VoIP Monitor Blogosphere News for 5-15-2007

I was just doing a little catching up around the VoIP blogosphere and came across many great articles. So without further a due let's get to the good stuff and let VoIP Monitor keep you in the loop.

Fellow writer and friend Garrett Smith shares his insight on why the Skype - WalMart Deal Will Be a Flop.

Chris Hansen save the UK! SkypeJournal.com writes on, UK: Paedophiles use Skype to find and pursue likely targets. I think they meant Pedophiles, but I'd call them much worse.

VoIP Guide writes about a Jaduka hack to make free calls anywhere in the world in Best VOIP Solution for Free Calls.

I wanted to write on this article last week after I came across it over the Google newswire, however I simply ran out of time. The good news is voip-weblog.com has a great write up about it at Don't fall into the trap of VoIP Pyramid Scheme.

TheVOIPGirl shares Fring, Talkster, Nimbuzz and Barablu Reviewed.

And what would a VoIP blogosphere update be without the latest from Tom Keating? Well it just wouldn't as much fun, simple as that. Tom has a reminder of what summer fun used to be with a Slip 'n Slide and now the NEW Banzai Falls Twin Blast Rapids Waterslide. I couldn't help but think back to all the old neighborhood friends who broke bones on the WHAM-O Slip 'n Slide. Ahhh memories...

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