VoIP Monitor Speedlinking for 4-5-2007

Just have time for a quick news roundup post today. So let's get right too it!
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VoIP Monitor Speedlinking - 22 March 2007

I'm always checking VoIP bloggers websites for the latest and greatest news to bring to my readers attention. Today while looking at Jeff Pulver's blog it appears he's rolled out the red carpet and taken up the roll of paparazzi at Spring VON 2007. He's provided us with many pictures of attendee's and a great inside look of the event.

While over looking these pictures I couldn't help myself when I ran across a Patrick Dempsey look-a-like. I don't know this gentleman’s name and I hope he doesn't mind me drawing the similarity. You decide 'does he or doesn't he' look like Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy?

In other VoIP speedlinking news:
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VoIP Monitor Weekly News Roundup

Since today's VoIP news is rather slow, but no slower than any other Friday. Why not provide a weekly roundup of what VoIP bloggers have been writing. Just incase you missed it.

Yesterday I did a quick post on Herb Greenberg's take on "The MagicJack" which included a nice video. It seems other VoIP bloggers were picking up on the same story and provided their take on the topic. Tom Keating writes, magicJack - New VoIP Player launches and Paul Kapustka of GigaOM in MagicJack, Simpler VoIP than Skype?

Skype made news this week as it tops 500 million downloads which reminded me of this post Digg Hits 750,000 Sock Puppets (Great image included). In other Skype news Andy Abramson has hinted at Is Skype Getting Sexy? and Gautam of voip-weblog.com on Skype Prime Beta - get paid for the calls.

Last but not least this weeks big news came yesterday when the "Vonage" hit the fan. Great titles referenced everything, but Anita Ward's "Ring my Bell" song.
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Speedlinking VoIP News - 21 February 2007

GrandCentral is adding support for the free Gizmo Project Internet VoIP service scheduled to be announced later today.

Jyve, a maker of Skype plug-ins aims to take on Google with it's "ask engine". Where searches provide a live chat, instant message or phone call from a person with expertise on the searched topic.

Last but not least is yet another Verizon customer service horror story.

It's early so be sure to check back for the latest in VoIP news and hopefully I can expand on these stories more.

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Early Valentines Day and Late VoIP News Roundup

With Valentines Day just around the corner Tom Keating gives us a heads up on a Vonage-gram for Valentine's Day. I'd also like to point out a few more sweet innovative Valentine gifts for your loved one. Thanks to Fortune Small Business February 2007 for spotlighting these products made by small companies, incase you feel like helping out the little guy.

Alec Saunders writes that Pat Phelan’s AllFreeCalls, now in Ireland. AllFreeCalls.ie lets Irish residents make a local call, and then enter the number of the place they wish to call. It’s a two stage calling system, financed by termination revenues from the local telco.

VoIP news earlier this week featured 25 Skype hacks some you might not have known about.

I've been meaning to highlight Leanne Tremblay aka VOIPGirl's blog for awhile now. Leanne reports PhoneGnome Feature: Reach Beyond. A feature that helps you stay connected to 10 frequently called non-PhoneGnome numbers.

Andy Abramson chimes in on Truphone Gets Google Eyed and Is GTalking and so does Gautam in The engagement of Truphone and Google Talk which comes with a nice Truphone video demo giving you an idea on the look and feel of how it all works.

Fellow blogger Jan Geirnaert over at www.Skype-Gadgets.com is attending 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this Feb. 12th-15th. We wish him a safe flight from his "fortress" in Malaysia and look forward to an insiders view of the event. Keep up the great work Jan.

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VoIPMonitor VoIP News Roundup Yehaw

Just some VoIP news that I thought deserved some highlighting for today. So lets just jump right in.

First off I'd like to point out that the Phone tax refund is no scam. Taxpayers who paid excise taxes for Internet-based phone service, known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), are also eligible for the refund. The refunds range from $30 to $60, depending on the number of exemptions you claim on your tax return. So check out this article for information and a brief history on how the federal government first imposed a federal excise tax on phone services and how to get some money back.

