Sipera Systems Unveils Enterprise VoIP and UC on iPhone

sipera_logo.jpgSipera Systems unveils a series of enterprise UC application security breakthroughs at the VoiceCon Orlando conference next week. Sipera also announced its SLiC smartphone security solution has been designated a Best in VoiceCon award finalist.

Sipera, a VoiceCon Orlando Silver sponsor, will conduct multiple demonstrations and product overviews in Sipera's booth, #408, the Cisco Systems Partner Pavilion, booth #1111, and with Coleman, a Presidio Company, in booth #937.
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GIPS to Enable Video Chat/Video Conferencing with HD Voice to iPhone Developers

GIPS_Logo2.gif Global IP Solutions announces the availability of video chat technology for iPhone developers to incorporate video conferencing/video chat into their mobile applications.

With GIPS VideoEngine Mobile, iPhone developers can rapidly integrate high quality real-time video chat or multi-point video conferencing into iPhone applications that resolves the issues related to IP networks such as delay, jitter and echo.
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8x8 Announces Voice Over 3G Update to Its Virtual Office Mobile iPhone App

8x8, Inc.8x8 announces that an update to its "8x8 Virtual Office Mobile" application which supports business voice services over 3G data connections is now available in the Apple iTunes app store for iPhone and iPod Touch models. The update to the 8x8 software application follows Apple's recent removal of restrictions preventing VoIP applications from running on 3G networks.
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Free PortaClient iPhone App Makes VoIP Calls

PortaOne announces the availability of its new PortaClient app for the Apple iPhone—an application promising new convenience to customers of VoIP service providers using PortaOne's PortaSwitch platform. PortaClient, now available at no cost in a demo version, lets iPhone end-users access their account information and usage data, check balances, manage their service settings, and even initiate low-cost VoIP calls using the PortaSwitch callback engine (callback feature disabled in demo version).
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Apple Backs VoIP Calls Over 3G Networks for iPhone

steve_jobs_iphone.jpgApple is allowing iPhone owners to use Internet calling services over cellular networks. Several companies offering VoIP services said this week that Apple now allows their applications to work on the iPhone.

VoIP calling has been available on the iPhone, but only over Wi-Fi connections, which don't have the range of 3G cellular networks.

Apple's earlier decision to block a Google calling application triggered an inquiry by the Federal Communications Commission, which is investigating competition in the wireless industry.
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Acrobits Softphone Enables SIP VoIP Calling Over 3G

Acrobits adds the ability to make calls over 3G or Edge networks to Acrobits Softphone, the leading SIP Softphone for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Users will now be able to use the softphone to make or receive calls even when no Wi-Fi connection is available. Combined with Acrobits’ recent addition of universal support for Push Notifications, this is great news for the ever-expanding world of VoIP.

Now that Acrobits Softphone works over 3G, SIP users with an iPhone have a truly portable softphone. You can now make calls with your VoIP account anywhere you have a 3G or Edge connection. And since Acrobits’ Push Notification service allows you to receive calls when the softphone is closed, you can receive calls anywhere you have a 3G or Edge connection as well. “We believe adding 3G capability puts Acrobits Softphone at the forefront of the integral mobile VoIP market,” says Acrobits.
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fring to Bring 3G Video & Voice Calls to iPhone

fring_logo2.jpgfring on iPhone is now available over 3G networks. This announcement immediately follows iPhone’s long awaited decision to allow third party VoIP applications running over 3G networks onto its iPhone App Store.

fring iPhone applications enabling Voice and Video over Internet, have been available over WiFi internet connection since launching on the iPhone App Store back in April 2008. This announcement means iPhone fring users can now make free voice and video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi internet access, and, depending on their access and preferences at any given time, easily switching between the two to stay connected any time, anywhere.
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Apple Lifts 3G VoIP Restrictions, iCall with 3G Support Available Immediately

Apple has updated the iPhone developer SDK to allow VoIP over cellular networks. iCall is the first and only VoIP application that functions on the iPhone and iPod Touch over cellular 3G networks.

iCall is a market leader in desktop and mobile-based desktop calling platforms, including its highly popular version for the Apple iPhone. Until today, restrictions imposed on developers prohibited VoIP functionality on any 3G network.
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Truphone Adds Free iNum Calling from Voxbone To iPhone and iPod touch Application

Truphone_logo2.jpgTruphone adds to the list of innovative ways users of its iPhone and iPod touch applications can make and receive free international calls through its partnership with Voxbone, provider of free +883 iNum numbers.

