Thinking Phone Networks Among Top Cloud VoIP Service Providers

Thinking Phone Networks announces that leading industry analyst firm Gartner, Inc. has included the Company among the top cloud VoIP service providers in its 2011 “Competitive Landscape: Cloud-based VoIP Providers, North America” report, published July 7, 2011.

“As Gartner mentions, the cloud VoIP market is evolving, with an increasing number of enterprises looking to cloud communications to avoid capital expenditures, reduce technology risk, lower ongoing costs, and streamline business processes,” said Steve Kokinos, Thinking Phone Networks president & CEO. “Thinking Phone Networks is proud to be among the leading cloud communications providers in this key growth market.”
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Citrus Adopts DIGITALK VoIP Peering

Digitalk_logo.jpgCitrus Telecom has introduced DIGITALK’s Session Border Controller VoIP Peering to their established DIGITALK network. The VoIP Peering application will allow Citrus to rapidly add multiple carrier groups and interconnects to terminate traffic, offering their customers greater service flexibility than other competing facilities management providers. To Citrus this also means greater operations efficiency as they are able to automate routing options in real time to critically control profitability.

The advanced routing capabilities within the DIGITALK VoIP Peering solution provides application service providers with precise control over route selection based on carrier cost, quality and margin. Specifically, quality indicators such as ASR, ACD and PDD regulate service levels and provide the ability to offer different grades of service to their customers. Margin-based routing criteria can be applied to ensure traffic is routed without loss or within a minimum profit threshold meaning Citrus have control over and are protected from loss-making routes.
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PortaOne Announces Availability of Skrill's Global Online Payment Service for PortaSwitch

portaone_logo.gifPortaOne has successfully completed interoperability testing of its flagship PortaSwitch VoIP call control and subscriber management platform with Moneybookers, one of the world's largest online payment providers. The availability of Moneybookers, operated by Skrill Holdings, as a subscriber payment option for PortaSwitch means VoIP service providers have a powerful new capability to both dramatically reduce the incidence of fraud-related revenue losses, and to market their services in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Currently employed by over 90,000 merchants globally and owned by London-based Skrill Holdings with offices in New York, Moneybookers offers more than 100 payment options in 41 different currencies and is available in over 200 countries and territories. Its services are protected under UK, European Union and U.S. state laws and the company has been ranked as the Number One fastest growing private equity-backed company in the UK, based on profits.
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Voip-Pal.Com Elevated to OTC Pink Current Information Tier

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoip-Pal.Com announces that it has been upgraded on its OTC Markets Tier to "OTC Pink Current Information" Status. The Yield Sign and "Limited Information" caution signs have been removed from the VPLM symbol and replaced with the "Current Information" designation and symbol.

"We started this process to elevate our status on the OTC Markets back in early June," states Dennis Chang, President of Voip-Pal. "and achieving this new Tier status represents a major milestone for Voip-Pal and its current and future shareholders. In order to comply to OTC's stringent 'Guidelines for Publishing Adequate Current Information', we have compiled and uploaded three years of recent financials, posted a detailed disclosure statement and obtained an Attorney Letter of Opinion in regards to Adequate Current Information. Now, all current and new Investors will have the ability to evaluate and track their investment with far more information and transparency."
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Herit Corporation Integrates SoliCall in its Media Server

solicall-logo.pngSoliCall announces that Korean-based Herit Corporation has integrated SoliCall’s Server SDK for improving audio quality in its Flash Media Server.

Herit developed an IP based flash media server. Its media server is used both for video calls and for voice calls. Herit has chosen SoliCall’s technology to improve audio quality and specifically to have a robust server side acoustic echo cancellation. SoliCall’s technology has overcame the technical difficulties that are part of all server side audio filtering and it has enabled Herit to significantly increase its MOS score.
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SPIRIT DSP Signs Fifth Licensing Agreement with Polycom

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP has signed its fifth licensing agreement with Polycom. Under terms of the agreement, Polycom has licensed SPIRIT's product to support quality videoconferencing on the Polycom CX5000 Unified Conference Station. As a Polycom-branded version of the Microsoft RoundTable collaboration and conferencing device, the CX5000 system provides engaging group telepresence and also doubles as an analog conference phone.

The Polycom CX5000 Unified Conference Station adds a compelling and engaging group video experience to Microsoft Live Meeting session or to Microsoft Office Communicator conversation. With five cameras and six microphones, the CX5000 is primarily a USB peripheral device that delivers a unique, engaging 360-degree group video experience to Live Meeting 2007 applications, and when used only with Microsoft Office Communication 2007, the client functions as a video switched webcam. It also allows participants who are not within the organization's boundaries or managed video environment, meaning anyone with a PC can download the Live Meeting client and view the meeting. The device has TI C54CST processor inside that powers it, which also runs on SPIRIT communication software.
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4PSA Brings Unified Communications Closer to Developers

4psa_logo1.gif4PSA announces the availability of the 4PSA Developers Zone, a new collaboration website that contains important resources for software developers who want to add cloud and Unified Communications capabilities to their software products.

