VoIP Security Expert to Preview ''Hacking Exposed: VoIP''

SecureLogix Corporation announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Mark Collier, will be speaking at Black Hat USA 2006, a leading computer network security conference. Mr. Collier's presentation will preview some of the research findings set for release later this year in an upcoming book entitled "Hacking Exposed: VoIP" from publisher McGraw-Hill. Mr. Collier is co-authoring the book and co-presenting at Black Hat with David Endler, director of security research at 3Com and chairman of the Voice over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Palace Ballroom 2 in Caesars Palace.

VoIP Security - A Growing Concern

As enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP) adoption continues to increase, so will the scope, frequency, and severity of VoIP-related network attacks. Although there is increasing awareness of general VoIP security issues, less is understood about which types of attacks are likely to be most prevalent, and how network administrators should prioritize and defend against these threats today and tomorrow. In conducting laboratory research for their book, Collier and Endler built and demonstrated many real-world VoIP attack scenarios. Their book will describe these threats, pragmatically discuss which attacks are most likely to manifest over the coming months and years, and outline how best to protect enterprise VoIP networks.

About Mark Collier

Mark Collier is CTO of SecureLogix Corporation, an enterprise telephony management and security company. Mr. Collier is responsible for technology research, development, and related intellectual property, including a special focus on VoIP security solutions. In addition to his corporate R&D work, he has completed publicly-funded research into current and future threats to VoIP systems, protocols, and application services. Mr. Collier is a frequently-quoted author and presenter on the topic of voice and VoIP security, and is currently co-authoring a book on VoIP security for McGraw-Hill's popular "Hacking Exposed" IT security series. Mr. Collier is a founding member of the VoIP Security Alliance (www.voipsa.com), an industry group focused on VoIP security education.

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