VisiFone VoIP Subscribers Get ABC News Now

ViseonMedia, a subsidiary of Viseon, Inc. and exclusive source of TV-quality interactive programming to VisiFone Multimedia digital home telephones, today announced that ABC News Now has agreed to provide content in a VisiFone consumer pilot slated for 2006. ViseonMedia will receive selected programming from ABC News Now and will format and broadcast to VisiFone installed homes throughout the United States. The addition of ABC News Now further validates the concept of VisiFone as a platform or "third screen" for real-time interaction between "mass media" and the consumers using a VisiFone multimedia display for fully interactive video and digital audio without the complexities of a personal computer.

"ABC News is a leading provider of tailored multimedia news including 24-hour news channel ABC News Now, plus video-on-demand reports from all ABC News broadcasts," said Bernard Gershon, General Manager of ABC News Now. "We continually strive to test and distribute our all-digital suite of news content on innovative multiple media platforms such as the VisiFone."

"We are proud to broadcast ABC News Now to our VoIP VisiFone consumer pilot subscribers," said ViseonMedia President and CEO J.D. de Haseth. "With ABC News Now's unprecedented, all-digital suite of news content, this truly is a testament to what the capabilities of VoIP really are for those consumers seeking to migrate from their traditional antiquated landline telephones to new VoIP smart phones such as the world's first multimedia digital VisiFone."

ViseonMedia will deliver news, sports, shopping, weather, information, and entertainment programming to VisiFone users around the globe. Consumers can choose to view personally customized content as well as control the features of their VoIP services directly on the screen of their VisiFone. ViseonMedia interactive programming on the VisiFone is not designed to replace the television or the web portal experience. Instead, it is a dedicated third screen within the home where consumers can automatically view personalized information on their preferred schedule in a TV-quality like experience.

According to International Data Corporation, 3 million users will have VoIP service in 2005, reaching 27 million users by 2009. For further information, please see the company websites at and

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