Ingate Debuts Full Lineup of Software SIParator and Firewall E-SBCs

ingate_logo.gifIngate announces the Ingate Software SIParator and Ingate Software Firewall, new software-only versions of the company's Ingate SIParator and Ingate Firewall E-SBCs.

The Ingate Software SIParator/Firewall offers the same security and SIP-enabling functionality found in Ingate's hardware-based E-SBCs. The software can be installed on customers' own servers (or integrated with IP-PBXs or media gateways) or used as a virtualized application and all of Ingate's usual advanced modules can be added as required.

Available now, the Ingate Software SIParator/Firewall comes in a wide range of models to address the needs of small businesses and SMBs, large enterprises and everything in-between. The software-only E-SBC can handle from as few as five simultaneous calls, up to as many as 10,000, depending on the hardware used.

The software-only E-SBC is intended for IP-PBX vendors, system integrators and customers deploying a large number of Ingate products on their own hardware platform.

Enabling Secure SIP Trunking, Unified Communications
Like all Ingate E-SBCs, the Ingate Software SIParator/Firewall enables secure SIP into the network to make trusted SIP trunking and UC possible. It works hand-in-hand with an existing network firewall to allow SIP traffic to traverse the enterprise edge. It can also be configured with firewalling functionality to provide enterprise security for all SIP and data traffic.

Advanced Security Bundled Free with Ingate Products
Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System solutions for SIP are bundled free with all Ingate models, including the software version of the Ingate E-SBC. IDS/IPS protects against attacks targeting SIP devices, such as IP-PBXs and SIP phones. IDS/IPS works in tandem with Ingate's existing security features to offer maximum protection.

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