My cousin informed me of 1500 free FON Wi-Fi routers at Giveaway Thursday: FON Wi-Fi routers, Joost and some Babelgum. I always love free stuff so do like they say, "give us some Digg love, click here. Help spread the word"

VoIP products who doesn't love them. Tom Keating brought my attention to VoIP products on QVC channel. Like Tom, I'd like to clearly state that I don't watch QVC. Tom's other news includes Skype for Mac 2.5 Goes Gold.

Jan writes about Skype Call forwarding plugin. Testing it now. Something fishy here and gives his scenario of what could happen if it falls into the wrong hands.

Todays last bit of news comes from Andy Abramson on fring and he explains it nicely at Fring Is Here so check it out. A brief description: fring uses your mobile internet connection to make peer-to-peer VoIP calls, send instant messages and talk with VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Talk, at no extra cost.

I posted an image of how fring works above. I know it's tiny, but that's why we use the lightbox script here on VoIPMonitor.net allowing you to simply click the image and see it in full scale. It works great for those over sized product images we receive too.

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Todays Round Up of VoIP News

Jan writes about a new Skype Extra Ringjacker - Hijack your friends Ringtone! Ring them up with your music!. Great.... let's hope this doesn't lead to an invasion of ABBA calls. Here's where you can find the Ringjacker download.

Tom Keating comments Skype Pro launches all while giving props where props are due to Rich Tehrani who rummored it last week at ITEXPO.

Alec Saunders, helping to discover a new, yet old VoIP blogger source Thomas Anglero who's been writing Telecom's Tsunami since 2003. I'm always interested in helping spread the word of a new resource of VoIP information. I enjoyed reading Anglero's post on Opening the VoIP community... to everyone. If I can't bring you the news myself, why not share the work of others and help open the gates of the VoIP blogging community. Alec makes a great point that "As with any blogger, the quickest way to get my attention is write something that links to something I’ve written, or drop me an email." Amen to that.

What better way to end todays VoIP blog round up than with an episode of VoIP cops busy in Bangladesh and even More “Cops” in Bangladesh. Busts include $360,000 worth of VoIP equipment being rounded up in the latest 14th and 15th crack downs.

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Gizmo Project rolls out GizmoCall, Bloggers Chime In

Andy Abramson and Om Malik talk about GizmoProject's release of GizmoCall, a new web based calling service, which is now live.

Andy Abramson says, "So what does this mean? Well for starters since you can point any SIP service to GizmoProject it means that the idea of a softphone as a piece of software becomes unneeded, because any browser now becomes a softphone. That's very similar in approach to VoIPster and Abbeynet, but with a difference. GizmoPoject already has hundreds of thousands of users and they have built some telco relationships with carriers such as SingTel. Gizmo also leverages Level3's network and capabilities and since migrating away from some Tier 2 carriers here in the USA has seen their quality steadily rise."

Om Malik gives GizmoCall a big thumbs up, "From a usability standpoint, this one gets a big thumbs up from me. After installing this tiny plugin, you are given a screen that is pretty much a Flash-based replica of the Gizmo Project soft client."
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VoIPMonitor Correction: Alec Saunders Not at ITEXPO

Yesterday in my "Todays VoIP Blog News Your Moment of Zen", I reported that Alec Saunders is at ITEXPO. Turns out this is not true in a report on his blog saunderslog.com. Sorry for any added confusion to my readers and Alec Saunders.
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Todays VoIP Blog News Your Moment of Zen

VoIP Weblog reports VoIP Client from Gizmo Project for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Looks pretty cool just click on the image for a larger picture.

Andy Abramson points out V-Access Is Real Yawner due to Vonage's lack of innovation. When someone yawns why is it so addicting that you find yourself yawning with them?

