Twilio Launches VoIP Developer Toolkit for Millions of Web & Mobile Applications

Twilio announces the release of Twilio Client, a software toolkit for web, iOS, and Android development. With Twilio Client, mobile and web developers can now enable voice communications within any application by programmatically embedding two-way audio between their users on websites, inside web and mobile applications, and with traditional landline and office phones.

With Twilio Client, millions of web developers worldwide can now build Skype-like voice capabilities with Twilio’s scalable, reliable communications infrastructure-as-a-service. With just a few lines of code, web and mobile applications can host voice conversations, conference calls, and other forms of rich communication. Twilio Client works simultaneously across platforms, allowing web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets running iOS or Android to communicate seamlessly. The service also integrates with traditional phone service and SMS using Twilio’s existing web service APIs for making and receiving phone calls and text messages.

Twilio Client enables communication experiences in a wide range of existing applications, including email, CRM, gaming, entertainment, news, chat, and social networking. Using Twilio’s simple developer tools, businesses can build sophisticated unified communications solutions such as call centers, office phone systems, call tracking tools, and more.

Over 40,000 developers use Twilio for applications that interact with traditional mobile and landline telephones via the public telephone network. Twilio Client now allows those applications to interact directly with end-users, bypassing the public telephone network and completely reinventing the way developers enable communication, without the constraints of traditional telephones.

Twilio Client is available today as a free Javascript SDK download, with iOS and Android SDKs currently in beta. Twilio Client connections cost ¼ cent per minute.

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