fring Brings First Video Calls on the iPhone

fring_logo.pngfring announces the first ever mobile video calls over Internet for the iPhone. These holidays, only iPhone and iPod touch users with fring can talk with and also see their family and friends on Skype or fring, from anywhere, for free, over Wi-Fi internet connection. This is the first video over internet service on the iPhone or iPod touch.
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Apple Gives Green Light to Mobile VoIP iPhone App from Rebtel

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel lets iPhone owners make international calls to any phone, anywhere in the world for just pennies per minute without having to search for a Wi-Fi hot spot. Free calls are possible between the 53 countries where Rebtel is available.

Using the new Rebtel iPhone app is super easy and fast. Just open the app, select the phone number of an international friend from your usual iPhone address book or type in their number, tap the Call with Rebtel button, and Rebtel takes over from there to connect the call instantly.
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V Phone: Mobile & Wireless VoIP on the Apple iPhone

V_Phone_logo.jpgThe V Phone offers a key advantage that is sure to grab the attention of users of other mobile VoIP software. Rather than locking iPhone users into working with a single VoIP provider, it lets users choose between multiple providers of their choice for voice calling. The V Phone nullifies the single provider protocol and lets users choose the most cost-effective provider for each task, a capability that is unique among such programs. In addition, the V Phone app is the first ‘open and configurable’ app to also offer SMS messaging over IP.
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Speakeasy Introduces EasyVoice Mobile for iPhone

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy introduces EasyVoice Mobile for iPhone, published by JNSoftware LLC. EasyVoice Mobile brings the savings and flexibility of Speakeasy Hosted Voice (VoIP) to business customers using the iPhone, including free international calling to 22 countries and integration of Speakeasy's Remote Office functionality.
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AT&T Extends VOIP to 3G Network for iPhone

att_logo.gifAT&T has taken the steps necessary so that Apple can enable VoIP applications on iPhone to run on AT&T’s wireless network. Previously, VoIP applications on iPhone were enabled for Wi-Fi connectivity. For some time, AT&T has offered a variety of other wireless devices that enable VoIP applications on 3G, 2G and Wi-Fi networks. AT&T this afternoon informed Apple and the FCC of its decision.
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Matrix Announces VoIP Mobile Software 'V Phone' for the iPhone

Australian firm Matrix announces the launch of its proprietary V Phone: wireless and mobile VoIP software for the iPhone platform, which has the immense potential to be a forerunner in the supply of software to VoIP Service Providers.

The V Phone software client is targeted at IP Telephony companies that are or intend to provide voice and telephony services to end-users. For VoIP Service Providers that are providing land based voice services, the V Phone solution is the ideal opportunity for providers to further boost their revenue stream by offering wireless or mobile VOIP calls. Matrix will provide a white label or branded version of the V Phone that is customised to a provider’s specifications. This versatile application can be locked down to a provider's settings, branded with their logo and integrated with the provider's backend system or toolbox.
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FriendCaller3 VoIP App Now Available on iPhone OS 3.0

C2Call launches with FriendCaller 3 its iPhone OS 3.0 version of FriendCaller, the only iPhone app on iTunes that can establish a free Internet call with anyone on the Internet. This breaks with the convention of allowing free calls only between registered users of a service who had to have installed identical software first.

FriendCaller is an easy-to-use, browser based VoIP solution allowing users to make free calls from the website to anyone on the Internet, with no software installation for the “callee” or person being called. Additionally, the invited call participant is not even required to register. The peer-to-peer calls work with any browser on Windows, OS X and Linux, and now with FriendCaller 3 as an OS 3.0 app for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS and the iPod touch (2nd Generation).
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iPico SIP Mobile Client for iPhone and iPod touch

audiocodes_logo.jpgAudioCodes and MailVision announce that iPico, a mobile SIP client solution developed by MailVision, is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. iPico is currently available at Apple's App Store. Other devices such as the Nokia (Symbian) and Windows mobile phones are already supported and deployed.
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Voiceserve Launches its Voipswitch Softphone for the iPhone and iPod

voiceserve_logo.jpgVoiceserve unveiled the Vippie Softphone Dialer for the iPhone and iPod products. Voipswitch customers now have the facility to expand their modules to include the iPhone, thus giving them more scope to expand and enhance their businesses. The Vippie Softphone for iPhone is specifically designed and can be incorporated in softswitch’s other than the Voipswitch Solution. The Voipswitch iPhone dialer has the same features as the very popular Voipswitch Symbian dialer.
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Nimbuzz Expands iPhone Presence with New Mac Desktop Client and iPhone Update