Skype for Business and Professionals link blurp fest. Keep that Skype news coming Jan.

Tom Keating has Arrived at ITEXPO with 77 °F and mostly cloudy sky's, but will that put a damper on Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East 2007? No way! Right now I'm wishing I was at the event. VoIPMonitor is still proud to be a media sponsor of the event. So keep the unlucky rest of us updated Tom.

Alec Saunders is also at ITEXPO and I'm not. He interviews Digium's VP Bill Miller and calls out todays Digium full-court press (release). Correction: Alec Saunders is not at ITEXPO

MyVoIPnews reports on Naughty Engin caught. I'd say doing 60mph in a 45mph zone.

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Todays VoIP Blog News

pluggedin.gifJust another day of interesting VoIP news from a few of my favorite sites.

Secure your VoIP network with 25 steps that Jan points out "normal people can read and understand" right on!

Writer Paul Kapustka for GigaOM points out Vonage’s Tough Road Ahead with Vonage announcing their new V-Access service to counter AT&T's Unity.

Back to the future with this blog on An iPhone ad from 1996 ahh memories.

Welcome to the Aussie 500 Aussies, start your Engins!

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VoIP Security in 2007 Crystal Ball Predictions

Mark Collier, a leading voice over IP (VoIP) security scientist, author, and blogger, announced the release of his “VoIP Security Trends and Predictions for 2007.” Mr. Collier’s prognostications have been posted to his popular VoIP security blog at: www.voipsecurityblog.com. Mr. Collier is CTO of SecureLogix Corporation, an enterprise telephony management and security company.

“Enterprise VoIP deployments will continue to ramp in 2007, and the frequency and severity of VoIP-specific attacks will increase as well,” stated Collier. “Here are my top VoIP security trends to watch for in 2007":
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Skype with Video-Egg, VoIP for Food and Brake for VoIP

VoIP Blog News:

The new skype embedded environment with video-egg. And it is not Joost but Hans (Skype Software & Hardware Gadgets)

Will VoIP for food (myvoipnews.org)

Other VoIP News:

Qwest Pulls out All the Stops in Upgrading Voice and Data Solutions for JUST BRAKES.

Network Upgrade To Deliver Multi-Meg and IP-Enabled Voice and Data Services.

Max Telecom Selects Navini For Nationwide WiMAX Network in Bulgaria.

VocalTec Receives Class-4 Certificates from the Ministry of Communications in Russia.

TVLocalSearch and TVCallME instantly connected to the local business by telephone with a click of the remote.

Global Crossing's Global Partner Program Surpasses 50-Partner Milestone

Happy hump day to my readers, we can make it just two more days!

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VoIPMonitor: Keeps You Plugged Into VoIP

pluggedin.gifSo after writing a nice long post and nearly finished. It was explaining this new category on VoIPMonitor.net when my IE 7.0 crashed. Go figured I hadn't saved, copied or pasted it anywhere either. So, I'll just keep this attempt short and sweet.

With so much daily VoIP news to report, I figured it'd be a great to extend my readers reach to fellow VoIP bloggers by sharing some sites that I read regularly. You might already visit these sites and perhaps you haven't heard of some. I guess too much news can't be a bad thing so without further ado behold the VoIP Bloggers category.

More On The Future of Minutes Dropping To Zero (VoIP Watch by Andy Abramson)

Apple Iphone works on the Windows Mobile 5.0 (Skype Software & Hardware Gadgets)

Wish I was going, ITEXPO just 7 days away (VoIP and Gadgets Blog by Tom Keating)

Jack Bauer's Perfect Mobile Phone for 24 (VoIP and Gadgets Blog by Tom Keating)

Talk for free (for a little while, anyway) on VoIP.com (myvoipnews.org)

Functionality vs. Good Design in Apple iPhone (thevoipgirl.com)

iCall emerges as an alternative to Skype (voip-weblog.com)

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