VoIP Supply Announces Addition of New Polycom KIRK Handsets

VoIP Supply is pleased to announce the addition of five new Polycom KIRK wireless handsets. KIRK handsets are a wireless solution, based on the international DECT standard, for any business looking to provide employees with the freedom and efficiency of being able to move freely through the workplace while maintaining continuous availability.

These new handsets were designed for specific applications - Manufacturing and Healthcare. For example, the Polycom KIRK 7020, developed for the healthcare industry, is a bacteria resistant handset with a membrane keypad for easy cleaning. Durable and dust tight, the Polycom KIRK 6020was engineered for mobility in manufacturing applications and is also water, vibration, and shock resistant.

"VoIP Supply is excited to provide even more options for Polycom's wireless solution offerings," said Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply. "These systems already provide a high level of flexibility and expandability but having handsets designed with specific needs in mind opens up this low cost solution to a much larger audience."

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