Rebtel Bridges Digital Divide with Launch of Free High Quality VoIP Calling App for iPad

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel announces the launch of Rebtel 2.0 for iPad. The app is available for free starting today in the iTunes App Store and enables anyone to make high quality Rebtel to Rebtel calls for free over Wi-Fi or 3G. Today’s introduction of the iPad app joins the fleet of existing Rebtel 2.0 app offerings currently available for Android, iPhone, and PC.

The company’s announcement of Rebtel 2.0 for iPad is timely, with sales figures for Apple’s iPad reaching 11.8 million in just the last quarter (Jan-March 2012), representing a 151 percent increase by comparison to the same quarter in 2011, effectively securing Apple a 68 percent share of the tablet market. The most recent launch of the New iPad has been the strongest to date with over 3 million devices sold within the first 3 days on the market.

According to a recent study from Nielsen, 77 percent of tablet owners stated they use their tablet devices for tasks they previously relied on their computer for. Tablet sales are projected to grow from 56 million (2011) to 375 million by 2016. Based on the assumption that most users hold on to their tablets for at least a few years, Forrester Research predicts there will be 760 million tablets in use globally by 2016.

Rebtel 2.0 for iPad Feature Breakdown:

Optimized Tablet Experience

Inspired by Rebtel 2.0 for iPhone, the new iPad app is far from a magnified carbon copy of its iPhone sibling. Featuring optimized navigation, graphics and design, the app takes full advantage of the larger iPad form factor to give the user an immersive experience.

Free Rebtel to Rebtel Calls

Rebtel 2.0 for iPad incorporates free calling between Rebtel users running the company’s apps on either iPhone, Android, PC or, starting today, the iPad. Calls are connected using Wi-Fi or 3G (applicable to 3G-enabled iPads only).

Low-Cost Calls to Any Phone

Users of the Rebtel iPad app are not limited to only making free Rebtel to Rebtel calls. Browse through your iPad address book, select any contact with number and get started talking within seconds for rates up to 98% lower by comparison to an average carrier and up to 60% lower than current Skype Out rates.

Native Address Book Integration

No more syncing issues that mess up an address book. Rebtel for iPad seamlessly integrates with the regular iPad address book, giving a clear view of which friends are available to call for free, and which ones you can make low cost calls to for up to 95% savings.

Low-Cost SMS

Prefer texting over talking? Send low-cost international text messages to friends in more than 200 countries with an average cost savings of up to 60% versus your regular carrier. If you want a friend to reply to your message for free, select Collect Reply and include a link in your message that lets friends compose and send a reply via a mobile web page, with you picking up the tab.

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