SIP Certifications, an Industry Standard at 1000+

The SIP SchoolT has awarded the 1000th SIP School Certified Associate. The SSCA is the leading vendor-neutral certification for networking professionals that is globally recognized and has become the SIP certification to attain.

Sreekumar G, the 1000th recipient says, "I'm currently working as a Technical Manager in AVAYA. My primary job includes supporting the AVAYA customers around the globe who are using Unified Communications solutions. The SSCA SIP certification was very highly structured and it's helping engineers in understanding the SIP concepts, call flow, etc. I would strongly recommend engineers who are working in the SIP domain to try this as it will really help in your day to day work."

SIP certification involves a series of online SIP training modules followed by an extensive online test of the technologists understanding and application of SIP. Becoming a SSCA demonstrates that the recipient can work effectively in the VoIP environment and SIP's migration into support Unified Communications. The SIP training program is specifically designed to not only educate on SIP but teach people how to work with confidence in situations that may be completely new to them. Use the discount code "1000SSCA" when purchasing the training and taking the test.

Sharon Golan, Senior Technical Program Manager at Avaya believes that "The SIP training program from The SIP SchoolT has proven to be a great resource for us in getting our engineers up to speed on the protocol that we are building into the Avaya products. Getting engineers certified as an SSCA has brought numerous benefits for us as an employer, not only getting our engineers the required skills, but we can also measure peoples development and reward them as such. For the engineers themselves, they are happy to achieve certified status and be seen by their peers and clients as an expert on SIP. Of course, our customers are benefiting as support queries are dealt with quicker, and they continue to get the excellent support that they are used to. "

Certification can help the employee in many ways including job prospects, job promotion, higher standing in the telecom community along with the confidence that their training and certification gives them the skills to adapt as SIP evolves. When hiring, 68% of IT managers regard certifications as medium to high priority according to the largest vendor-neutral certifying organization, CompTIA.

Getting certified is fast and easy. Networking professionals can obtain the SIP training and then go on to take the SSCA test. If the professional already has the knowledge, the SSCA test can be taken separately without taking the SIP training modules. The SIP SchoolT course descriptions can be found at which has course outlines and demos. Advice for selecting the best SIP training for the professional can be found at

The SIP SchoolT is the web's leading SIP training and Certification service that has quickly gained the backing of manufacturers and organisations that are prominent in the Telecoms industry. SIP, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol has become the most important protocol in Voice and Unified Communications today as it is built into handsets, PBX systems, gateways, and is also displacing traditional digital and analog lines with SIP trunks. Its importance to the Telecoms industry cannot be understated. Educated professionals are crucial to its development, hence the success of The SIP SchoolT programs.

With clients and partners such as Cisco, Avaya, Toshiba, Mitel, Panasonic, Acme Packet, AudioCodes, Bell Canada, British Telecom, NEC and many others it's easy to see why The SIP SchoolT has become the provider of choice for education and with the backing of the TIA, it is firmly established as the world leader.

"The Telecommunications Industry Association, the leader in advocacy, standards development, business development and intelligence for the information and communications technology industry, has officially endorsed The SIP SchoolT as the provider of choice for training and certification for SIP. "

For a full list of training programs plus demos and pricing, please visit

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