SecureLogix CTO Mark Collier to Lead VoIP Security Panel Discussion at Fall VoiceCon

securelogix_logo.gifSecureLogix's CTO and VP of Engineering Mark Collier will moderate a panel discussion of the current state of VoIP security risks at the VoiceCon San Francisco conference and exhibition. The conference is being held Nov. 10–13 at the Moscone North Convention Center in San Francisco. Collier is a telephony security expert and co-author of the book Hacking Exposed: VoIP. He is also the author of the widely read VoIP Security Blog.

The panel discussion, entitled “Protecting Your Investment: Top VoIP Security Threats,” will be held on Nov 13, 2008 from 8:00–8:45 a.m. Mr. Collier will lead a discussion of the current state of VoIP security threats and the outlook for the future. As VoIP becomes more widely deployed in the enterprise, it will naturally become a tempting target for hackers. At the same time, enterprise VoIP systems will be affected by attacks that target the underlying IP infrastructure. The panel participants will discuss the most serious current voice network attacks, the likeliest threats for the near future, and how best to prioritize resources to defend against the likeliest threats to IP telephony systems to keep voice traffic up and running securely.

About Mark Collier

Mark Collier is CTO and VP of Engineering for SecureLogix Corporation, an enterprise telephony management and security company. Mr. Collier is responsible for technology research, development and related intellectual property, including a special focus on VoIP security solutions. In addition to his corporate R&D work, he has completed publicly funded research into current and future threats to VoIP systems, protocols and application services. Mr. Collier is a frequently quoted author and presenter on the topic of voice and VoIP security, and has co-authored a book on VoIP security entitled Hacking Exposed: VoIP. Mr. Collier is a founding member of the VoIP Security Alliance, an industry group focused on VoIP security education.

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