CallRex Professional Certified on Asterisk Business Edition

callrexprofessional.jpgTelrex announces that the CallRex Professional call recording and monitoring solution has earned the designation of “Digium|Asterisk Certified” for Asterisk Business Edition. CallRex software from Telrex, an affordable, robust call recording software for Asterisk installations, was thoroughly tested in Digium’s lab to validate its interoperability with Asterisk Business Edition. Telrex is a Digium Interoperability Partner.
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EMCC Software Creates a VoIP Engine for S60 Devices

EMCC Software has created a VoIP engine for S60 devices as part of its suite of business mobile integration products. In creating a new suite of enterprise products that enable easy deployment and use of mobile PBX integration software, EMCC has built up extensive expertise in mobile VoIP. EMCC has developed a cross-platform VoIP engine capable of being installed on S60, Windows Mobile and other platforms that may lack built-in VoIP capability. The comprehensive VoIP engine can easily be deployed “Over the Air” to handsets based on S60 and other Smartphone platforms. It is a fully functional engine that does not rely on any of the in-built handset capabilities.
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Fonality Provides HUD 3.0 Unified Communications Platform for trixbox CE

Small Business Phone SystemFonality is now providing the market leading HUD 3.0 unified communications software to the trixbox Community Edition platform. The new HUD 3.0 will provide trixbox CE users with presence management and detection in a single interface for all types of office communications, including SMS, instant message, landline calling, mobile calling, chat, voicemail, email, conferencing, recording, and barging.
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Two New Features Added to SoliCall’s Noise Reduction Technology

solicall-logo.pngSoliCall has released two new features added to its unique personalized noise reduction technology: Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Call Monitoring. The AEC well aligns with SoliCall’s strategy to improve voice quality from both ends of the call - in this case, by reducing both the outgoing and incoming echo.

In addition to improving the quality, the PBXMate – the company’s commercial solution for VoIP/IP PBX systems – can now write statistics of the call. These statistics include information regarding the quality of the call - e.g. jitter, noise level and delay. By using SoliCall’s PBXMate you can hence not just improve the voice quality but also monitor the calls. The PBXMate works out-of-the-box with any SIP PBX, including Asterisk, Nortel, CISCO etc.
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SecureLogix Releases Free VoIP Security Assessment Tool Suite

SecureLogix is releasing a suite of custom VoIP security assessment tools, which are now available for free download from the company’s website. These tools can be used to assess susceptibility to a wide variety of SIP threats, including Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, eavesdropping, audio insertion and deletion, and even call teardown.
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LiveVox Enhances VoIP Dialer to Address Collection Compliance Needs

Livevox_logo.gifLiveVox made enhancements to their VoIP Dialer to enable credit and collection organizations to navigate increasing regulatory scrutiny by executing and monitoring compliant campaigns.

At the center of LiveVox's compliance-oriented feature suite is Agent Desktop 2.0, powered by an integrated Automatic Call Distributor in a true hosted environment, and Campaign Manager 3.0, which brings controls, list management and reporting formerly only available in expensive premise-based dialing solutions. Agent Desktop tracks real-time agent availability to control and refine call pacing and call routing, reducing hold time and abandoned calls. Furthermore, Agent Desktop sponsors environments of true agent accountability, with RPC/Hour/Agent reporting in real time.
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NetIQ VoIP Management Software Extended to Microsoft

netiq_logo.gifNetIQ announces the availability of complete VoIP lifecycle management for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. With this module, NetIQ now provides event monitoring, service performance and availability reporting for all industry-leading VoIP platforms. As enterprises leverage VoIP implementations, messaging platforms and alternate forms of real-time communication, NetIQ AppManager software provides the needed foundation for enterprises pursuing unified communications to further reduce IT expenses and boost enterprise productivity.
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3CX VoIP Soft Phone Completely Free

3CX announces the release of a totally free new VoIP phone that allows users to make and receive calls from their computer using popular VoIP providers or SIP servers. 3CX VoIP Phone, unlike other free soft phones, has a straight forward, business-style interface and includes important business features such as call transfer.

