Largest Hot Zone in Joliet, Illinois

Proxim Wireless, Inc., a global provider of broadband wireless equipment and wholly-owned subsidiary of Terabeam, Inc., announced that it is exclusively providing the broadband wireless equipment to power a public Wi-Fi, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and secured merchant transaction processing network at Bronk's Corners, a 275,000 square foot retail, office, and restaurant open-air center located in Joliet, Illinois. The network is being designed and installed by ITP Wireless, Inc., a licensed Illinois Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and Proxim Wireless Platinum Partner. Bronk's Corners will be Joliet's largest Wi-Fi hot zone.

ITP Wireless will be installing Proxim Wireless' new ORiNOCO AP-4000MR outdoor wireless mesh access points to support the campus-wide network. In a mesh network, nodes provide Wi-Fi access to end users while also connecting to each other to share bandwidth, identify fastest routes around the network, and enable complete redundancy. The advantages of Proxim's mesh products include: the enterprise-class features of the ORiNOCO Wi-Fi platform; two radios, with one handling Wi-Fi access and the other handling the mesh backhaul; and multiple operating frequencies to mitigate interference. These products also include quality of service (QoS) which supports the differentiated transport of VoIP.

"We chose ITP and Proxim Wireless because of their established track records of providing turnkey wireless network solutions, outstanding technical support throughout Illinois, and their collaborative, creative approach to help solve problems. For example, we captured the idea of disguising the wireless equipment in a unique clock tower, which satisfied the City of Joliet and provides a distinguished landmark for the center," summarized Shawn Adams, Vice President of Marketing for developer Ardmin Properties.

"Wi-Fi is a proven technology for broadband Internet access, and, with enhanced features such as mesh networking, quality of service, and robust authentication and encryption, Proxim's ORiNOCO product line has allowed us to offer even more applications such as secure transaction processing and voice services," said Chuck Brown, Bronk's Corners Account Manager, ITP Wireless.

"Proxim Wireless is proud to deliver this solution for an advanced open air center like Bronk's Corners," said Amit Malhotra, Proxim Vice President of Marketing. "Our unparalleled reputation for wireless technology leadership and world-class support, and ITP Wireless' strengths in delivering total solutions, are continuing to enhance communications throughout Illinois."

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