VoIP Monitor Speed Linking for 6-04-2007

suitandtie.jpgIt's been awhile since I did some speed linking (link love) for the VoIP blogosphere. Soooo, here are some recent articles that caught my attention from some great VoIP bloggers.

Skype cuts SMS rates again [ blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating ]

Vodafone Offering Lower Prices For Mobile Data--VoIP Is A Maybe [ andyabramson.blogs.com ]

Court says VoIP companies must pay USF [ saunderslog.com ]


Federal Appeals Court Ruled that VoIP Providers Must Pay USF Fees [ solokay.blogspot.com ]

Linksys WIP320 Review [ www.smithonvoip.com ]

Attackers targets VoIP [ solokay.blogspot.com ]

iPhone vs Nokia N95 [ lucafiligheddu.blogspot.com ] also the iPhone release date is now 6/29/07 :(

Vonage VOIP to cost more? [ voipguides.blogspot.com ]

Everpeace EP-880: This VoIP phone cannot be tapped [ www.voip-weblog.com ]

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