VoIP-Pal.Com Announces the Completion of Its Cloud Computing Technology to Host Its New iPhone and BlackBerry Apps

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoIP-Pal.Com announces the completion of its latest Cloud Computing Technology to host its new iPhone and BlackBerry Apps. Cloud Computing Technology will be the backbone of a new innovative, scalable, secure and quality Server to host the Company's VoIP software and their new iPhone and BlackBerry Apps.

With the completion of the new Cloud Computing Server, the VoIP-Pal's SmartPhone Apps called PointsPhone Mobile will be ready to be downloaded in about a week. The first PointsPhone Mobile™ Apps available on the new server will be for the iPhone and the BlackBerry. VoIP-Pal customers who use the Company's services will log into the Company's retail site, www.pointsphone.com, to register and pay a minimum transaction fee of $10 through PayPal or Googlecheckout which they can use immediately to make international calls for as low as 2 cents per minute. PointsPhone offers PC Dialer, Virtual Numbers, and Call Forwarding to complement its local, long distance, and calling card services. Customers can download for free PointsPhone Mobile™ Apps for their iPhone and BlackBerry Torch (or earlier versions) for international calling (clients must still register on www.pointsphone.com).

"Our services are easy to use and our services fill a much-needed niche," says Dennis Chang, President. "We have an enormous customer base here in North America just waiting to be tapped. There is an ever increasing usage of Smart Phones worldwide and there is an immediate demand for a reliable, quality VoIP service for Smart Phone users. Our goal is to be the first choice for the international casual and business traveler who must rely on their Smart Phones to communicate when they travel. Not only do we need to be price competitive, but we must demonstrate that we have a service that is never down and connection is clear and reliable."

With the completion of its Cloud Computing Technology, VoIP-Pal is ready to meet its goal of a quality, reliable and price competitive VoIP service. "The quality has been tested," adds Mukesh (Mike) Mohanbhai, Chief Technical Officer, "and we are quite pleased with the results. We think the public is going to agree. We are going Live on the Cloud next week!" Mr. Mohanbhai states that "this is just the initial phase of introducing new services. Now that the new server has been built, we can now test and introduce new Apps and services with reliability and confidence."

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