How Exposed is VoIP Security? VON Fall 2005 Will Tell

SecurityLab Technologies Inc., provider of enterprise security management products and consulting services, today announced that the company's CTO, Ejovi Nuwere, will speak at the upcoming VON Fall 2005 conference and expo. Nuwere will present the company's recent research into VoIP security flaws and explain how these flaws can be used to attack enterprise networks via VoIP technology and services.

"When it comes to VoIP security it's like 1999," says Nuwere. "Vendors blithely assume that attackers won't want to or won't be able to exploit their products. But as we all now know, if technology harbors a vulnerability it will eventually be exploited. This presentation is meant to serve as a wake up call."

Among the VoIP vulnerabilities Nuwere will discuss in his "How Vulnerable is VoIP?" presentation are those that, if exploited by an attacker, could cause VoIP gateway servers to suffer from Denial of Service attacks or give an attacker full control of the victims VoIP gateway or desktop.

"Many companies have worked hard to secure their networks, but VoIP technology, thoughtlessly deployed, can open avenues of exploitation in seemingly well-secured enterprise systems," says Nuwere.

"And these exploits aren't difficult to carry out -- someone with moderate computer skills could easily take advantage of these vulnerabilities. So it's likely that VoIP will soon become part of the malicious hackers' arsenal."

SecurityLab Technologies Inc. will also present recent discoveries from their research into common coding flaws and a preview of new products on the exhibition floor. SecurityLab Technologies will be located in Booth 1041 at the VON Fall 2005, September 19 - 22, 2005 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

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