Voxofon Gives iPhone Users Contract-Free, High-Quality International Calling, Starting at a Penny-Per-Minute

voxofon_logo.pngVoxofon now offers a native application that makes it simple and inexpensive for iPhone users to make international calls from their iPhone Contacts directory; Voxofon Call History or Contacts. International calling with Voxofon is a low-cost, high-quality, contract-free way to stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates for pennies per minute.

With Voxofon, iPhone users download a free app and are able to use their iPhone’s contacts directory to reach anyone internationally by simply selecting them – no need to enter complicated codes or dialing sequences. Also, the app displays the exact cost to that precise destination number even before the user starts the call, so users can validate the exceptionally low rates we give them every time - there is total transparency and no surprises.
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VoxOx Launches iPhone App for Cheap International Calls, Texts and Faxes

voxox_logo2.pngVoxOx announces the release of its first mobile app, VoxOx Call for iPhone. The app leads with VoxOx’s popular Call Connect service, which enables iPhone users to make cheap long-distance calls from anywhere in the world, doing so without relying heavily on a user’s mobile data plan. The app also comes with a number of extras, including 2-way worldwide SMS, inbound faxing, Find Me call forwarding, on-call star commands that allow users to create 20-party conference calls, switch devices mid-call, digitally record calls and more. The mobile app syncs seamlessly with the full-featured VoxOx desktop software, allowing calls, texts, and faxes to be sent and received through the same account. New users can sign up for a free VoxOx account within the mobile app interface, and as part of the sign up process, select a free U.S. phone number (or purchase a low cost Canadian number) – the world’s only phone number enabled with voice, SMS, fax, as well as voicemail transcription, all-in-one.
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fring Launches Group Video Calls on iPhone & Android

fring_logo2.jpgfring announces the world’s first mobile group video calls for iPhone & Android devices. With fring’s Group Video calling, four fring friends can now share a simultaneous video call, for free, on their mobile phone (on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G) using fring’s proprietary DVQ technology, that delivers the highest quality video for all four participants.

fring is the 1st company to bring mobile Group Video calling across platforms, for free, so that users can see all their friends at the same time, and on one screen. fring’s service unshackles users from their PCs, and frees them from heavy PC-based Group Video calling fees.

In addition to free Group Video calling, fring enables users to make free 2 way video calls, voice calls and chat with friends on Android, iPhone/iPod touch & Nokia Smartphones.
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F-ROUTE Adds Business Features to SessionTalk SIP VoIP Softphone for iPhone

F-ROUTE recently released the latest update to their SIP VoIP Softphone for the iPhone. SessionTalk 3.1 features now include Dual Line, Call Waiting, Call conferencing as well as Transfer and Attended Transfer. This adds to an already impressive list of features including iOS4 Multitasking and Background support, Incoming call Push Notifications, Native contacts integration and a highly intuitive iPhone like user interface.

SessionTalk enables businesses as well as the mobile worker to use their iPhone as an IP-PBX extension, allowing them to access the same phone services and features as if they were in the office. The application can help boost worker productivity in a number of ways and show a fast return on investment. For example, a product development expert working from home or from a remote site would be able to join in a phone conference with managers at headquarters and collaborate on a new product design.
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JAJAH Facebook Calls Now Available for iPhone

jajah_logo2.jpgJAJAH released the JAJAH App for iPhone, which allows anyone to call online Facebook friends anywhere in the world in just one click.

The beta is now available in the US and Canada. This follows Tuesday's release of the JAJAH App for Android, which attracted thousands of downloads in the first 48 hours.

Calls to Facebook friends are free from JAJAH, and the person receiving the call only needs to be your friend on Facebook. No need for them to download anything or for them even to be a JAJAH member.
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Paltalk Launches Free Texting and Calling Worldwide iPhone to iPhone for Their Vumber Full-Featured Mobile VoIP App

paltalk_logo.jpgPaltalk announces the addition of free calling worldwide, free SMS functionality and free push notifications for calls to its Vumber Mobile application. Vumber, which allows iOS device users to place calls through Wi-Fi or an existing cellular data connection and add multiple lines to their cell phone, will now also allow for free unlimited calling and texting worldwide enabling crossover from different carriers (ie. AT&T to Verizon), Vumber-to-Vumber calling and so on.

Vumber App users can now place free worldwide calls and texts from their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, to anywhere in the world. Customers are still required to maintain a carrier plan, but they can limit the amount of minutes and texts on their plan to save money. The app is available for free from the iTunes store and will be available for Android phones and tablets beginning Spring 2011.
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VoIP-PAL.com Announces the Development of New Video Conferencing Feature on Its New iPhone App for the iPhone 4G and iPad 2

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoIP-PAL.com announces the development of integrating the video conferencing feature on forthcoming new PointsPhone Mobile App for the iPhone 4G and Apple's new iPad 2. An upgraded version of PointsPhone's iPhone App is being developed to support video conferencing on the iPhone 4G and the new iPad 2.

