snom Phones Now Interoperable with Schmooze Com's Unified Communications Systems

snom_logo.jpgsnom announces interoperability with Schmooze Com Inc.'s PBXact phone system and PBXtended hosted PBX. snom VoIP phones can now be auto provisioned via the Schmooze Com Endpoint Manager for quick and easy installation and no-hassle management directly from the PBX Graphical User Interface. The following six snom models are currently certified for the Schmooze solution: snom 300, snom 320, snom 370, snom 821 and snom 870 desktop phones and the snom M9 wireless handset.

The combination of snom phones and PBXact and PBXtended systems gives small and medium-size businesses and call centers a complete, end-to-end voice solution. Value Added Resellers will appreciate the seamless auto provisioning and implementation using the Endpoint Manager GUI tool. Schmooze customers can take advantage of the full range of snom 300 and 800 series desktop phones to meet any staff requirement, as well as the snom m9 wireless handset that allows mobile workers to stay in touch while away from their desks. Whether a business chooses the PBXact premises-based PBX system or the hosted version, PBXtended, they will enjoy the same snom endpoint functionality.

The PBXact business telephone system and PBXtended hosted PBX provide all the standard features of a traditional PBX plus a unique set of features for the modern workforce, including visual voicemail, custom IVR auto attendants, find-me-follow-me and convenient voice recognition capabilities that allow employees to access the company directory, check messages and perform call control using simple voice commands. snom phones have been specially engineered with Schmooze's "magic button" that has been programmed for voice commands and dialing. Users simply speak commands such as 'call Mary,' 'transfer to Steve' or 'check messages' rather than using the keypad and entering an extension number or code. For VARs, training is a breeze with no star codes or cheat sheets needed to remember the features.

The range of snom phones suit any business requirement. The entry-level snom 300 is a good fit for general office workers, while the 320 adds more line keys for office workers with high call volumes and the snom 370, with its large graphical, high-definition display, is ideal for business executives. The advanced snom 821 and 870 (touch-screen) feature a large, high-resolution color display, an integrated XML browser, wideband audio for enhanced audio quality and the built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch for the latest network installations. The snom M9 cordless IP DECT handset targets the mobile workforce, providing coverage of 50 meters indoors or 300 meters outdoors.

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