The brand new Developers Zone includes documentation for the REST and SOAP based APIs, backed up by example libraries written in C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and other illustrative applications that work with popular services such as Facebook. Programmers can interact with the 4PSA team and fellow developers by making use of the comments area and other facilities.
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4PSA Presents The Social Unified Communications Group on LinkedIn

4psa_logo1.gif4PSA announces the revamp of its online discussion group on LinkedIn under a new name, The Social Unified Communications Group.

Previously known as VoipNow, the group has been created and shaped based on 4PSA's award-winning Unified Communications solution with the goal of granting VoipNow users a place that facilitates the exchange of information, ideas, and insights on the VoipNow Platform as well as the Unified Communications and Telecom market.
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LiveVox Launches Private VoIP Cloud

Livevox_logo.gifLiveVox announces cloud-based switching for multi-site contact centers. Through the LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud, contact centers can now execute multi-site call routing without site-based switching or expensive and limited “intelligent” networking hardware.

Cloud-based switching enables contact centers to more seamlessly execute multi-site call routing with real-time visibility into agent presence at all locations. Site-to-site voice/data transfers and screen pops are delivered without reliance on site-premised PBXs or network routing “master node” hardware. LiveVox fully integrates this into call center applications such as ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, PBX, and call recording.

Also today, LiveVox has released the strategic briefing paper “How Cloud-Based Switching Simplifies Multi-Site Routing.”
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Aptela Announces New Desktop Application for Small Businesses

aptela_logo.jpgAptela announces the release of the Aptela Desktop Application, the latest addition to the company's cloud-based calling platform. This new, easy-to-use desktop tool offers small businesses an additional opportunity to simplify day-to-day communication tasks.

As an innovator of virtual PBX and VoIP technologies, Aptela gives small businesses the tools required to intuitively manage and take control of their business communications. The Aptela Desktop App is an integrated call-control and screen-pop client for PC, Mac desktop or Linux. Offered to Aptela customers at no extra cost, this tool introduces a more efficient method for small businesses to manage communications.
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VoIP Innovations Expands its Wholesale VoIP DID Offering to Service Providers

voipinnovations_logo.jpgVoIP Innovations announced expansion of its VoIP DID footprint. “We have expanded to over 8,500 rate centers and over 500,000 DIDs in stock within the last few months”, states Jason Tapolci, President for VoIP Innovations.

As a VoIP carrier, VoIP Innovations provides VoIP origination and termination to some of the nation’s largest hosted PBX providers, calling card companies and internet telephony service providers.

VoIP Innovations recently launched its Tier X network which includes an additional 1,200 rate centers. Wholesale cost for this network include DIDs for $0 .25 cents and $0.0005 cents per minute. A per port service starting at $2.00 per port is also available.
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SoliCall Adds Wideband Support to Its PBXMate

solicall-logo.pngSoliCall has added wideband support to its enterprise level PBXMate product. This well-aligns with the company's on-going commitment for improving audio quality.

The new wideband support enables SoliCall's customers to improve audio quality even further. The PBXMate is used by Call Centers and organizations to improve audio quality in their VoIP network. The PBXMate is mainly used to remove ambient noise, keep audio level at a comfortable level, and perform server side echo cancellation.
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8x8 Reaches 25k Subscriber-base Milestone

8x8_logo.gif8x8 announced a new milestone in the company’s history. On May 31, 2011, 8x8 surpassed 25,000 businesses subscribing to its cloud VoIP, video conferencing, unified communications and managed hosting services.

Recently named one of the top five hosted VoIP and UC service providers in the Infonetics Research 2011 North American Business VoIP Services Leadership Scorecard, 8x8 has seen increasing demand for its services from small and medium-sized businesses as well as large distributed enterprises and government organizations. Cloud-based communications services like 8x8 Virtual Office and Virtual Office Pro are being adopted by more and more businesses today due to the economic and productivity gains realized when costly, premises-based hardware and software systems are replaced with SaaS applications hosted by a third party provider.
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NetCapital Converts Portion of Pervasip Debt into Common Stock

Pervasip announced that has completed a conversion of debt into common stock. NetCapital converted $148,522 of debt into 594,088 shares of common stock, a conversion rate of $.25 per share.

Pervasip's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Riss, noted, "We signed a securities settlement agreement with NetCapital, which allowed them to convert some of the debt they purchased, in a previous transaction, from our principal lender. We view this settlement agreement as a favorable indicator of the direction we are pursuing with NetCapital."

NetCapital has a signed agreement with Pervasip's principal lender to purchase all of its outstanding debt.
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Cytracom Plans for More Growth with CoreXchange

CoreXchange has been chosen to provide additional connectivity and data center services to Cytracom. Cytracom provides high-availability VoIP solutions through an exclusive partner network and owns and operates its own equipment on a fault-tolerant network engineered for high demand VoIP traffic. The company anticipates strong growth this year as a result of increasing market reach and awareness and the expansion of its channel partner network. Cytracom continues to rely on CoreXchange as it grows its network and data center infrastructure necessary to support and provide superior VoIP solutions.
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