Report: The Taiwanese Enterprise VoIP Equipment Industry, 1Q 2011

research_and_markets.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Taiwanese Enterprise VoIP Equipment Industry, 1Q 2011" report to their offering.

This research report presents shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese enterprise VoIP equipment industry. The report includes IP phone and VoIP gateway shipment volume, shipment value and ASP, as well as shipment volume and share by maker, solution provider, production location, shipment destination, business type, and customer portfolio. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with enterprise VoIP makers. The report finds that in the fourth quarter of 2010, Taiwanese IP phone shipment volume and value saw double-digit year-on-year growth while Taiwanese enterprise VoIP gateway shipment volume and value saw year-on-year declines. Taiwanese IP phone and enterprise VoIP gateway shipment volume is expected to grow upwards steadily and record year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2011. Overall shipment value of the Taiwanese enterprise VoIP equipment industry is also projected to experience year-on-year growth in full-year 2011.
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Norango Enriches its Portfolio with VoIP Handsets from Snom

Norango has become a value-added reseller for snom, allowing it to offer its customers the full range of snom IP phones. The Norango packages use Hosted-PBX and handsets provided by snom, allowing them to offer a feature rich solution at a competitive price.

The advanced features of snom handsets combined with the scalability and security of a cloud-based PBX solution sees Norango broaden its customer offering and harness a cloud-based approach to telephone systems. In addition to selling snom products, Norango are part of the globally accredited Certified Engineer programme, meaning their customers are safe in the knowledge that Norango can provide technical support with certified training behind them.
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netTALK DUO Now Available on announces that the netTALK DUO VoIP device and digital phone service is now being sold at

The netTALK DUO is a revolutionary VoIP device and digital phone service that enables free nationwide calls to any phone in the U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world, as well as rock-bottom international rates and a slew of other features, detailed at No computer is necessary to use the netTALK DUO, as it simply plugs directly into a router or modem (or computer). The suggested retail price for the devise is $69.95, including the entire first year of phone service and only $29.95 each year after.
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netTALK DUO Now Sold at Giant E-tailer NewEgg

netTalk_logo.jpgnetTALK.COM announces that the company’s flagship product, the netTALK DUO VoIP device and digital phone service, is now available for sale at

The netTALK DUO is a revolutionary VoIP device and digital phone service that enables free nationwide calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world, as well as rock-bottom international rates and a slew of other features, detailed at No computer is necessary to use the netTALK DUO, as it simply plugs directly into a router or modem (or computer). The netTALK DUO has a suggested retail price of $69.95, including the entire first year of phone service and only $29.95 each year after (no monthly fees or long-term contracts).
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snom Teams with Telchemy to Provide an Integrated VoIP Performance

snom_logo.jpgsnom and Telchemy announce that, after a battery of tests, snom’s full portfolio of IP phones and endpoints has been approved as interoperable with Telchemy’s award-winning DVQattest and SQmediator performance management products.

The combination of Telchemy’s DVQattest and SQmediator applications and snom’s IP desktop phones provides network managers, enterprises and end users with a full suite of pre-deployment and in-call performance management tools for business VoIP networks, allowing for faster and more efficient deployments and troubleshooting.
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IBM Validates ClearOne CHAT 150 and CHAT 50 USB Speakerphones for Sametime Unified Telephony

ClearOne_logo.gifClearOne announces that IBM has validated both the ClearOne CHAT® 150 group speakerphone and CHAT 50 personal speakerphone assuring interoperability with Sametime Unified Telephony, IBM's Unified Communications platform. The speakerphones, which connect via USB to a PC, VoIP softphone, and other devices, instantly provide Sametime users with hands-free voice communication for telephony, web, and video conferencing applications.

The CHAT 150 and CHAT 50 are advanced, business-grade speakerphones. Both incorporate HDConference, a suite of ClearOne audio technologies to maximize clarity, eliminate echo, suppress ambient noise, and optimize full-duplex performance so that participating parties can talk and listen at the same time and hear clearly without voices cutting in and out. For convenience, both models are designed with top-mounted volume level and mute buttons.
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Patton SmartNode VoIP Earns Thirteenth Annual INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

PATTON announces that the SmartNode 5400 Enterprise Session Border Router claimed INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year for 2010, maintaining a six-year winning streak for the brand.

Swiss-engineered and US-manufactured, Patton’s powerful session border controller provides secure connectivity between iPBX systems and Internet Telephony Service Provider with any-to-any SIP and H.323 protocol mediation.

Installed on customer premises, the SN5400 ESBR resolves the security, interoperability, and WAN optimization challenges businesses face when implementing SIP trunking solutions.
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VoIP Supply’s Reclaim Equipment Buyback Program Triples Operating Budget

VoIP Supply is pleased to announce that the 2011 operating budget for the Reclaim Equipment Buyback Program has been increased threefold to $3 million dollars.

In December 2009, VoIP Supply announced the introduction of their equipment buyback program called Reclaim. Customers were offered a channel to sell used or excess VoIP equipment to recoup some of their initial investment or to help offset the cost of their new technology purchases.