3CX VoIP Phone has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with dial pad and buttons that make transferring or forwarding calls a breeze. It also allows users to review their history of calls, put calls on hold, to easily accept, reject or ignore calls with a mouse click, and much more.
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ooVoo Selects Jabber to Power Communication

oovoo.jpgooVoo has chosen the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform to power its real-time face-to-face video communication service. ooVoo enables users to have online, face-to-face presence-enabled video, audio, and text chats, send video messages, record video chats, send and receive files, and import contacts from other programs. The Jabber XCP multi-protocol presence server allows ooVoo users to immediately see the presence of a friend or colleague online and click-to-video call, click-to-instant message, or start a group chat, ensuring a high-quality experience for video, voice, and chat messaging to its customers.
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Trisys Adds Robust SIP Call Recording For Under $300

Trisys announces REPLAY VoIP, a software-only, SIP-based solution for recording phone conversations in an IP PBX environment. The latest in Trisys’ family of voice recording solutions, REPLAY VoIP is cost-effective, powerful, easy to implement and integrate, and simple to use. With its friendly Web-based interface, authorized personnel can search and retrieve call recordings based on a variety of search criteria.

REPLAY VoIP creates Call Detail records from SIP headers. This call control information is recorded for all calls accessible to the recording PC. The voice recordings are constructed from RTP packets, and are recorded for designated extensions.
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PhoneFusion Unveils Beta Version of Fusion Voicemail Plus for BlackBerry

PhoneFusion_logo.jpgPhoneFusion released its new beta version of Fusion Voicemail Plus for BlackBerry smartphones. This free visual voicemail application is now available for any BlackBerry device, including the popular BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve, on any U.S. wireless carrier. This free, downloadable voicemail application gives BlackBerry users the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see right on the screen of their mobile device a list of their voicemail messages. The service also allows users to listen to their voicemails directly from their BlackBerry. BlackBerry users whether or not they are an existing PhoneFusion customer can access the beta version of Fusion Voicemail Plus at This free service also comes as a standard feature in the PhoneFusion One solution.
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ManageEngine Adds H.323 Support to Its VoIP Quality Monitoring

AdventNet announces support for monitoring of H.323 protocol based VoIP traffic with the release of VQManager 6.1. ManageEngine VQManager now monitors VoIP environments that use SIP, Cisco SCCP or H.323 protocols for call signaling and RTP or RTCP protocols for media transfer.

VQManager's added support for the legacy H.323 protocol ensures complete and extensive coverage of VoIP equipment vendors & protocols and enhances IT administrator productivity by providing a single interface for complete VoIP network monitoring. VQManager now supports VoIP systems from vendors such as Cisco, Asterisk, 3Com, Avaya, Grandstream, 3CX, Polycom and many other vendors who support SIP, Cisco SCCP or H.323.
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ooVoo Releases v1.7 of its Face-to-Face Video Communications Service

oovoo.jpgooVoo releases its newest version of ooVoo 1.7 its face-to-face video chat service. ooVoo 1.7 continues to raise the bar of standards for online video communication by providing its users with its highest video picture resolution to date, featuring quality that increases the image-enhancing pixel count and quadrupling the video call screen sizes. ooVoo's popular video chat service provides for easy set up, automatically detecting compatible bandwidth and a wide range of webcams.

In addition, ooVoo is introducing new and improved features to help its growing community of users add friends and colleagues to their personal ooVoo contact list. The new features make it even easier for people to connect with friends, family and colleagues no matter where they are located. New ooVoo 1.7 features include:

Find out the new features after the jump.
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GIPS Launches VideoEngine and VoiceEngine SDKs

Global IP Solutions launched the general availability of the VoiceEngine and VideoEngine SDKs. Targeted at application developers, IP PBX manufacturers and service providers offering real-time voice and video, the SDKs maximize flexibility and ensure high quality standards necessary for successful IP voice and video products.

The Unified Communications market continues to grow and companies are looking for more ways to capitalize on the benefits of call control, presence, voice and video solutions. GIPS VoiceEngine and VideoEngine SDKs simplify the development of full-featured Unified Communications services with real-time voice and video capabilities by providing all the components and multimedia processing technology needed by application developers. Traditionally, developers had to go to multiple vendors and integrate varying technologies to build a VoIP or video over IP application risking quality and interoperability issues. The SDKs combines all the important IP communications components in one package providing a one-stop solution.
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JAJAH and EMOBILE Launch Wireless IP-Telephony Service in Japan

JAJAH with EMOBILE have launched an IP-only mobile device the EM·ONE that is set to be the standard around the world. With the EM·ONE device, users in Japan can now make and receive voice-over-mobile-broadband calls via its JAJAH Mobile software client without a traditional mobile phone connection.

Japan is recognized as the world's leading mobile telephony market, with other countries tending to adopt Japanese mobile practices over time. As many carriers around the globe announce intentions to move towards purely IP-based mobile telephony, JAJAH and EMOBILE have made this a reality.
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