Rebtel Chooses PubNub Pulse to Speed Up Their Service

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel has selected PubNub for improving their service which is used by more than 17 million users. Delivering real-time services in a scalable fashion is an increasing challenge, thanks to an ever-growing variety of Android, iPhone, and other smartphones, tablets and desktops connected via a multitude of home and corporate firewalls and network proxies. With PubNub's 10 data centers, PubNub is able to deliver the performance, reliability, and redundancy required by Rebtel's global customer base.

"In the telephony world, milliseconds matter," said Daniel Forsman, Head of R&D at Rebtel. "PubNub has allowed us to drive down our infrastructure and development costs by allowing us to message devices anywhere in the world via a single API in fractions of a second."

"Our partnership with Rebtel marks an important step of our growth into Telecom," said Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub. "With Rebtel, we've shown our ability to deliver PubNub's world-class real-time service into an industry with the highest standards for reliability and availability."

PubNub's globally deployed real-time web platform powers the most compelling apps across a wide variety of industries, including the leading business collaboration, multi-player gaming, education, social TV, and telecom companies.

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