Through the partnership, customers can now make and receive free mobile VoIP calls via other iNum service providers, including Gizmo5, Jajah, Rebtel, and others.

Under agreement with Voxbone, Truphone assigns individual iNum freephone numbers to its users with iPhone and iPod touch devices when they sign up.
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8x8 Introduces 'Virtual Office Mobile' VoIP iPhone Application

8x8, Inc. 8x8 announces the release of "8x8 Virtual Office Mobile," a WiFi-driven extension of the 8x8 Virtual Office VoIP business phone service customized for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

Available as a free download in the App Store, "8x8 Virtual Office Mobile" enables subscribers to utilize their Virtual Office phone number and service remotely from within any WiFi zone. "Virtual Office Mobile" essentially converts an iPhone or iPod Touch to a Virtual Office extension, equipped with the features, functionality and built-in cost savings of the powerful 8x8 Virtual Office hosted PBX phone service, including unlimited inbound and outbound domestic calling as well as overseas calling at competitive 8x8 international rates. Inbound calls to the Virtual Office extension can be retrieved from either an 8x8 IP desktop phone, the 8x8 Virtual Office Pro unified communications portal or the iPhone/iPod Touch mobile handset. Outbound calls can be made directly through the mobile handset just as with any extension on the Virtual Office service. Users can also perform functions such as extension dialing, call transfers, 3-way calling, and voicemail notification and retrieval.
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Matrix Launches the V Phone - A VoIP App for the iPhone

V_Phone_logo.jpgMatrix announces the launch of its proprietary V Phone: wireless and mobile VoIP software for the iPhone platform, which has the immense potential to be a forerunner in the supply of software to VoIP Service Providers and Internet Service Providers.

The V Phone sip client is targeted at IP Telephony companies that are or intend to provide voice and telephony services to end-users. For VoIP Service Providers that are providing home based voice services, the V Phone solution is the ideal opportunity for providers to further boost their revenue stream by offering wireless or mobile VOIP calls. Matrix can provide a white label or branded version of the V Phone that is customised to a provider's specifications. This versatile application can be locked down to a provider's settings, branded with their logo and integrated with the provider's backend system or toolbox.
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Acrobits Brings Three New VoIP Competitors to the iPhone App Store

Acrobits releases three new white label clients for the iPhone; PLFon, Telesip and Sipcall. This comes on the heels of their recent announcement to put renewed focus on creating white label softphones for the iPhone. These SIP VoIP providers are now on even footing with the VoIP giants that already have their own softphone applications on the iPhone.
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Acrobits Softphone 3.0 Provides Universal Support for Push Notifications on the iPhone

Acrobits released the latest update to Acrobits Softphone last week. With Acrobits Softphone 3.0, they’ve added universal support for call answer on push notifications. This means that users can answer calls from any SIP provider through Apple’s Push Notification Service. Acrobits has the first Softphone on the iPhone to accomplish this, assuring its continued dominance as the leading SIP phone on the iPhone.
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Turn Your iPod Touch into a Mobile with Vopium

vopium_logo.jpgNow you can also make cheap calls and send text messages all over the world from your iPod Touch! Simply visit from your iPod or download Vopium to your PC or Mac from iTunes.

Vopium is a free application installed on your iPod Touch (2nd generation) allowing you to turn it into a mobile phone. When your iPod is connected to WiFi, you can make calls and send text messages over the internet using your normal mobile number. You do not pay any charges to your mobile operator. You only pay Vopium's low international call rates. You can obviously also use your iPod to make national calls. Just remember that you need to acquire a Microphone adapter to make calls.
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Acrobits Creates iPhone White Label Softphone Solutions for SIP VoIP Providers

Acrobits announces a new focus on providing SIP VoIP providers with their own custom-made iPhone Softphone. Acrobits can quickly provide a VoIP provider with their own custom iPhone application, allowing their existing customers to make calls via the iPhone. It also opens the door to new subscribers that already have an iPhone.
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