VoIP Innovations Receives RespOrg Certification for Toll-Free Service

voipinnovations_logo.jpgVoIP Innovations recently became certified as a RespOrg, or Responsible Organization. This means VoIP Innovations now has direct access to the Service Management System database, which controls the nations call routing on all toll-free calls. “As one of the nation’s largest VoIP providers, becoming certified as a RespOrg was the next logical step for us,” stated Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations.

The RespOrg was launched in 1993 as part of the FCC order to institute toll-free number portability. The demand for toll-free has greatly outpaced supply which has led to the creation of additional toll-free area codes that now include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833, and 822. In order for carriers to become a RespOrg, they must go through a certification process. Once certification is approved, there is internal training that must be completed as well as BackOffice integration.

As a RespOrg, VoIP Innovations has integrated fail-over protection for their toll-free DIDs and service. “Giving our wholesale VoIP customers the peace-of-mind of knowing all their service wasn’t tied to one carrier, was very important to us. We can now offer redundancy on our Toll-Free DIDs”, said Jason Tapolci. Along with peace-of-mind comes reliability. “In general toll-free origination support is much quicker, better, and faster when a VoIP wholesale service provider controls the toll-free numbers.” Barry Yancosek – Sr. Operations Manager at VoIP Innovations explains. Additionally, being a RespOrg now allows VoIP Innovations to LCR (least cost route) their toll-free origination, which allows them to provide the lowest possible rates while offering reliable up-time.

VoIP Innovations’ customers include ITSP's, Hosted PBX providers, call centers, calling card providers and other carriers. Having direct SMS800 access will now allow better integration and more reliable service than ever before. Customers can now quickly provision and re-route Toll-Free DIDs through VoIP Innovations Titanium III platform.

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