Top 5 Enterprise WiFi VOIP Security Issues

Top 5 security issues facing WiFi VoIP enterprise deployments that you should read. "It's security 101. If we see practices like this continue as these devices get more popular then the manufacturers will only have themselves to blame when there's a widespread attack," says Paul Stamp. Users will need to protect themselves against these Top 5 security issues, and learn how to guard against from becoming a target.
  • Widespread deployment
  • Many points of attack
  • Targeting phones in public environments
  • Rogue access points
  • Targeted attacks
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SIPphone Announces $6 Million Venture Capital Investment

SIPphone Inc, developers of the popular VOIP software Gizmo Project have secured $6.0 million in funding to expand their SIP standard service to non-PC devices such as adapters, routers, WiFi handsets and dual mode mobile phones.

"The release of Gizmo Project has driven over 400,000 registered users to our PC-based service, but our goals go beyond free calls between PCs," says SIPphone CEO, Michael Robertson. "We want to seamlessly link the internet and the traditional calling world of landlines and mobile phones and that's becoming possible as low cost SIP-based devices such as dual-mode mobile phones and WiFi phones become a reality."
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Philips Aims to Improve Mobile and Roaming Experience

Royal Philips Electronics announced that its technology powers unlicensed mobile access (UMA)-enabled phones to be available in the U.S. market from a major operator. The flexible device using the Nexperia cellular system solution 6120 for UMA, can be used both at home over the fixed line broadband network and on the go for mobile calls. Requiring no additional setup by the consumer, UMA phones switch between cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, automatically detecting the fastest and most cost-effective network -- reducing bills dramatically. UMA is particularly attractive to business users, with Wi-Fi use in the office environment growing exponentially, further reducing bills for corporate users.
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Google, Skype and FON?

Google and Skype to invest in FON. Fon is projected to receive a total of $22 million in financing to continue working on an open source Wi-Fi network. Allowing customers the ability to join a network of hotspots and share wireless signals with other users.
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VoIP-friendly Wi-Fi Access Points Seen as Step Forward

That holy grail of wireless/IP convergence, the seamless handoff of a dual-mode phone call from a Wi-Fi network to a cellular network, is still a rare phenomenon in most places. But we are taking small steps towards it now, in the form of a new class of specialized Wi-Fi access points designed to support voice-over-IP.

Connected to a VoIP network and phone service, these access points provide VoIP's cheaper services to cellular phone users within range of their Wi-Fi transmitters. They may also offer better-than-cellular indoor coverage.
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Vonage Subscribers Access Any Open Wi-Fi Hot Spot Using Wi-Fi Handset

Vonage Vonage Marketing, a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp., a leading broadband phone company, and UTStarcom Inc., a global leader in IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions and services, today launched the F1000, a portable Wi-Fi handset manufactured by UTStarcom and configured with Vonage's Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service. This product, which will offer mobility across 802.11b networks, is now available at for $129.99 with a $50 instant rebate for a total of $79.99.
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Mobil VoIP Still Has Many Meanings

Sandra Gittlen, has an article explaining the many meanings of Mobil VoIP. This article helps clarify where Mobil VoIP is today and in a sense where it is going in the future.
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San Francisco's Utilities Commission Receives GigaBeam WiFiber

GigaBeam Corporation announces that it has successfully completed installation of its WiFiber wireless fiber solution for the first phase of a wireless backbone network for the City and County of San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The wireless network will serve as complementary and redundant links to SFPUC's more traditional leased lines network. The SFPUC selected GigaBeam's WiFiber wireless fiber solution to be the core of its wireless communications network because of WiFiber's capacity of fiber speed. High-speed transmission is needed to support data, voice and video communications between geographically diverse field locations and commission offices.
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SmartZone Selects Y-Tel as Its Preferred Provider of VoIP Services

Y-Tel International, Inc. and SmartZone USA, Inc., announced that SmartZone USA has selected Y-Tel as its preferred provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. This exclusive agreement between the two companies will begin with the deployment in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands over the Smart Communications Wireless Broadband Network.
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VoIP Rates for Any Cell Phone

Y-Tel International, Inc. announced, it now has the ability to offer cell phone customers VoIP rates for international calls worldwide. In the current world, cell phone customers pay a premium when making international calls. Regardless of whom you are calling, i.e. the office, home, or simply calling back an instant message sender, if the party is located in another country and you are calling on a cell phone, it costs you a small fortune. But now you will soon be able to make that same call using Y-Tel's CellNet product and pay only a fraction of the cost.
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Nokia and Kineto Announce Partnership in UMA Technology

Nokia, the world leader in mobile communications, and Kineto Wireless, the key innovator and leading global supplier of UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) technology, today announced an agreement to address the area of convergence between fixed and mobile networks and services in selected key customer cases. In addition, the companies are currently engaged in UMA trials with major operators and will continue to collaborate on future network trials.
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VoIP Smart Cellular Phones by Calypso Wireless; Dual Mode WiFi-GSM-GPRS

Calypso Wireless Inc., a leader in advanced wireless telecommunications technology announced today that it has successfully completed demonstration of its C1250i dual mode WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone that runs on Intel PXA series application processor and Microsoft WinCE 5.0 with Sleipner SA, an Italian-based telecommunications company.
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Vancouver to receive WiFi VoIP

POPstar has announced their plan to add a WiFi phone service to their current product line-up. Their People Line of VoIP and FoIP currently services the Vancouver area. The phone they plan to use is supposed to function similar to a cordless and can be used at hot spots or on wireless LANS.

Read more at MarketNews.

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