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Y-Tel International, Inc. announced, it now has the ability to offer cell phone customers VoIP rates for international calls worldwide. In the current world, cell phone customers pay a premium when making international calls. Regardless of whom you are calling, i.e. the office, home, or simply calling back an instant message sender, if the party is located in another country and you are calling on a cell phone, it costs you a small fortune. But now you will soon be able to make that same call using Y-Tel's CellNet product and pay only a fraction of the cost.

CellNet will offer its customers their own customer authentication number, providing them access to Y-Tel's VoIP network. After installing the CellNet product, he or she will be able to dial a Y-Tel 800 number, which will allow the customer access through Y-Tel's VoIP network.

Once connected, the customer will be able to make international phone calls from their cell phone for 20 cents above VoIP rates. It's like having a mobile Wi-Fi phone that works worldwide, even while traveling in a car.

Y-Tel is in the International Telecommunications industry with Telecom HUBS located in Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Y-Tel is working toward becoming one of the leading providers of Wi-Fi telecommunication services to International carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Y-Tel recently completed installation of a fully redundant Wi-Fi Network for terminating calls to many countries around the world and an around-the-clock, 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to help provide the finest customer service possible.

To learn more visit http://www.ytelwifi.com

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