom Truphone customers can stay in touch.
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Nimbuzz VoIP Provider Launches Free iPhone Application

Nimbuzz VoIP provider launches into the Apple iPhone App Store. The free application lets users call, chat and message, for free, with their friends on virtually all major instant messaging communities and social networks, including Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, and more.

Specifically for the needs of iPhone users, this will be the first complete messaging product available with landscape mode chat, IM buddy calling (including Yahoo!), and regional social network support - and it is free.
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Whitepaper: Successful Mobile VoIP on iPhones and Smartphones

gips_logo.jpgGlobal IP Solutions released a whitepaper that highlights the challenges and opportunities critical for high quality when implementing mobile VoIP, called "Implementing VoIP for iPhones and Smartphones," written by Roar Hagen, CTO at Global IP Solutions.

The paper addresses how developers can overcome problems inherent in mobile IP communications, such as packet loss and delay, jitter, acoustic echo and OS tuning. It also explains how applications can be VoIP-enabled to take advantage of the unique capabilities of today's smart phones, like access to the internet. To download the paper for free, visit
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FreedomVOICE Launches Newber Beta, Location-Aware Business Number for the iPhone

FreedomVOICE unveiled its Newber Beta, the first location-aware business number, at CTIA in San Francisco today. Newber Beta is an application that resides in the iPhone as a fully functional second line and uses positioning technology to locate and seamlessly transfer calls to nearby landlines, even during an in-progress call. The commercial version of Newber will soon be available to iPhone users through the iTunes Applications store.

Newber Beta enables iPhone users to:
  • Save money by avoiding the use of cell phone minutes
  • Never miss or drop a call when in a “dead zone”
  • Conserve iPhone battery power
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Smoothstone Releases Call Center Management Application for iPhone

smoothstone.gifCapitalizing on the highly successful adoption of Apple’s new iPhone 3G on AT&T’s nationwide wireless network, Smoothstone IP Communications has developed a mobile interface designed to allow managers and executives to control their corporate call centers from anywhere in the world.

Utilizing the new technology available in Apple’s iPhone 3G and iPod touch, clients with Smoothstone’s Intelligent Call Control (ICC) suite can now use the mobile version of the revolutionary ICC application to?

Find out after the jump.
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GIPS Enables the iPhone with High Quality, Real-time VoIP

Global IP Solutions enabling VoIP for Apple's iPhone. Using GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile, iPhone application developers can quickly integrate quality, real-time VoIP applications, which makes it easier for consumers to enjoy their favorite iPhone games, applications and social networking experiences.

Inventors of the popular Internet Engineering Task Force iLBC codec standard, a narrowband speech algorithm designed to optimize calls made over the Internet, GIPS pioneered VoIP technology for many of the leading Internet service providers, application developers and hardware manufacturers worldwide. iLBC is currently part of the iPhone.
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Vocalocity Integrates iPhone with Internet Phone Service

Vocalocity enhances its business Internet phone service by allowing customers to seamlessly route office calls to and from an iPhone. This feature untethers workers from the desk while providing them with the ability as well as benefits of making and receiving critical calls that ultimately utilize their office phone system.

This unified communication solution from Vocalocity delivers an elegant means of maintaining a professional image regardless of location. Calls made from the iPhone which are then routed through Vocalocity's service contain the caller ID associated with the office phone. As a result, customers and prospects view the call as coming from a place of business rather than a cell phone. Conversely, Vocalocity users can easily be reached by customers as calls made to the business phone number are effortlessly transferred to the iPhone.
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Packet8 MobileTalk Adds iPhone

8x8, Inc.Packet8 has added the popular Apple iPhone to the list of over 450 mobile handset devices now supported by the Packet8 MobileTalk international calling service. Featuring mobile international calling rates such as $.01 per minute to China, $.02 per minute to the U.K., $.03 per minute to Mexico and $.059 per minute to India, the Packet8 MobileTalk service enables cell phone users to significantly reduce their international phone bills and maintain high digital voice quality while still enjoying the convenience and flexibility of on-the- go mobile calling.
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Raketu Web Application with VoIP and Communications Services for iPhone Users

raketu-logo.gifRaketu debuts its social networking integrated communications web application optimized for the iPhone. The new web-based application allows iPhone users to participate and share with their friends, family and business colleagues, both inside and outside of the Raketu network. Users can add and participate in blogs, bulletins, comments, groups, friends through conventional social networking and through Raketu's real-time communications. Users can also store and share their media, making it easy to take pictures or videos on their mobiles, save them on Raketu and share them with anyone whether they are on Raketu or not. Raketu also allows sharing with other social networks, including Facebook and MySpace, and users can make international calls, sms-text, instant message, and email totally free or at Raketu's ultra-low rates -- all from within the iPhone application.
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sipgate Opens iPhone to Third-Party VoIP Services

sipgate announces the immediate availability of a free application for the iPhone, which, for the first time allows consumers to natively use any VoIP service which uses the industry standard SIP. Consumers can now use their iPhones to make and receive VoIP calls from their devices over a Wi-Fi Internet connection using a wide variety of VoIP providers. The VoIP-enabling software is available from sipgate's website.

With the sipgate service, users can dial any number without using minutes from a wireless plan. This is particularly useful when calling to or from other countries, as call costs can be as high as $3 per minute. However, when using a VoIP service, costs can be kept as low as $0.01 per minute. sipgate is giving new users 111 free minutes for domestic calls for users to test out VoIP usage on the device.

Another benefit of sipgate is that consumers can use any domestic or international number provided by their VoIP service on their iPhone. This means that they can make and receive calls from different domestic and international numbers, all on a single device.
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AT&T Nears Completion of 3G Wireless Technology Deployment

AT&T announces that, in the next month, the company will deploy High Speed Uplink Packet Access technology in the six remaining markets across AT&T's entire 3G (third-generation) wireless broadband network. When done, AT&T will have completed its deployment of HSUPA technology, which complements existing HSDPA technology, making AT&T the only U.S. carrier to have fully deployed HSPA technology in its 3G network.

Today the superfast AT&T 3G network is available in more than 275 markets. By year-end, the AT&T 3G network will be available in nearly 350 markets
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