The PointsPhone Mobile iPhone App and the new Video Calling feature will soon be available for free downloading on your iPhone at the Apple App Store (search 'pointsphone'). User must register by signing up on www.pointsphone.com.
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Sipera Systems Highlights Simplified Enterprise Smartphone Security at Enterprise Connect 2011 in Orlando

sipera_logo.jpgSipera Systems will be conducting live demonstrations of its SLiC smartphone security system at the Enterprise Connect 2011 conference in Orlando, February 28 - March 2, 2011.

The company also announced SLiC's integration with CounterPath's Bria iPhone Edition application, a SIP-based phone for Apple iPhone and iPod touch that uses Wi-Fi or 3G connections to make and receive calls.

Sipera will be conducting the demonstrations in its Gaylord Palms Convention Center booth, #628, Cisco booth #1009, and Presidio Networked Solutions booth #1037.
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Viber Turns to SPIRIT for Quality HD Mobile VoIP Calling on the iPhone

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces that its TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile is powering the new Viber application that offers free HD VoIP calls from the iPhone.

Available in the Apple App Store, Viber's free mobile VoIP app can make calls over 3G and Wi-Fi connections, bypassing the use of any cellular voice minutes; calls are free worldwide. Unlike other VoIP services such as Skype, Viber requires no registration or need to log-in to make calls. Viber product releases for Android, BlackBerry and Symbian are now in the works supported by SPIRIT.
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SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing on iPhone 3GS and iPad

Mirial_logo.jpgAfter the recent launch of ClearSea Client for iPhone and iPod touch 4th generation Mirial announces that iPhone 3GS and iPad have been added to the list of certified devices for Mirial ClearSea.

ClearSea is the first professional video conferencing software including a client for iOS devices that enables organization to connect every Pc, Mac, Android or iOS device and any standards-based H.323/SIP equipment. It allows to integrate traditional room based video communication systems or to deploy a new HD desktop and mobile solution without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.
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3CX Delivers Free VoIP / SIP Phone for iPhone

3cx_logo.jpg3CX has expanded its mobile offerings with the launch of an iPhone-compatible version of its Windows-based softphone. The 3CXphone for iPhone app allows the user to make FREE VoIP calls via WiFi or 3G.

The difference between the 3CXPhone for iPhone and other “free” SIP phones for iPhones is that this app isn’t locked into a particular provider or PBX. You are given the freedom of selection, meaning that you can pick and choose your favorite provider or VoIP PBX and switch at any time or use different VoIP providers.
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VoIP-Pal.Com Announces the Completion of Its Cloud Computing Technology to Host Its New iPhone and BlackBerry Apps

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoIP-Pal.Com announces the completion of its latest Cloud Computing Technology to host its new iPhone and BlackBerry Apps. Cloud Computing Technology will be the backbone of a new innovative, scalable, secure and quality Server to host the Company's VoIP software and their new iPhone and BlackBerry Apps.
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Paltalk Introduces Vumber, a Full-Featured Mobile VOIP App

paltalk_logo.jpgPaltalk announces the release of its Vumber Mobile application. Vumber allows iOS device users to place calls through Wi-Fi and add multiple lines to their cell phone, enabling them to separate business calls from personal calls, etc. from a single device.

Vumber App users can place calls over WiFi from their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, to anywhere in the world, for only $9.95 per month through Vumber. Customers are still required to maintain a carrier plan, but they can limit the amount of minutes on their plan to save money. The app is available for free from the iTunes store and an app for android phones and tablets will be available by the end of the first quarter.
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Zipring Integrated VoIP Phone Service Launches for Consumers: Works with Every Phone and Mobile Device

North American consumers can now join the public beta of Zipring—a simple, inexpensive integrated VoIP phone service that works with any phone, mobile or Internet device; requires no contract and is free to try.

Unlike other Internet phone applications and devices on the market, Zipring is based on open standards so it can be used with any VoIP software or phone device. Additionally, because Zipring leverages the internet, it can turn any Internet-based device—such as an iPad, iPod Touch, laptop or desktop computer—into a phone and enable users to make and receive calls to that device using their dedicated Zipring phone number.
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Mirial Releases SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing Client for iPhone

Mirial announces the availability of the first professional video conferencing client for Apple iOS devices, supporting both SIP and H.323 standards, featuring high-quality video conference and optimized in order to get the most out of the mobile networks.

The software is available today for iPhone® 4 and iPod Touch 4th gen, and in few weeks for iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Built by Mirial on over 10 years of video communication excellence, it provides a standards-based solution for video conferencing over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks, enabling iPhone users to connect to other iPhones, iPods, Android phones and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Windows PC and Mac or to any H323 standards-based video conferencing equipment such as room systems or existing MCUs.
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