Nimbuzz-Logo.pngNimbuzz launches new iPhone & iPod touch updates with a brand new desktop client for Apple Mac computers. Friends on Nimbuzz call and chat with each other for free. They access their favorite instant messaging and social networks with one login and from one location, using the internet or Wi-Fi. Today's announcement brings Nimbuzz' award-winning product to Mac desktops and laptops in addition to the iPhone, iPod touch and a wide range of other mobile handsets.
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MyGlobalTalk Now Available on the iPhone

MyGlobalTalk_logo.jpgi2Telecom announces its popular international calling solution MyGlobalTalk is now available as a free iPhone application on the iTunes online store. The MyGlobalTalk application for the iPhone enables US-based users to make international phone calls for less by routing calls through the MyGlobalTalk network. It works wherever mobile service is available, providing high-quality service without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. There are no contracts, connection fees or call minimums. It is strictly pay as you go.
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Taridium Adds Apple iPhone Interface to Enterprise PBX

Taridium announces the immediate availability of the ipbx iPhone interface for its award-winning enterprise PBX solution. With the ipbx mobile interface your employees always stay ahead of the game. Visual voicemail allows them to listen to their office voicemail directly from their iPhone, check their recent calls, call users back as if they were at their desk and even host telephone conferences. This does not only save money, but also allows access to the Taridium unified voicemail system, where a single mailbox serves VoIP phones, mobile phones and any other phone that supports conditional call diversion.
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Skype Now Available to iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Skype for iPhone, will be available on the Apple App Store beginning today. The app also adds Skype calling and instant messaging to any second generation iPod touch with a compatible headset and microphone.

“Skype software for the iPhone has been the number one request among our users. We are delighted to deliver on this request and put Skype into the pockets of millions of people around the world who are carrying iPhone and iPod touch devices,” said Scott Durchslag, Skype’s Chief Operating Officer. “Skype for iPhone will open up new ways for more than 400 million Skype users to stay connected and take their Skype conversations with them. Skype for iPhone is an experience that offers the same simplicity, ease-of-use and quality our users have come to expect from Skype, combined with an elegance of design and richness so loved by Apple’s many customers worldwide.”
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Nimbuzz iPhone app Bridges 3G VoIP Gap

Nimbuzz_iphone.jpgNimbuzz releases its most comprehensive VoIP application for the iPhone. With free Wifi calls to instant messaging buddies already available, new additions include the introduction of a dial-pad and the ability to make VoIP calls to landlines and mobiles via Skype-Out, and Nimbuzz's major SIP provider partners including Gizmo5, Vyke, and SIPgate over Wifi - effectively turning the iPod touch into an iPhone. iPhone users without Wifi connection can make VoIP calls using Nimbuzz Dial-Up VoIP in over 50 countries.

Unique to Nimbuzz is the available credit shown on the users dial-pad when using Skype Out for phone calls to landlines and mobile phones.
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JAJAH Turns iPod Touch Into an iPhone

jajah_web_app_iphone_ipod_touch.jpgJAJAH announces a complete revamp of the iPod touch, turning the device into a fully functioning mobile phone for consumers. The new capability, available as a white label solution, enables carriers as well as non-carriers to launch the service under their own brand and provide their customers with the ability to make low-cost phone calls and send SMS text messages to any phone in the world from their iPod touch. To use the service, end users only require an iPod touch and a Wi-Fi connection, with no need for a SIM card or contract.

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