fring to Bring 3G Video & Voice Calls to iPhone

fring_logo2.jpgfring on iPhone is now available over 3G networks. This announcement immediately follows iPhone’s long awaited decision to allow third party VoIP applications running over 3G networks onto its iPhone App Store.

fring iPhone applications enabling Voice and Video over Internet, have been available over WiFi internet connection since launching on the iPhone App Store back in April 2008. This announcement means iPhone fring users can now make free voice and video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi internet access, and, depending on their access and preferences at any given time, easily switching between the two to stay connected any time, anywhere.

In addition to enabling voice and video calls over the internet over 3G and Wi-Fi to other fring users, fring users can call their friends on Skype, GoogleTalk and MSN and all their friends on regular phone lines via Skype-Out and hundreds of popular SIP services.

fring is a mobile communication hub that lets users make free calls, video calls, live chat, update profiles, share files and talk with fring friends and friends from several Instant Messaging services like MSN, AIM, GoogleTalk and Skype, in addition to interacting with popular online social networks including Twitter, Facebook and more, all from one integrated fring contact list.

In addition to the iPhone/iPod touch, fring supports thousands of devices on multiple platforms including Symbian S60, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Linux and Intel’s Moblin devices.

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