Todays Round Up of VoIP News

Jan writes about a new Skype Extra Ringjacker - Hijack your friends Ringtone! Ring them up with your music!. Great.... let's hope this doesn't lead to an invasion of ABBA calls. Here's where you can find the Ringjacker download.

Tom Keating comments Skype Pro launches all while giving props where props are due to Rich Tehrani who rummored it last week at ITEXPO.

Alec Saunders, helping to discover a new, yet old VoIP blogger source Thomas Anglero who's been writing Telecom's Tsunami since 2003. I'm always interested in helping spread the word of a new resource of VoIP information. I enjoyed reading Anglero's post on Opening the VoIP community... to everyone. If I can't bring you the news myself, why not share the work of others and help open the gates of the VoIP blogging community. Alec makes a great point that "As with any blogger, the quickest way to get my attention is write something that links to something I’ve written, or drop me an email." Amen to that.

What better way to end todays VoIP blog round up than with an episode of VoIP cops busy in Bangladesh and even More “Cops” in Bangladesh. Busts include $360,000 worth of VoIP equipment being rounded up in the latest 14th and 15th crack downs.

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