The simple five step process that sellers have been following has become so successful that VoIP Supply’s Reclaim budget for acquisitions has tripled from $1 million to $3 million annually. The tremendous response and demand for this service has been realized in just one calendar year.
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VoX Communications Develops Video Voice Mail for the Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has developed video voice mail, adding a unique and enhanced feature to the Ojo Vision phone. A video message cannot normally be sent to the mailbox of customers that use the Ojo Vision phone without this development effort.

Pervasip's Chief Information Officer, Mark Richards, noted, "We continue to use our expertise in cloud-based telephony and VoIP to bring exciting and innovative features to the devices that run on our network. Our customers, including the customers sold to by our new marketing partner, Globalpreneurs, can now send and receive a video voice-mail message on the Ojo Vision phone. We expect that the extra features that we provide to our customers will give an advantage to organizations that market our product. Now grandchildren can leave their grandparents a special video message, or people can leave friends and family a surprise video message."
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Echo Cancellation Hardware Now Available for Xorcom Business Telephony Solutions

xorcom_logo.gifXorcom is now shipping a hardware echo canceller module for its award-winning AstribankT telephony interfaces and Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances. The module provides a high level of echo cancellation and voice enhancement while reducing load on the CPU as compared to OSLEC, the software-based echo cancellation solution provided in the standard Asterisk framework.

New Echo Cancellation Module Increases Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported
Until now, Xorcom recommended that their customers use the OSLEC provided as part of the Asterisk operating system. Central Processing Units are so powerful these days that normally the OSLEC has no impact on the IP-PBX operation. However, if the telephony system is used in high density call environments, and/or where additional applications are involved, such as call centers that need call recording functionality, offloading the echo cancellation processing to a separate hardware module makes sense.
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Grandstream GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone Wins ITSPA Best Voice CPE Award

grandstream_logo.gifGrandstream Networks announces that the GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone was named the winner in the "Best Voice CPE" category at the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association awards ceremony, held this week at the BT Tower in London. The 2011 ITSPA Awards, now in their third year, celebrates excellence across the VoIP and Unified Communications industry and is open to providers of hardware and software service in both residential and business sectors.

An independent judging panel evaluated the GXV3140 against strict criteria including reliability, user friendliness, design, diversity and innovation.
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Report: The Worldwide IP Phone Market - Wired, DECT and Wi-Fi - Business and Consumer IP Phone Shipments to Exceed 40 Million in 2015

research_and_markets.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Worldwide IP Phone Market: Wired, DECT, and Wi-Fi" report to their offering.

IP phone sales have recovered from the deep recession in 2009 and are poised for growth. Within the business market, wired IP phones remain the standard and will continue to dominate the enterprise IP phone market throughout the forecast period. However, Wi-Fi and IP DECT phones continue to grow.

This report includes vendor market shares for 2009 vs. 2010 and forecasts through 2015 for wired, DECT, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi/cellular IP phones sold to consumers and businesses.
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Broadvox Certifies Grandstream HD IP Phones on GO!VBX Virtual Business eXchange Solution

grandstream_logo.gifGrandstream Networks and Broadvox jointly announce the interoperability and certification of Grandstream’s newest GXP21xx/14xx series enterprise HD IP phones and the GXV3175 next-generation IP Multimedia Phone on Broadvox’s GO!VBX- a hosted IP PBX platform. With this announcement, the organizational and financial investment SMB and Enterprise customers make when migrating to Unified Communications has become easier and more affordable to implement. VARs and integrators can now seize business growth opportunities and the guaranteed financial advantages of installing hosted IP solutions for business customers disinterested in on-site phone system solutions.
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Grandstream IP Phones Interoperable and Certified with Sipgate

grandstream_logo.gifGrandstream Networks announces that its SIP-based phones are now interoperable with sipgate, a pioneering VoIP service provider in Europe. Grandstream’s GXP1450 and GXP21xx series of Enterprise HD IP telephones were successfully tested and certified on sipgate One, a full-featured, Internet-based phone service that comes complete with a free telephone number, no set-up costs and no monthly minimums. Resellers, integrators and SMBs/SMEs worldwide seeking a high quality yet affordable, easy-to-setup, easy-to-use phone service that replaces or supplements existing landlines can use sipgate One VoIP service and Grandstream’s SIP HD phones from anywhere in the world.
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Verismo Networks Announces Triple Play Broadband Media Gateway

verisimo_networks_logo.jpgVerismo Networks announces a Triple Play Broadband Media Gateway targeted at Service Providers who wish to expand their reach by offering Triple Play services including internet videos in a single device to subscribers. The Gateway provides seamless integration of broadcast channels, video-on-demand, over-the-top media services, VOIP, and a broadband router.

The product will be demonstrated at the CableLabs Winter Conference, February 28 - March 1.

The Media Gateway can connect to Verismo's high-definition set top box, connected TVs or other popular third party STBs.
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